Mas spent most of June in Peru, joining the team of a non-profit organization, Rainforest Flow, to bring fresh water to the indigenous people of the Amazon.  

Mas meditated in the deep jungle of the Amazon, melting into its magical beauty while reaching higher states with the power of nature. Mas invited participants to remotely join him during those meditations.

For each of the 13 Peruvian Nights, participants connected with Mas live for Medihealings from the jungle. These 13 recordings not only contain the power from the group, but also the powerful energy and associated frequency shift that is present outside of time and space.

Please enjoy 13 powerful nights of silent Medihealing from Mas and the ancient wisdom of the Peruvian Jungle.

BONUS: Each night after spending this intimate time with the jungle, Mas wrote down the wisdom thoughts he received. With this package you will receive the jungle wisdom teachings offered to Mas, recorded in true Mas style! Simple and to the point.

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