Sexual abuse is a traumatizing violation that is rampant in both children and adults, with only a small fraction of incidents being reported. This abuse leaves in its wake a myriad of physical and psychological hurts including shame, guilt, fear and trauma among others. Mas will work at your frequency level to help remove the painful emotions and distortions associated with this abuse, restoring critical self-esteem, strength and relationship health that can be damaged as a result of sexual assault. 

Sexual Abuse Call Times:

Part 1: Foundation Call - Orientation & Preparation 

Part 2: Recognition & Acknowledgement

Part 3: Demolition & Removal

Part 4: Healing and Recovery

Part 5: Confirmation/Solidification

Part 6: Abuse Detox Relief


Warning - The Abuse Intensive is Powerful

Being a victim of abuse or being the one to abuse is a heavy and distorting life experience. For some participants, you may walk into a new reality effortlessly and without much detox. For others, the process of editing or deleting frequencies may result in very strong, intense detoxification.  

Replays and Doing the Series for a Loved One:

The replays of all parts of the Abuse Series are strong and equally effective as the live calls.

If you have a loved one who is involved in an abusive and may not be ready to take action on their own, you may participate in this series on their behalf.  Simply bring their spirit in by briefly thinking of them at the beginning of each session. You may then meditate quietly on your own and do not need to concentrate on them throughout. Because Mas’s abilities transcend space and time, the willing spirit will receive the full benefits as if they were present. The Medihealings can also be played on ‘repeat’ quietly in the background for maximum effect.

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