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Upcoming Featured Group Healings | 30 minutes & $30 each session ($20 Early Bird)

For you or on behalf of your loved ones, the bi-monthly Group Healings are Medihealing masterminds that highlight collective concerns to accelerate transformation.

Mas selects different areas to work on each time according to what people come to him the most for in his private sessions, such as issues related to fear, self-worth, finances, relationships, beliefs, transition and so much more.

As Mas' private sessions become increasingly more difficult to book, Group Healing is designed to meet the demand for sessions while providing frequent and affordable access to Mas. In addition, the power of the group energetically fuels the space to bring even faster and more powerful healing to each participant.

Upcoming Live Sessions


Control Freak

Thursday November 9th - 9am PT/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Odds are you either are a control freak or you know one. Many people seek to have a handle on every little detail in their life and the people in it. They want things to go their way; they expect others to handle situations the way they would; they want to keep order so they can carefully monitor and direct their desired outcome. This need to maintain control takes a tremendous amount of effort and can lead to a paramount level of frustration, aggravation, and stress. For those in relationships with controlling people, you may find that it’s nearly impossible to do anything right or that you are subconsciously set up to fail by your loved one.

Controlling personalities can be debilitating and limiting to a flexible and spirit-guided life. Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will work in spirit space to edit your frequencies or the frequencies of the control freak in your life so you and they can:

  • Begin to loosen the grip of controlling frequencies that permeate your existence
  • Jettison the deep-seeded need to organize and command every aspect of your life in an unbalanced way
  • Exhale as you welcome the empowering knowledge that it will all work out, even without your involvement
  • Relax as your spirit brings in frequencies of flexibility and adaptability
  • Effortlessly navigate all situations with ease and comfort
  • Enjoy the ability to accept others despite their decisions in life or approach to problem solving
  • Bring in traits of a relaxed and easy-going person without losing your efficacy and productivity
  • Hone the facets of your controlling nature so that you benefit from its tenacity without the imbalance and limitation
  • Release your need to hold onto your ways or your past, even if you cognitively no longer want them
  • Find your spirit able to more quickly reform and transform 
  • Integrate the timeless intuition that our spirits will guide us to what is best, not what our human mind believes is best

Everyone can benefit from this life-changing Group Healing. Being controlling can limit our lives in ways we may never fully understand and slow our spiritual path to awakening. Control freaks and any individual feeling the confines of control, please join Mas and loosen the restrictive frequencies so you can feel the abundance and liberation that accompany a freer life.

$30 (Early Bird $20 through Nov. 7) | Click to Register

Included with the November 21 Day Sublime. No need to register if enrolled.




Wednesday November 22nd - 9am PT/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Of all of the emotions, resentment has been found to be one of the most predictive of a relationship's downfall. It festers deep within, spreading its toxins and poisoning those harboring it. Resentment can stir thoughts of anger, retaliation and pessimism, laying the groundwork for continued misfortune. Resentment pulls us from the present moment, keeping us trapped in negative thoughts of past hurts and anticipated harm and when ignored, its volume can become deafening. Silence the shouts of resentment and join Mas in this liberating group healing where he will work on your spiritual frequencies to:

  • Release the grip of past hurts in order to access the limitless power of the present moment
  • Calm unproductive rumination and restore mental peace and tranquility
  • Discharge unexpressed pain and internalized anger, letting go of disgruntled discontent and blame
  • Become aware of your internal emotional landscape and your divine right to express your individual truth
  • Fortify healthy boundaries and the ability to communicate and enforce them with ease and grace
  • Remove the distorted filter of victimhood and instill a sense of wholeness, completion and contentment
  • Reclaim responsibility for your future path and enter a space of undisturbed empowerment
  • Embrace forgiveness in its truest sense for both yourself and others
  • Acknowledge the gifts and opportunities that lay in waiting, regardless of past hurts or wrongs

Each moment, no matter how painful, holds within it the opportunity to awaken, heal and accept the life of ease and abundance that is your birthright. Unshackle yourself from the heavy chains of resentment, reclaim the right and ability to express your truth and feel the boundless strength, power and freedom that resides within.

$30 (Early Bird $20 through Nov. 20) | Click to Register

Included with the November 21 Day Sublime. No need to register if enrolled.



Sensing the Other Side

Similar to life, death is a deep, complex, and multi-faceted level of existence. For many people who can sense the other side, those who have passed are a part of everyday reality. Constantly bombarded with thoughts, feelings and situations that don’t belong to them, an unbalanced sense of the other side can inhibit our ability to fully embrace the breadth of our own life experience. In this group healing, join Mas as he helps to:

  • discern which aspects of our lives are truly ours
  • filter any frequencies, entities, abilities, thoughts and feelings that may be harmful or detrimental
  • protect us from unwanted beings, reinforcing our spiritual boundaries and armor
  • release fear and use our natural abilities to sense the other side from a place of security, peace and calm
  • let go of loved ones so that both you and they can fully experience your rightful existence
  • accept any beneficial gifts and knowledge that are available to us through this divine ability
  • come into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness of the other side
  • be prepared to face our own crossing from a place of comfort and understanding

As with life, death is comprised of all aspects of the human experience. This Halloween, release trepidation and sense the true magnificence and wonder of death and the other side from a place of purity, protection and balance.


Severing the Binds of Cultural Heritage

Many of us take great pride in our cultural heritage. We cherish the traditions, the stories, and the founding characteristics of our people. But the ties of our culture can be horribly binding and restrictive. Generation after generation, our ancestors have passed down values and relics that intertwine with our spirit. Many of us have felt an inexplicable and unyielding weight pressing down on us our whole life to fulfill unspoken obligations and roles. This oppressive feeling may not be ours at all; it could be the cumulative distortions passed on from our lineage. 

Some lineages expect lives of sacrifice without gratitude or abundance. Others perpetuate a pervasive sense of victimhood while some hand down unshakable ties to dark crafts and witchery. Even seemingly beautiful cultural traditions that honor dead loved ones can keep these spirits looming on earth, prohibiting them from crossing over to the light and distorting the living from living lives that are truly free and of their own. 

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will sever the ties of your lineage, relieving you from inherited hardship and the weight from lifetimes of density. In this medi-healing you will work in spirit level to clear frequencies of cultural heritage so you can:

  • Be free from shouldering the troubles and limitations of your ancestors
  • Refuse the demands of duty and obligation required by your lineage
  • Decipher ancestral characteristics from your own so that you can work to remove those incongruent with your highest self
  • Take off the lenses of your culture so you can view yourself and the world around you from a true, unfiltered point of view
  • Find strength in and reclaim who you truly are, void of inherent labels and restrictive expectations
  • Come from a higher consciousness that will allow you to see the beauty of your heritage without being distorted by it

Heritage can be a part of our life experience but it does not make us who we are.  The spirit that you are is bright and pure and unencumbered by the history and presence of your people. With this group healing, you will be able to sincerely enjoy the gifts of your culture and joyously celebrate the beauty of your lineage

Careers - Finding Your True Calling

If you engage with a group of children and ask them what they want to be when they grow up, their eyes grow large and their enthusiasm radiates as they list out dreams and desires: “I want to be a world traveler; an olympic athlete; a zookeeper; a ninja; an inventor; a healer!”. Somewhere along the way, no matter how hard we try to hold on to our childhood dreams, we are taught the practicalities of life.  

Whether you had a career dream at an early age or you never knew what you truly wanted to be, it’s not too late to uncover your calling. With spiritual clearing you can enter into a career that is comprehensively fulfilling. In this Group Healing, Mas will work with your spirit to bring in frequencies that will allow you to:

  • Uncover your passions and interests that may be buried under lifetimes of restrictions and limitations
  • Remove the notion that work has to be hard in order to be productive
  • Release the need to satisfy others with your success or career path
  • Feel confident in going in a new direction or choosing a less conventional one
  • Disentangle your identity from your work; maintain a clear understanding of who you truly are both in and outside of your job
  • Be open to clear direction from your spirit so you know when it’s time to move on from your existing career
  • No longer feel dependent and enslaved by your work in order to have financial security
  • Reignite the fire of our career passions and interests 
  • Bring in employment that feels effortless and enjoyable
  • Regain that sense of liberation and freedom to do what makes us feel bold and limitless

Our career doesn’t have to be a burden or a lost dream. Finding your calling in this lifetime is not an impossibility. Join Mas in this Group Healing to clear your distortions, family rule sets and insecurities so you can realize true abundance in career-happiness, financial security, and sheer drive to become whoever it is you want to be! 

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the "capability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately” (wikipedia). Emotional intelligence is imperative for successful relationships and allows us to manage the daily exchange of interpersonal communication.  

While it seems that strong emotional intelligence would be a default setting for humans, for many of us lifetimes of distortions and family lineages have made it difficult to access. Join Mas in this powerful group healing where he will work on frequencies at a spirit level so you can:

  • Learn to understand and identify your emotions and those of others
  • Build awareness of your feelings especially in moments of discomfort or confrontation
  • Direct your emotions to adapt to different circumstances
  • Enhance your ability to empathize and remain flexible in order to guide your behavior
  • Develop confidence in navigating complex social situations
  • Make decisions that consistently honor your true self and your needs
  • Strengthen your sense of self-worth to allow you to analyze your emotional reactions and responses
  • Gain the skill to communicate your feelings and thoughts in a calm and centered fashion
  • Use emotional intelligence to effectively guide thinking and behavior that will lead to positive results

Emotional intelligence is a key characteristic in successful individuals both professionally and personally. This group healing will help you gain emotional intelligence at a spirit level so you will feel more confident in adhering to your spirit’s guidance and more effortlessly navigate the beauty of human relationships.


We’ve all met that individual with a captivating personality.  We’ve admired from afar as we watch them light up a room, capturing the attention of those around them.  According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, charisma is a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm, a special magnetic charm or appeal. 

That magic and ineffable quality is generated at a spirit-level through frequencies of charisma. Join Mas as he works with your spirit to bring in these frequencies so you can:

  • Elevate the charismatic qualities of your spirit’s unique personality
  • Effortlessly gain approval and attract others to you
  • Read the emotions of others to create strong connections interpersonally 
  • Enter social and public environments with boldness and poise
  • Empower your spirit to emanate its attractiveness and charm

You have the ability to be enticing, alluring and magnetic! These spiritual frequencies will enrobe your spirit.  As you shift, your brilliance will be apparent to everyone and you will delight in experiencing the power of charisma.


Conflict Resolution

In everyone’s life there will be many instances of disagreement and conflict.  What one does to overcome these moments of discord varies greatly.  Being able to address issues with other individuals is a valuable skill, but one not commonly refined.  Without peaceful conflict resolution skills, many individuals find themselves handling the discomfort in unproductive ways: fleeing from altercations, yielding to demands, or becoming overly assertive or combative. At the end of the conflict, you may find yourself feeling beaten down, unheard, or shameful.  In this Group Healing, Mas will work with your spirit to bring in frequencies of effective conflict resolution to help you:

  • Develop a sense of self-knowledge and self-worth so you can work to collaborate with others
  • Hone your ability to identify your thoughts, beliefs and points of view
  • Open your heart and your mind to sincerely hear the thoughts and opinions of others
  • Bring in frequencies of clear communication and the confidence to voice your genuine feelings
  • Help balance your concern for others and for your own wellbeing
  • Rebuild your patience & understanding and neutralize feelings of imbalanced anger and rage
  • Improve your ability to be assertive while exercising empathy for others
  • Build steadfast courage to resist old patterns that lead to suboptimal resolutions or self-betrayal 

Conflict resolution can offer a tremendous opportunity to exercise self-integrity and strength while offering compassion and understanding to others. With frequencies of peaceful and effective conflict resolution you will feel more aligned with your spirit and its higher path. You will no longer fear disagreements or your reaction to them. Moving forward you will find that navigating tumultuous waters will be an adventure that helps to awaken your spirit to its bright and authentic beauty, despite any circumstantial disharmony. 

Fear of Failure

Failure is often perceived to be undesirable, even shameful. At an early age, many of us were taught that to fail was to disappoint. As a result, we may have learned to tread lightly and proceed cautiously towards our future. As we strive to avoid failure, we inadvertently create a narrow life path that restrains us from vast exploration, broad opportunities, spiritual liberation, and an optimal human experience! 

As Robert F. Kennedy stated, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” We must not fear failure, we must embrace it for to fail is nothing more than to have tried, to have learned, and to have lived. Reclaim the breadth of life that is yours to explore when you join Mas in this vibrational elevation of spirit where he will work to:

  • Unshackle you from the binds of fearing failure
  • Help your spirit to embrace the excitement that accompanies being daring
  • Instill a deep understanding that our worth is not tied to our lack of mistakes nor to the number of our successes
  • Pull in a sense of calm and peace as you approach areas outside of our comfort, knowing that you will come through your experiences stronger and wiser
  • Convert your fear of failure to a practical, inspiring tool that will drive you to optimal performance but not prohibit you from living your life to its fullest
  • Remove the frequencies of fear, so we will clearly see the limitless possibilities that unfold before us


Being accountable for our actions is a form of truth and honesty that helps us to find our true spiritual condition. In many cultures today, accountability is skirted and blame and degradation of integrity ensue. Many of us avoid accountability to circumvent our insecurities that rear up when we feel we are in the “wrong”.  However, by worrying about embarrassment or inadequacy, we keep ourselves from fully becoming the bright spirit each of us is meant to be. By having the strength to embrace accountability we unleash the the power of our boundless nature and break through the limiting veil behind which we’ve been hiding.

Should every individual calmly and honorably accept responsibility for our words, actions and decisions we could live each moment in a forceful state of clarity and truth. Join Mas in this Group Healing as he works on your spiritual frequencies to:

  • Give you the strength and lucidity to see and take responsibility for your actions and decisions 
  • Unblock your vision of reality so the circumstantial picture is accurate
  • Instill wisdom to allow you to gather the spiritual significance of all of your life’s moments
  • Accept accountability to free ourselves from a false sense of security and allow us to tap into a true, centered secure-self
  • Have the clarity to know when others are forcing their responsibility onto you and gain the fortitude to refuse this burden
  • Give you the right to proudly own and celebrate your successes
  • Help you to appreciate your mistakes and failures as a critical part of the full human experience
  • Squelch the insecurities that swell and overtake us in moments when we feel shameful or wrong
  • Modify your spiritual programming to require those around you to take responsibility for their action

There is no shame in our actions. We can learn and grow from all that we do; yet it is our responsibility to accept what is ours and to reject what is not. Invite in the frequencies and power of accountability so your life path is one of authenticity and progress.

Nurturing Father

Nurturing fathers can provide an invaluable sense of security in the lives of their children. Their love can strengthen them, encourage them and inspire greatness. 

Join Mas for this special group healing where he will help fathers instill effective, nurturing frequencies and will help fill the void for those of us who lacked a loving, affectionate father-figure in our life. 

The frequencies of this group healing will help fathers to:

  • open up their hearts to access the tender relationships with their children
  • understand the tremendous honor of fatherhood
  • integrate frequencies of attentive care and healthy devotion
  • recognize the unique, special spirits in each of their children
  • effortlessly communicate their authentic care and love for their children
  • gain the wisdom that will allow them to guide and support their children while giving them space to be themselves

This group healing will also help to heal any of us who grew up with a harsh, difficult or absent father so we can gain the inner strength and security that comes from the unconditional love of a nurturer.   

Share this group healing with a father-figure in your life or simply bring in someone by thinking of them before listening to this special medihealing. 

Free to be Me

Waking up each day to put on a false front, a mask of a persona that doesn't belong to you is harrowing. Inside, the real-you longs to have the space and freedom to be seen and heard. Mostly the real-you wants to be accepted exactly as you are. Is this possible? Can you expose your true personality, feelings and beliefs and still be received by others? Undoubtedly, yes.

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will help you to:

  • loosen the fear that shrouds your true self
  • gain awareness to when you are caught up in the hypnosis of your everyday routine and inadvertently hiding your authentic self
  • recognize the miraculous, beautiful spirit that you are
  • build confidence and courage to be the real-you
  • discard the need to hide under false pretenses
  • exhale as you release the pressure and heaviness that has accompanied the effort needed to be anything other than exactly who you are
  • lovingly embrace and honor your true self as you respectfully introduce the real-you to others
  • feel an empowering sense of liberation to be you each and everyday

It's not only possible to be you in every human moment but it is your delightful responsibility. Your spirit will become more authentically aligned with your human existence. As a result, you will discover a powerful sense of peace and clarity that will reveal the wondrous life before you.

Martyr Complex

Why does it seem that you are often the one who suffers in order for others to thrive or to help support a desired outcome? Do you find that you offer your help only to be walked all over or personally distressed by those you helped? You could be exhibiting the frequencies of a martyr – a person who sacrifices something of great value for the sake of principle (Merriam Webster dictionary). 

Stop the cycle of anguish and torment that martyrs unnecessarily bear by joining this group healing. Whether you are the martyr or someone you care for feels they are the victim who consistently exaggerates their suffering in order to get praise and sympathy, Mas will help the group to come into their own strength so that you can:

  • No longer feel that you must take on the pain and woe for others' well-being
  • Stop subconsciously seeking out self-sacrificing as a way to feel good
  • Trust others’ intentions and put an end to your suspiciousness that permeates your perspective
  • Gain the courage to look within and address your own insecurities 
  • Welcome in self-worth and self-value that would negate your need to create drama
  • Identify with your complete, abundant self, worthy of a calm, loving, giving life that is free from suffering and sacrifice

You were not brought into this world to wallow in misery or bear the burden of torment and pain. Rid yourself of this frequency and allow your spirit to calmly settle into a life full of self-love, effortless bounty and spiritual growth.

Demolishing Emotional Walls

From behind walls, many of us stare out into the world fearful of exposing our true inner feelings. Perhaps you were wounded or dismissed in your life and learned to protect yourself by internalizing your emotions. Or you were never given the secure space to develop the skill of healthy emotional expression so you built walls around your heart and learned to keep your feelings contained.  

Emotions are a unique part of our human experience and integral to our communication and connection with others. If it is difficult for you to share your honest thoughts and reveal your emotions, if you harbor a sense of trepidation about being openly expressive, or if this applies to someone you love please join Mas in this group healing where he will help your spirit tear down the emotional walls you have built, so you can:

  • Rediscover the deep, honest feelings you have so carefully guarded
  • Gain a more transparent understanding of your emotions so you can use them as healthy tools in your life
  • Loosen the binds around your heart and voice
  • Feel liberated in your connection and communication with others
  • Reveal your complete spirit through its human translation in the form of emotional expression
  • Become unencumbered and secure in voicing your thoughts and passions
  • Remove the debris of fear and conservation to fully expose the brilliance of your spirit

The demolition you will perform in this group healing will give you the strength and liberty to walk forward, lighter in your spirit and more open in your heart. You will radiate all that you are with your new found emotional clarity and freedom.

Spiritual Decluttering

Our spirits have collected lifetimes of clutter that surrounds us and prohibits us from connecting clearly with our truest self. No matter if we find ourselves in a spiritual state of confusion and fogginess or a sense of strength and clarity, we can always work to release unnecessary frequencies. 

Join Mas in this effective group healing where he will work to help you to:

  • Disencumber your spirit illuminating your brilliance
  • Allow Pure Source frequencies to purify your spirit and unburden you from the weight of collected distortions
  • Gain the confidence that comes with an orderly, clear perspective 
  • Feel the expansive presence of your spirit so you can vividly experience richness of your existence

The decluttering of this group healing will leave you poised for productive spiritual awakening and an effective transformation. 


Wouldn't it be empowering if you could tap into a well of peace and patience in moments of irritability and frustration? Join Mas in this group healing as he connects you to the healing frequencies of Pure Source so you can:

  • Wash away frequencies of impatience
  • Integrate new frequencies of calmness and composure
  • Bring in accessible and effortless tolerance
  • Find a renewed sense of self-control
  • Fortify your spiritual tenacity and steadiness

After this group healing you will relish the new-found tranquility within you, no matter the circumstantial chaos or emotional distress you might face.

$30 |Instant MP3 Download

Bringing Your Spirit Out of Hiding

Mas often sees where individuals have "hidden" their spirit in an effort to protect it. Some people's spirits have been concealed in closets, rolled into a tight scroll, or compacted into tiny spaces, hidden away from destructive, painful life situations and frequencies. 

Perhaps you have noticed that you don't feel acknowledged, are often not heard or just don't feel a part of human situations? Maybe years or lifetimes ago, your beautiful spirit stepped into the shadows in an effort to save you. It was needed then but is no longer necessary.  

  • Welcome your bright, glorious spirit back into the light with this Group Healing where Mas will work to edit your frequencies so you can:
  • Reunite with your spirit and invite it back into your physical body
  • Trust that your spirit is protected and can safely reveal its beauty without harm
  • Feel a noticeable shift in your presence and interaction with this world, with the warmth and tantalizing energy of the world enveloping you
  • Rejoin life situations and fully engage in human interaction while being truly noticed, seen and heard for the first time in a long time
  • Find comfort in the ever-presence of your spirit; know you are never alone and will be beautifully guided throughout your life by your spirit  
  • Step strongly in your path to awakening with serenity and strength delighting your spirit and physical body with all the experiences of human existence

For some of you, you will immediately feel the shift of welcoming your spirit back in. For others, be patient as your spirit reclaims its space. In the time that is right for you, your spirit will once again play the role in your life and your presence as it was always meant to be.  

 $30 |Instant MP3 Download


Feeling Responsible for Others' Happiness

Your aging parents are mad at you because you didn't put them first...your children expect you to help them constantly...your spouse is grumpy because your plans changed...our friend feels left out in conversation...and for some reason you feel weighed down by their disappointment. You feel responsible and they look to you to correct the situation. Does this sound familiar? 

For many of us, we feel an unavoidable responsibility for keeping other people content.  All of this emotional density layers upon us and pulls us down, covering our bright spirit. So often we go out of our way to help others with their tasks, requests and life quandaries but are left with little energy to put towards ourselves. It's time to stop feeling responsible for everyone else's life happiness. You no longer have to feel exasperated and exhausted by others' expectations.

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will help to shift your frequencies so that you:

  • Unbind your spirit from the chains of emotional responsibility for others
  • Integrate the knowledge that every individual is responsible for their own happiness
  • Accept that by helping yourself first, you will have a greater contribution to those you love 
  • Effortlessly prioritize your needs over others
  • Feel confident in saying no to unhealthy demands from others
  • Recognize the patterns and frequencies in others that create their despondency
  • Gain strength & clarity so that you realize that you are still a loving individual even if you don't tie yourself to others' needs
  • Blossom and flourish in this renewed space of clarity and unencumbered presence

 $30 | Instant MP3 Download



"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." - Mark Twain

At times, there is no cure like the energy shift of human laughter. There’s nothing quite like the tickle in your heart and the upturn of your smile elicited from this happy emotion. Let the lightness of laughter into your life and soul with this delightful Group Healing. Invite in a grin while Mas connects you to Pure Source to help you:

  • Release inhibitions that keep you from genuine, heartwarming laughter
  • Loosen the binds of rigidity to allow your spirit to relax and laugh out loud
  • Invite in circumstances that tickle your soul
  • Heal previous spiritual wounds that have scarred over and restricted your ability to see the less serious side of things 
  • Connect with people who frolic and play in life's comedic offerings
  • Gain a joyful perspective to help you uncover amusement in everyday moments

Bask in the frequencies of this Group Healing that will lift the heavy layers of life allowing you to face the world with a lightened spirit, a twinkle in your eyes and infectious laughter.

 $30 | Instant MP3 Download


Self Love

When we love someone, we find beauty in imperfections, joy in subtle nuances and compassion for all that they are. But do we offer these gifts to ourselves? So often we do not see and know our true selves and fail to extend the same all-encompassing love to ourselves that we freely give to others. We crave love, belonging and acceptance, but how can we manifest and integrate these experiences if we don’t fundamentally consider ourselves lovable? Join Mas as he opens us up to:

  • Become familiar with the intimate details of our own nature
  • Release unproductive self-criticism and judgement
  • Accept our humanity and imperfections from a place of awareness and compassion
  • Recognize the origins of our sense of unworthiness and release the burden of this gross untruth
  • Liberate ourselves from the need for others’ desire and approval
  • Take responsibility for past distortions and release them with self-forgiveness
  • See with clear eyes and a full heart the bright, glorious person we are meant to be
  • Sincerely receive the love of others, our self and Pure Source without neediness and with complete faith in our divine existence
  • Embrace a sense of loving joy for all that we are
  • Become in touch with our true state of inner completeness

In this transformative group healing, we will open to the knowledge that the love we seek is ultimately found within as we come to love the magnificence being we truly are and the possibilities that await us in every moment.

 $30 |Instant MP3 Download


Claiming Your Power

Do you know how powerful you are?  Do you fully grasp how rich and deep your life can be?  The power you have is inexplicably vast. You must only awaken to your truest self to access the divine force within.

Please join Mas as he guides you into an intense meditative space to help you instill frequencies and knowledge so you can:

  • Disrobe the insecurities and distortions clouding your spirit's authenticity, clarity and brightness
  • Open your heart and calm your mind so you unite with the boundless power of your spirit
  • Integrate a sense of assurance and knowing that below your circumstances lies a truth that reveals your pure self 
  • Embrace and celebrate your innate abilities to create anything you could possibly imagine
  • Have the courage to "be" - to exist fully in your greatness

You are powerful.  You are limitless.  It is your responsibility to claim this power.  With the help of this group healing you will have the remembrance of your illustrious creation, your limitless existence.

 $30 | Instant MP3 Download

Breaking Habits

We all know how difficult breaking habits can be.  However, take the time to review your life in detail.  Habits may not only be characterized by bad decisions or addictions, but can also be the routines in our lives that keep us from living in the moment, aware and fully present.  We may not realize just how asleep we are each day as we play out actions of regularity.  Join Mas in this ever-important group healing and break free from habits.  

  • Gain awareness of the multitude of habits that comprise our day
  • Bring in effortless dedication to intentional living
  • Assist our spirit in pinpointing routines rooted in past life distortions or family lineage
  • Strengthen our foundation such that we can deeply clear out frequencies of habit permanently
  • Close any spiritual holes or fractures that allow us to slip back into old patterns
  • Help us to identify detox from digression as we remove these distortions
  • Fully relish the freedom and lightness of our new existence, void of unhelpful practices, idiosyncrasies and inclinations

This Group Healing is an efficient springboard to a path rooted in purposeful actions, thought and communication.  As you blossom into this new existence, you will feel the world and your spirit expand into a bright space full of possibility and grace.

 $30 | Instant MP3 Download


In this world, there is so much beauty and light but there is also a lot of darkness and danger. When we come from a place of strength we can shield ourselves and our loved ones from that which might hurt us. But sometimes, the power and strength of the darkness can overshadow our brightness. Sometimes, we simply need protection. 

Join Mas as he connects us to Pure Source and helps to protect us from a wide range of looming dangers and instill you with:

  • A sense of peace and underlying security
  • Protective frequencies to repel mean spirited and ill-intentioned individuals
  • Inner strength to prepare you to stand against darkness and evil
  • Clarity to create healthy boundaries stopping those who take advantage of you
  • A reinforced spine and strong foundation to communicate your Pure Source connection so manipulative entities steer clear of you
  • A fortified sense of self so that you broadcast your goodness and pull in beautiful experiences
  • A clear internal voice to help guide you away from peril and direct you towards your highest path

Whether you are seeking protection and strength for yourself or you gift this to a loved one, this group healing is a significant one.  Let your fear subside as Mas guides you into a structure of healthy defensive frequencies allowing your bright and complete spirit to shine through.

 $30 | Instant MP3 Download

Christmas Special: The True Meaning of Jesus
Talk + Medihealing

What does the Christian scriptures of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection really mean?  What is the true meaning of Jesus? 

Join Mas this Saturday before Christmas for a season special – Mas conducts a Medihealing to bring in the Christ frequency, enveloping your spirit within and delving deeply into an experience of unconditional love, compassion, redemption and spiritual awakening.

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Wonder of the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of delightful joy, warmth and laughter. They can also be a time of stress, obligation and agitation as families reunite. For some, they have become overshadowed by a sense of materialism or commercialization. In this group healing, Mas will instill and enhance the wonder and excitement of the holidays, reinvigorating their true meaning and sparking a sense of wonder of the essence of the season. Whether your feelings of the holidays are those of anticipation or dread, join Mas so that you can:

  • face the impending festivities with ease and delight
  • disconnect from any time distortions anchoring you to the past
  • fortify your inner strength so that you are rooted in peace and light, unaffected by any drama around you
  • reconnect with the pure, innocent pleasure of the holidays
  • welcome in the warmth and connection of family without getting pulled into old patterns and habits
  • create captivating new memories, grounded in pure source light and free from past distortions
  • integrate with the warmth, cheer and wonder of this time of year
  • spring forth from the holidays with an elevated spiritual awareness rather than fall back into distorted energies and dampening patterns

Take a deep breath and listen as Mas washes us in celebratory frequencies so we can feel re-inspired by the magic, connection, festivity and joy of this special time of year.

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Exercise Motivation

The benefits of physical activity and exercise are plentiful.  Exercise helps with cardiovascular health, weight loss, diabetes, strengthens your bones and muscles, improves mental health and mood, and increases your daily energy.  You probably know all of this, yet you still can’t seem to muster the energy to overcome the seemingly insurmountable hurdle needed to stick to an exercise program.  

Are you tired of telling yourself that you’ll “start tomorrow”? Does the idea of exercise drag you down and exhaust you?  Do you wish you liked exercise but find yourself pushing it off again and again?  Or perhaps you would like to take your physical activity up a notch but find a discrepancy in your goals and your motivation level.  In this healing, Mas will help to instill you with vibrant, inspiring frequencies that will awaken your innate desire to exercise and optimize your physical health and appearance! 

Mas will help you welcome in frequencies of exercise motivation so you can:

  • Erase the daunting feeling of dread that you may have when you think of exercise
  • Feel a tantalizing energy that awakens excitement and anticipation towards physical activity
  • Delete the incessant, negative talk inside your mind that prohibits you from being your best self
  • Pull in opportunities to participate in the form of exercise that is best for your body and that will enhance your life
  • Release feelings of shame and guilt tied to your sedentary or suboptimal lifestyle
  • Overcome fears associated with exercise and adopt frequencies of confidence and courage to try something new and break through lazy, unmotivated patterns
  • Instill effortless dedication, commitment and perseverance to exercise so that it becomes a natural part of your daily activities
  • Bring in an insatiable hunger for movement, strength and physical improvement that will drive you to a life of healthy activity

Your spirit wants nothing more than to fully experience this physical realm and the beauty of your body’s strength and movement.  Adopting the frequencies of this healing will allow you to view exercise in a whole new light, so that it becomes a joy and pleasure to you and helps you to better capture life’s beauty.

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Redefining Hope

In moments of doubt, exhaustion and confusion hope can pull us through — hope for all that can and will be. Join Mas in this Group Healing as he helps to instill a hope that is rooted in Pure Source and faith so we can:

  • Gracefully persevere through detox, disentangling, the dark nights and despair
  • Trust that our spirit is guiding us to a higher path
  • Find relief in knowing that the uncomfortable circumstances will come to an end
  • Ignite our inner strength that allows us to endure, grow, and transform
  • Embrace the knowledge that we will overcome feeling controlled by our situation and emotions.
  • Through the frequencies of hope you will be inspired to continue your journey to a stronger, more abundant existence.

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Loss of a Pet

For many of us, the unconditional love of a pet is an invaluable, irreplaceable part of life. Their companionship and support see us through years of experiences, offering unwavering affection, friendship and devotion no matter what life brings. The loss of these treasured companions is felt deeply, evoking a unique grief known to all animal lovers.

In this group healing for pets that have passed, Mas will:

  • Ease the sense of grief accompanying the loss of a pet and help close the gap we feel in our heart
  • Instill a sense of warmth and gratitude through their memory
  • Bring forth the realization that the love offered by our pet was a reflection of our pure spirit
  • Come to better understand the beautiful serving role your pet played in your life
  • Help us to recapture life’s richness after experiencing their loss
  • Ensure that pets that have passed are embraced in Pure Source’s love 

*Please note, this is intended for passed pets. If played for living pets, the frequencies may help them to transition more quickly.

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Warding Off Witches & Witch Frequencies

While witches have been the villain of choice in many fairy tales, witches or witch-like frequencies are very real. There are a myriad of different witch frequencies that impact many of us. Perhaps you've been affected by witches or have been under their spell and didn't realize it. In this group healing, Mas will protect you from and clear any of the following frequencies that may be integrated in your life or those of your loved ones including:

  • A lack of warmth or cold-heartedness that makes it nearly impossible to get close to them
  • The tendency to evoke a sense of distrust and wariness towards them
  • Conniving and manipulative intentions and speech
  • Sly passive aggressiveness and bending of emotions
  • The ability to "take over" or control others actions, feelings or loyalties
  • The power to slowly consume or deplete the spirit of others, leaving them empty and no longer the person they used to be

Join Mas in this medi-healing to ward off the witch frequencies in your life so you are guarded from the darkness and the effects of their power.

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Having a helping hand or a partner who enhances your life is a great gift, but are you able to pull away and live life without them? Codependency can be difficult to recognize because those involved see the relationship as a benefit in their lives.  However, co-dependency fosters a structure where the individuals involved are severely limited by the nature of the relationship.  

Is your need to gain approval from your loved one so strong that you feel hesitant to do anything without reviewing it with them first?  Are your decisions riddled with thoughts of whether they will be accepted by others? Do you have addictions, bad habits, or an immaturity that is allowed by your loved one?  

Or are you on the other side of the relationship and you feel an over-responsibility for the well-being of others? Is your primary role that of a supporter or rescuer? Do you find that your well-being is not prioritized over others in your life because you are always the caretaker?

Co-dependency can be debilitating. It is a perpetuating turn of needs that leaves individuals incomplete and unable to face the demands of everyday life alone with confidence. In this group healing, Mas will help to extract frequencies of co-dependency so that you can disentangle your spirit from that of your loved one.  Both of you will start to come into your own strength and access your full potential.  And if the relationship serves you, you will once again reconnect with the one you love in a healthy, empowering way.

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Do you feel that you are picked on, the subject of unwanted aggressive attention?  Do people treat you poorly, or have you been singled out by one hurtful person who simply will not let you be?  Perhaps your child comes home feeling defeated, embarrassed and fearful of what will come the next day?  Bullying leaves a person feeling helpless and emotionally battered.  It often depletes the victim's self-worth, forcing their spirit to retract into a state of defensive hiding.

In this group healing, Mas will help to edit any frequencies of bullying you or your loved ones may be carrying so that you no longer are a target for bullies.  As these frequencies dissolve, your spirit will emerge revealing its true splendor.

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Anger & Rage

Within us all there are fragments of anger and rage that can be awakened by different life situations.  For some, it is moderate and temporary. For others, that anger quickly grows into a dark, fearsome existence that overcomes us. It seems that we cannot contain it. It can be so strong and forceful it feels as though our true self is swallowed by it.

Join Mas for this group healing where he will help us to:

  • Remove the frequencies of extreme anger so we no longer feel powerless to the rage within
  • Have control of our temperament and emotions rather than feeling controlled by them
  • Eliminate the fear of unpredictable episodes of hurtful anger
  • Acknowledge and accept that our true self is balanced and loving
  • Release the dark, scary side of ourselves that we cannot trust
  • Integrate a sincere understanding of our anger and its origins; accept that it does not define us.
  • Free ourselves from the shame and regret that accompanies our outbursts and the people we hurt
  • Regain a sense of peace and appreciation for all that we are and all that we feel
  • Fully emerge as the beautiful person we've always known we could be

With this group healing, soothe the rage and anger that reside in you so that you and those around you no longer fear the wrath of unbalanced, extreme emotional reactions.  Awaken to your higher existence where you reside in a space of calm, reasonable human emotions that will lead to a colorful and beautiful life.

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Throughout our lives we are taught by family, friends and society all of the ways in which we are obligated to others. But what is a healthy sense of obligation and to what extent do we owe another person? Are certain behaviors necessary or required as we journey down our life's path? Join Mas in this group healing as he helps us to:


  • Recognize the limits of our responsibility to those around us
  • Acknowledge and honor our boundaries and those of others
  • Release the shackles of unnecessary obligation weighing us down
  • Allow ourselves to let go of unnecessary entanglements
  • Release any associated feelings of guilt, worry and oppression
  • Liberate ourselves from judgments of what constitutes a "good" father, son, mother, daughter, husband, wife, friend, etc.
  • Gain the freedom of choosing our path rather than feeling obliged
  • Have the strength to face other's agitation in the face of changing behaviors and patterns
  • Refrain from unhealthy sacrifice that doesn't serve our true purpose

Through this group healing, receive the gift of freedom as you come into your true self, embracing the ability to fully experience your unique path from a place of presence and choice, guided by a clear spirit unshackled by the expectations and rule sets of the past.

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Harnessing Courage

What do you think you could accomplish if you were able to harness true courage? Would you be able to break through your fears and step into new experiences? In this Group Healing Mas will wash you in the frequencies of courage, editing your spiritual makeup so you can:

  • Stand firmly in your true beliefs
  • Face obstacles with strength and confidence
  • Trust your abilities and realize your full potential in the face of opportunities
  • Find the courage to voice your concerns and take back control of your relationships
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Expand into your full, glorious existence

Welcome in the power of courage with these new frequencies as you look ahead at the limitless pathways that await you.

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Dissolving Worry

Do you wake up each day and find that your mind is flooded with a long list of worries?  Do you worry for your safety, about your finances, about what might be, what might not be? Do you worry about the darkness in the world, about the political environment? Do you incessantly worry about your children, the future, the past? 

Worry can be pervasive. It can penetrate every aspect of your life, freezing you in a constant state of consternation and distress. Perhaps you’ve tried to worry less, to let things be but haven’t been able to shake the thick hold of these strong frequencies. Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will help to remove frequencies of worry, opening you up to a state of soothing neutrality so you can:

  • Release the suffocating hold of worry
  • Live more in the moment, in the power of now
  • Enjoy a sense of relaxation as worry is dissolved from your spiritual makeup
  • Begin to see the endless possibilities life has to offer
  • Expand into a lighter, cleaner sense of being free from anxious, unproductive thoughts

Everything will start to appear differently as worry washes away from your thoughts. Get ready for the liberating feeling that will ensue as you allow life and your spirit to guide you into your higher being and abundant existence!

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Insecurities are tremendously powerful. They creep into our spirits with a subtle presence, but with time the insecurities swell and for some, their hold can feel unshakeable. Whether you or your loved ones are impacted by deep-rooted, life-altering insecurities or seemingly moderate ones, the frequencies they generate limit you. In this Group Healing, Mas will work to extract the hold of insecurities affecting all areas of life including:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Struggles with self-worth
  • Consistent indecisiveness
  • Inability to celebrate your successes
  • Pervasive doubt 
  • Tenuous self-love
  • And others

This group healing will help us to:

  • Recognize our true power and strength
  • Embrace what makes us unique and special
  • Express our true selves with ease
  • Feel radiant and confident physically and emotionally

Walking through life with a sense of uncertainty driven by your insecurities is exhausting.  Allow Mas to remove the weight of the wet blanket that accompanies these frequencies so that you can feel the lightness of life and the warmth and glow of your unencumbered true spirit.

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Ranging from an inflated sense of self and excessive need for admiration to a destructive and hurtful personality disorder, the presence of narcissism is increasing in our society.

Personalities of narcissists are often captivating and charismatic. If left unchecked, the dark side of narcissism can become damaging to all it touches. In order to cover deep insecurity, narcissists often make those who feed their egos feel as if they are part of a "special club". Narcissists often cultivate an environment of dependency, while minimizing or dismissing the needs of those around them. Traits of narcissism that will be addressed in this group healing include:

  • lack of empathy
  • need for approval
  • inability to listen
  • feelings of entitlement or victimization
  • false humility
  • exploitive of others

In this group healing, Mas will work to clear the destructive frequencies of narcissism, restoring depth and fulfillment to the afflicted individuals as well as peace and comfort to those impacted by narcissists in their life. This clearing will allow the positive and life affirming traits to strengthen in us and propel us towards our highest selves and a life of 360 degrees of abundance.  

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Grief (A Two-Part Healing) 

The weight of the darkness that accompanies grief is heavy and damp. It creeps in and pulls us down. We can't seem to shake it off and the feelings of despair and hopelessness caused by the loss of someone we so deeply love consumes our existence. Even if we wanted to move on, sometimes it seems that we cannot let go. The memories dance in our mind and so the reality of that spirit's absence hits hard.  

Grief is a powerful experience. If our emotions are not acknowledged in a healthy way, they can stay with us and slowly distort us. It is beautiful to mourn the loss of a loved one but we must allow and encourage them to go so that their spirit does not entangle with ours. In this two part Group Healing, Mas will work to prepare you to let go of those who have crossed so that they pass into heavenly space, thereby allowing you to intimately feel and appreciate the loving bond you had in a healthy, undistorted way. Mas will then help you accept and embrace your loss so that grief no longer overwhelms you. As Mas helps to remove the frequencies of grief, you'll be able to breathe deeply and freely and celebrate the grace and joy of death when spirits are once again in the absolute love and beauty of Pure Source. 

Grief Part 1 | $30 | Click for Replay
Grief Part 2 | $30 | Click for Replay

Releasing the Fear of Judgment

The Fear of Judgment can be paralyzing. So many of us secretly shy away from circumstances that could lead to negative judgment.  We can be uneasy around crowds of people or in our profession, anticipating harsh criticism. Giving too much power or putting too much stock into the praise and adoration we receive, we hunger for affirmation and validation and crumble under scrutiny.  

On the other side of judgment, some of us feel the pull of our own sharp thoughts proliferating our every observation, bringing us into a dark, disdainful space. We seek out individuals who think the same way we do and join in degrading conversations in search for connection and approval.

Judgment can be so powerful...but it no longer has to be. Join Mas in this reconstructive group healing where he debunks the idea that judgment holds any power over us. Feel yourself strengthen as Mas releases your fear of judgment permanently and opens your spirit up to courageous self-knowing and self-love.

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Drama Junkie

Does it seem like around every corner, in every relationship in your life there is some level of drama?  Are you consistently in highly emotional situations?  Are you often appalled by how people treat you or how circumstances always seem to lead to a crisis?  Do you get into arguments regularly not understanding how you came into this disagreement?  Why does all of this happen?  

Whether you have someone in your life who is addicted to drama or if you are someone who gets sucked in by it, join Mas in this Group Healing to remove the frequencies of the drama junkie.  In this medihealing, Mas will help you edit your default setting that is attracting the circumstances of drama and the people that play into them.  He will guide your spirit to develop the discipline and control to stay above the fray rather than letting it overwhelm and rule you. 

With a clear spirit, you will be free of the all-too-familiar concern and panic that has pervaded your existence.  You will begin to attract more awakened, balanced individuals and events in your life as you finally let go of your inner drama junkie and all the ones around you.

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Do you find yourself taunted by your own irritability?  Are you in a persistent state of annoyance, frustrated and exasperated by the smallest of human actions or inconvenient circumstances?  Why do we allow ourselves to get so aggravated?  

Are you ready to be less testy and settle more gently into your place in this world?  Please join Mas in this soothing group healing where he will work to remove the frequency of irritability. Life and all the people around you will not change but everything you perceive will shift so that the people you love, the strangers you encounter, and all that happens to you will no longer antagonize or provoke that inner part of you that readily judges and reacts. The more understanding side of you will emerge, allowing for a more beautiful and peaceful existence.

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Overwhelm - Finding Calm in the Storm

The state of overwhelm is all-consuming. Have you been there before?  Are you there now?  Do you feel that everything is coming at you at once, needing your attention, needing action, demanding that you to take it all on?  

Sometimes it feels that there is so much to do, so many people we must attend to, so many tasks that must be managed; yet there is only a finite amount of time in this world. There is only so much of you to go around, and when the balance of tasks versus times gets out of alignment, we can feel completely overwhelmed like we are standing on a tense edge of angst and unease.

Take a deep breath and join Mas for this group healing where he will bathe you in calming energies as he extracts the frequency of overwhelm from your spirit. This group healing will help you feel unflustered assurance from Pure Source, allowing you to integrate the knowing that all of your tasks are manageable. Needed resources will come to you and you will once again feel the comfort of peace and competence that are always accessible within you.

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Fear of Abandonment MP3

Reaching far beyond loneliness, abandonment issues, when triggered, can touch our most innate survival fears and insecurities. Because our initial existence is dependent on others, our human desire for connection and closeness can feel like a necessity for survival. But is it?

In this group healing, Mas will enforce our inner knowing of our fundamental completeness as individuals. He will strengthen our sense of calmness and balance in the face of being alone, as well as our confidence that we have everything we need in each moment. This medihealing will help you to release any fears and sadness associated with abandonment...whether yours or from your family order to pull in meaningful, fulfilling relationships and inner strength and wholeness.

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Relinquishing Shame MP3

The feeling of shame is heavy and oppressive. It creeps into your mind and heart and slowly consumes you. You judge yourself; mentally berate your decisions and feel that you can not share your thoughts or problems with anyone. A sense of self-loathing often accompanies and you push it down and try to forget about it. But harboring this shame allows it to integrate into your frequencies and distort you.

There is no need for this heavy self-judgement! Whatever decisions you made or whatever situations came into your life are neither good nor bad. You are beautiful and abundant in your purest form. Please join Mas in this Group Healing where he will work to remove the frequencies of shame. Set yourself free from this enslaving emotion and feel yourself open up to a space filled with self-love and Pure Source connection.

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Living Up to Your Potential MP3

Do you feel like you could be more, do more, connect more strongly… do you feel like you have yet to live up to your potential? Do you feel that deep within you, underneath the layers, there is part of you that is hungry to be found? Do you yearn to express the part of you that has so much passion, intellect, drive and rich existence waiting to be uncovered?

Even if you feel that you have tapped into great life success, it’s certain that you have not lived up to your full potential… because your potential is even more than you could ever imagine!

With spiritual awakening and stronger connection to Pure Source, we can remove the restraints of our existence and come into our truer power. We can achieve anything. 

We have the ability to improve our intelligence, financial success, relationships and overall life situation.  In this group healing, Mas will work at a spirit level to help us refine our existing talents and uncover new ones. He will work to reprogram frequencies to expand our aptitude and capabilities in this life so we can become the amazing, unique individual each of us is meant to be. 

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Quieting the Mind MP3

Have you ever stopped to listen to the incessant chatter in your mind?  The voice inside your head that narrates your day, sizes up every moment, never stops thinking about the future or reflecting on the past?

The dialogue in our head is a constant diversion from being present.  It transports us to what was or what will be and we end up distracted and unaware of our true existence. When we intertwine with this internal conversation we relinquish the power we have to create and connect in this space, in this moment. 

In this Group Healing, join Mas as he helps clear away the unproductive chit chat and brings quiet and calm to our physical presence, allowing our spirits to come more fully into our body — even outside of meditation.  Relish the peace in your mind as you open up to infinite possibilities.

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Surrender - Letting Go of Resistance MP3

In the midst of trials and tribulations, sadness, or simply in times of change, it can seem that we are losing control.  We desperately try to hang on to what is familiar; we shutter with the thought of more loss, more struggle.  But if we just let go and surrender to our higher-self, the struggle seems to melt away.  

Surrender… let go.   Things are exactly as they should be.  They will unfold exactly in the way that is best for each of us.  

In this Group Healing, allow Mas to enhance your frequencies of surrender so you can gracefully allow your spirit to guide you. Stop the over-thinking and over-analyzing. Surrender to what IS… and as you do, the power of Pure Source connection will magnify and your path to full abundance will seem to appear before you, effortlessly. Your spirit wants you to surrender to life’s beauty and the limitless power that is yours -- just waiting to be uncovered.

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Connection MP3

Our sense of connection to others is a fundamental element in our sense of happiness and overall well-being. As social creatures, humans are inherently wired to feel a sense of closeness to each other, however many struggle with a healthy sense of connection as a result of dysfunctional families, relationships or past experiences that hinder the ability to feel open, secure and connected to others.  

In this Group Healing, Mas will clear any blocks that keep you feeling separate and will instill the frequencies of connection as well as the accompanying feelings of security and acceptance that come with healthy strong bonds to others. Enhancing your spiritual frequencies of connection will leave you more transparent, helping you to pull in relationships that no longer feel empty or detached. You will begin to engage with others in a more meaningful way and readily fulfill your longing for closeness and connection. 

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Erasing Guilt MP3

Do you feel burdened by decisions from the past? Do you feel the weight of guilt on your shoulders? Do you feel guilty or think less of yourself for hurting others, for hurting yourself, or for being who you are?  

Guilt can be debilitating. It can lead to depression, anxiety and fear in everything you do. It has been passed down, taught, or used to control you and others. This regret no longer serves you.  It is time to extract the guilt that resides in you and erase it permanently. 

Allow Mas to connect you to frequencies that will help you step lighter and easier, feeling the darkness and shame of guilt wash away and walk into your truer sense of being — guilt-free!!!  Free to simply be exactly who you are meant to be.

($30)  Click for Replay

Resilience MP3

Resilience: The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity. 2. ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy. (as defined by webster’s dictionary)

Do you ever wonder why some people are able to recover quickly from adversity while others are defeated? Why some can rebound repeatedly while others lack the strength to try again? Join us in this group healing while Mas instills the powerful frequencies of resilience that will allow you to gain strength and resolve from your life experiences rather than being distorted by them. 

Maintain a clear perspective in the face of adversity as well as the buoyancy and adaptability to walk your deserved path of true abundance.

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Haunted House MP3

October may be a month for stories of ghosts and ghouls, but for some people those stories are tragically real. Paranormal activity exists and can be a terrifying regular occurrence that feels inescapable to those dealing with it. Fortunately there are ways to rid your home and loved ones of this dark energy.  

In this group healing, Mas will help you connect with Pure Source, empowering you to clear out the malevolent forces possessing your home. With the protection of Pure Source enveloping your home at all times, your lives will naturally emerge into a happier and more peaceful place.

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No Pain, No Gain - No Way! MP3

This Group Healing debunks the belief that you need to “pay to play.”  The principle that suffering is required to achieve success is a rule set that many of us have inherited, and it’s fundamentally untrue – getting what you desire doesn't require misery or pain. In fact, those who reach fulfillment and abundance often say that what they do doesn't feel like work at all;  it actually inspires them in their lives in a way that they couldn’t live without.  In this Group Healing, Mas will help clear us from the hurtful limiting belief of "no pain, no gain.” Stepping into your passion and feeling your true place in the world may take effort, but shouldn't require sacrificing your health, balance, and joy.

($30) Click for Replay

Breaking Through Your Financial Ceiling (1 & 2) MP3

Do you always feel that just when you are about to cross a threshold into a new financial foray, something keeps you back?  Maybe you teeter on the poverty line, always striving to break free of past cycles; yet stability slips through your fingers every time. Perhaps you live comfortably, but can’t seem to pull in more substantial success and abundance? It’s as if you keep hitting a ceiling that won’t let you go any higher on the monetary ladder. 

Hold tight as Mas strips away the limiting frequencies of your financial ceiling, launching you into a trajectory that breaks through your financial limitations!  Let the ceiling crash down and allow your financial success to open up to endless possibilities…to an abundance you may never have imagined.

Part 1 - Removing Financial Blocks | $30 | Click for Replay

Part 2 - Instilling Wealth Frequency| $30 | Click for Replay

Freedom to Make Mistakes MP3

If you make a mistake, do you feel embarrassed or ashamed?  Do you shrink away from circumstances where you feel you may misstep or falter? What if you could look at it all differently? What if making a mistake was the key to unlock some of your most tantalizing strengths, most unforgettable experiences? What if you gave yourself permission to be wrong?! 

 Open yourself to the liberating space of being free to make mistakes! Exhale as Mas helps to erase your fear of being wrong.  Open yourself to the boundless growth where you can you embrace your imperfections. As you cut the tethers of your paralyzing fears, watch as your spirit unfolds and soars to new heights.

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Family Clearing MP3

Family. We all have one. Some of us adore our family members while others feel suffocated by them. Whether your family offers a welcomed friendship or their role is damaging, family does not define or control you. If you feel burdened, your heart feels heavy, or you struggle to alleviate continued patterns in your life, you may be carrying around family distortions that do not belong to you.  

In this Group Healing, Mas will detach you from your family ties, clearing family lineages and frequencies that are not yours and may be generations deep or have accumulated from many lifetimes. This healing will help break family contracts that will otherwise be passed on from generation to generation. He will help remove spirits of dead loved ones or those about to transition who may be holding on to you.  Mas will also extract any family who have integrated with you, controlling you and encroaching on your spirit. Whether you are desperate to rid yourself of your stifling family members or you tenderly love your relatives, breaking free from the frequencies and deep patterns of your bloodline will reveal the true YOU, free to honor your spirit's uniqueness with clarity.

($30) Click for Replay

Honesty MP3

To live in a web of lies created by yourself or those around you can cause deep distortions prohibiting you from living the awakened life to which you are entitled.  In this Group Healing, Mas will help untangle your spirit from the frequencies of lies, deceit, and dishonesty.  Mas will also strengthen and calibrate your ability to detect manipulative relationships or situations caused by dishonesty.  As you step into a truer existence, you will naturally speak and live with truthfulness and sincerity.  You will attract trusting, life-giving relationships and glide into honest, clear circumstances that allow you to connect to your highest self. in expansive realities.

($30) Click for Replay

Entity Removal MP3

Do you have the sense that you are not alone? Can you feel another presence physically, emotionally or spiritually other than your own? 

Entities of lower frequencies exist in our world, entangling into our spirits. Their power over you may debilitating. They may torment you or direct your life in ways that don't allow you to be your truest self.

Whether you are suspicious of their presence or desperate to remove them from your life, in this healing, Mas will clear these foreign entities from your spirit. He will instill a filter so that you are protected from other life-forms seeking to control you or attach to you. 

Without their dark presence, your spirit will feel lighter, brighter and free of the distorted powers of these entities.  Your higher spirit will emerge as you walk forward in your life, secure that you are connected to the protective frequencies of Pure Source.

($30) Click for Replay

Operating from a Place of Security MP3

Does your past have you reacting strongly in uncomfortable situations? Do you operate from a space of trauma or fear? It’s time to step away from this space of uncertainty and anguish and stand strong in a space of safety and security.  In this group healing, Mas will work to delete past frequencies that keep you feeling timid, unsure or wounded, allowing the frequencies of strength and protection to wrap around you. As you connect to the peace and strength of Pure Source, you will hold the knowledge that you will always be protected and safe, allowing you to be your true self and take advantage of all that life has to offer.

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Releasing Expectations MP3

Expectations fill each moment of our lives. We go through each day wanting certain results from the smallest of tasks to our loftiest goals. Expectations placed on us by our family, our friends, & our jobs cloud the decisions we make and contribute to the emotions attached to our life experience.  In addition to contributing to anxiety and depression, expectations can get in the way of us being guided through life to our highest potential.

In this group healing Mas will help us to let go of expectations, bringing us to a state of neutrality that is the realm of all possibility. It is from this state that we become free to walk effortlessly into an abundance that is beyond what we can imagine. 

Through this healing we will learn to embrace each present moment without being tied to conditions, to savor all experiences without judgment, and to open ourselves to the endless possibilities that await us. 

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Feeling Deserving MP3

"It’s okay." "No you don’t need to do that.”  "Thank you, but I’m fine."

Do you say these phrases often?  Do you find that you’re comfortable or at least used to being overlooked, underpaid, passed over, broken up with, or unappreciated?  Do you give and give, only to not receive back — do you turn down offers for help?

Do you have a hard time accepting that you too deserve the best in life – a good job, a nice home, complete health, respectful relationships, a loving spouse?  

You deserve and are worthy of all that you desire. It’s time to allow the love and light of Pure Source to fill you up so you can integrate this feeling that YOU are deserving of a beautiful, full life encompassed by 360° of abundance.

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Optimism & Joy MP3

Do you find that sometimes your life feels lackluster?  Like things are so difficult or exhausting?  Do you hope for a reprieve, an opening in the clouds to let a little light through?

In this Group Healing, Mas will work to help open your life up to the joy and optimism that is your birthright.  You will feel the warmth and love from Pure Source, and again feel excited about what life has to offer. This healing will connect you to a space of light and tantalizing happiness, helping you to feel hopeful, bright and optimistic as you trust your spirit-guided path.    

Join Mas in this perfectly-timed, comforting medihealing bringing you to see things in a new light… a light of childlike joy and optimism!

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Inner Strength MP3

Cultivating inner strength allows us to thrive in the face of change and turn obstacles into opportunities. With inner strength, we can face any challenge with grace and ease. Inner Strength helps us navigate confidently through the labyrinth of life and find the path to our highest pursuit.  
In this group healing, Mas will guide us to fortify our inner strength and endurance in the face of our experiences to reveal our most brilliant and shiny spirit. 

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Healthy Boundaries MP3

Healthy Boundaries  are one of the essential standards in maintaining a positive self-image. They foster personal dignity & quality relationships built on mutual respect.

In this Group Healing, Mas will help guide us to identify and honor our own thoughts, needs and feelings.  We will learn to let go of feeling responsible for other’s happiness as we build confidence in maintaining the boundaries of self dignity and respect.

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Comfort with Change MP3

Most of us have come to Mas seeking transformation. Yet the process of letting go of what is known can be difficult. Deeply ingrained patterns and habits become familiar so as we remove the frequencies that no longer serve us, the feeling of newness can seem uncomfortable, even disagreeable.

In this group healing, Mas will help us to let go of any hesitation, control or fear of moving forward and guide us into a state of ease in the face of the change we are seeking. He will help us to effortlessly spring forward into our new selves with the courage to welcome and embrace our expanded realities.

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Being Seen & Heard MP3

Some of us walk through life feeling as though no one listens to us or even sees us. We feel invisible or are continually stunned that our words are completely unacknowledged. Mas will help us clear our spiritual layers that keep us from being heard and being seen in this world. 

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True Understanding of Religions MP3

The world is shaken by the recent tragedy in Paris, a senseless killing in the name of GOD carried out by the Islamic extremists. Ironically, the true Islamic teaching states‘’You shall not kill any person - for GOD has made life sacred…[Quran, 17:33]” And while the anti-Islam sentiment raises, few may realize, from both sides, that the Quran actually reiterates the same common humanity and equality as addressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood...
We need to be judicious about religious beliefs used as an ideological tool in the oppression of others to meet violent, corrupt and political agendas. Mas would like to instill the frequency of True Understanding of Religions by facilitating a strong connection between you and Pure Source for you to receive the knowing and guidance from a place of Pureness and Truth - So no matter what religion you were raised in or chose to believe, you won’t fall easy victim to living a life of misinterpreted religious doctrines, propagandas and fear-based control mechanisms. 

One world…one people…with different religious beliefs living in peace and harmony with respect for all.

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Appetite Control MP3

Over eating is a symptom of more than just yummy food being at an arms reach away.  It is a frequency. Many people use eating as a way to cope with stressful situations and exhaustion.  Change the frequency of over eating into one of finding pleasure in consuming just the right amount comfort food.

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Trust MP3

There is no currency like trust and there are no shortcuts to earn it.
"Trust is an ice sculpture…Building it takes time, but it can melt away slowly or be destroyed in an instant" 

Almost all of us experience issues with trust at some point in our lives. Some trust issues are healthy... based on fact and some are not. How you trust can help you, keep you safe or hinder you and put you at risk in all areas of your life. Have you ever experienced trust issues with any of the following? 

  • Loved ones and family members
  • Your connection to Pure Source
  • Yourself in life, love, work or making decisions
  • The government and those making and enforcing the law
  • Do others have issues trusting you
  • You trust people and situations that are not the best for you
  • Finances or money in general

Trust Issues are common and often have an adverse affect in our lives on a daily basis. They undermine our happiness, our ability to live our lives fully, our connection with those around us and our ability to take advantage of all the opportunities available to us. They often distort our perception of reality and may be based on old frequencies that no longer serve our greater good. 

Unlike faith which can sometimes be blind and based on a feeling... trust is earned and based on our thoughts and our perception of past experiences.

During this group healing Mas will guide us to our truth about our trust issues to determine if they are serving our greater good. Sometimes it is healthy not to trust some people or situations. He will then reprogram our frequency to one of healthy trust and one of our being trust worthy with our thoughts, words and actions. Open your possibilities and heal trust issues wherever they exist to be your authentic self.

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Loneliness MP3

"I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone." Robin Williams 

Research has shown that loneliness is widely prevalent throughout society among people in marriages, relationships, families and successful careers. Loneliness is a subjective experience. If a person thinks they are lonely, then they are lonely. Loneliness is a complex unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship. Loneliness can be felt even when surrounded by other people. 

Mas will change your frequency of loneliness and instill the frequency of the perfect level of social interaction for you and to attract those you feel connected to.

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Detox Relief MP3

This group healing is an excellent tool for when you are detoxing from outside substances such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar coffee or any other substance you have eliminated causing you to have physical and/or emotional detox symptoms.

OR, You have had a session or attended an event with Mas either in person or remotely ... NOW you are experiencing some detox symptoms ... and you would appreciate some relief. 

Some clients experience detox symptoms during a healing process. Mas advises rest, for you to reduce stressful people/situations whenever possible and to be kind to yourself during the adjustment period. Other helpful advice is to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and allow yourself an abundance of quiet time.

Mas will guide us through a group healing using the power of the group to assist with your detox symptoms. This is a group healing you will want to have ready when you need it most. Save it to your device and listen to it on a loop any time you experience detox symptoms.

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Procrastination MP3

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometime to the "last minute" before the deadline. 

With tax season just wrapping up... Mas is dedicating this Group Healing to healing our procrastination which leads to stress, a sense of guilt and crisis, severe loss of personal productivity, as well as social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning.

Do not procrastinate in joining Mas for this very important Group Healing!

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Dealing with Difficult People MP3

Dealing with difficult people and maintaining ongoing relationships with negative energy is detrimental to your health. It is important to diminish or eliminate relationships filled with density and conflict which are harmful to your physical and emotional well-being.

This Group Healing Mas will instill the frequency of attracting relationships with positive people, while installing a protective shield around you to prevent any form of negative energy from invading your space.

You will start attracting positive relationships with people whose frequencies are in harmony with yours…while watching difficult people fall away.

As your frequency is being elevated, you may come to an understanding of the bigger picture and how difficult people sometimes exist to serve your highest good…and come to appreciate the beauty in all life situations.

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning MP3

The first day of Spring is just around the corner. It is a time of year when we traditionally open our homes and begin to clean out the cob webs and clean up the dust bunnies hiding under our beds. We clean out our closets and get rid of things we no longer want or need. It makes sense to do the same, so to speak, with our spiritual spaces as well.

What are you holding onto that no longer serves your higher purpose? Join Mas for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning of anything and everything which is keeping you from your 360 degrees of abundance. Out with the old and in with the new refreshed you! 

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Your Relationship with Money MP3

FOCUS: Healing, Healing, well-being on a micro scale - you and your money. How you are with money and how you should BE.

  • What does that mean "relationship with money"?
  • Why do some of us struggle financially while others breeze through life with money falling into their hands?
  • Why do we have the relationship we have with money?
  • Can we change our relationship with money?

Mas sees so much struggle and many blocks in your relationship with money. This month Mas will work on your relationship with money to align it with a healthy frequency. It is the perfect topic to follow up the New Year's Special Event on Finance. Please do not confuse the two subjects...they each has a different focus (Doing vs. Being; Info vs. healing)

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