Mas Sajady EI Podcast #136: Get Personal with Mas - Part 2

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In Part 2 of this series, I jump in and address the juicier questions curious minds have been asking. Some of you have had dreams about me, and they may or may not be what you’ve been thinking. On top of that, you’ve wondered what qualifies me as a relationship expert when I’ve gotten a divorce. I address all of your questions in this episode.

There can seemingly be a lot of discrepancies especially when situations are viewed solely from the lens of human constructs or definitions. As I expound further from an EI perspective though, we are not human beings merely in the flesh. So how can we draw the lines of, let’s say, true reality from physical reality? We make determinations as spiritual beings, because being human is just the experience.

I say this especially as some of you may have experienced incompleteness or distress in your material world. Yet on the inside, for those of you who have worked with me, have begun to feel greater in confidence, stability and security? Could this be an indication of a different story? That things may be different than they actually appear? Perhaps this could be a projection of what’s to come and become mirrored in your physical reality.

From these deeply personal questions, one of my greatest desires is also to see you achieve your greatest potential from my process.

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"When you rise to a certain level you begin to see the frailty of life and, like a strong parent, you begin to take care of it."

Show Notes:

  • Is Mas at the level of Jesus

  • If Jesus suffered because of the levels of his abilities, will Mas suffer as well

  • How did Mas understand what healing means

  • What is a way for one to feel compassion

  • Why do so many people have dreams about Mas

  • Why do some people think Mas is controlling them energetically

  • How is working with Mas a different experience than with other healers

  • How does Mas perform detox through Exponential Intelligence

"Awaken to a higher level then there is no suffering as you know it."

  • Why is detox through Mas different than through other healers

  • How does Mas detox

  • What happens when there’s less spiritual garbage to clean out

  • How is it possible and/or ethical for Mas to scan people without their knowledge

  • Does one’s diet matter in regards to spiritual cleanliness

  • What do you have to do to bring yourself to a position of complete trust

  • How are Mas public and private personas different

  • Why does Mas say everybody has the same potential to ascend

  • Why does Mas study political figures from the past

"Your objective in life is not about saving the planet or coming up with the next great invention; it is about you becoming your purest self in physical form."

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