Bringing Mas to Your City

Please send us an email and include the following info:

  • What are the dates, hours, and location of your proposed event?
  • Is Mas the only speaker or one of multiple presenters?
  • Please tell us your experience in organizing and promoting events.
  • Please provide detailed info on the types of events, size of attendance and the website of your event.
  • What are your marketing/promotion strategies for this event?
  • How big is your mailing list?
  • We need to have at least 100 in attendance. Is this a number you are confident can be reached?

Please include any additional info and email us along with your questions and inquiries. 

Bringing Mas to Your Business

Booking Mas to speak at your company - From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Mas conducts specific business-oriented workshops to boost productivity, creativity, and motivation. Please view our Business Services page for more info.