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The live Exponential Intelligence MAStery lectures are exclusive to Sublime & Essential 21-Day Medihealing participants. In this upper-level discussion, Mas goes deep into the month's chosen topic to reveal profound truths that will help you transform your life. 

Everyone is Invited to Submit their Questions to Mas

Everyone is invited to submit their questions in advance to Mas for the upcoming EI-MAStery lectures. These questions inspire the information revealed as Mas taps into Pure Source.

To submit your questions, please follow the instructions below for each call topic.

Live Access only available for 21-Day Participants

Because Mas taps into the knowledge base of the live audience and receives a download of the lecture material that caters to the average comprehension level of the group, to ensure an advanced material download on each live lecture we are inviting only advanced listeners to attend the live EI-MAStery lectures. Therefore, live access to the EI-MAStery lectures are exclusive to 21 Day participants. Replays are available for purchase within 48 hours for those who are not part of the 21 Day.

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TOPIC: Parenting

Live Call Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm CT

Parenting is one of the most influential factors in life and one of life’s utmost responsibilities. As a parent you must navigate the waters of raising a young, innocent child in preparation for the spiritual and worldly life that awaits them. How we were parented significantly impacts the way in which we see the world, ourselves and others. There is no doubt that the subject of parenting is one we are all passionate about and, at the same time, it is a subject that is approached with vacillating and variable strategies and a fair amount of uncertainty. Join Mas as he answers the array of questions we have on parenting, what our roles should be in our children’s lives, and learn what the most impactful, positive steps we can take as parents to allow our children to flourish.

Everyone is Invited to Submit Questions to Mas

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Please click on the access link above, and submit concise and relevant questions in the online comment box on the left side of the page (or bottom if using a phone) no later than 12pm CT, May 24. 

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Live Call Wednesday, June 21st at 8pm CT

Live Access & Replay Included with the June 21 Day Medihealing Sublime & Essential Packages. 

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