Exponential Intelligence Silent Meditation
Powerful Global Meditations | Live with Mas

Several times a month, Mas would be guided into a deep meditation that immerses him in the frequency of Exponential Intelligence anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  

Now Mas would like to share the experience with you. Also, the bigger the group, the more profound the meditation. Please join Mas real-time each week for one or several powerful silent global meditations to experience the frequency of Exponential Intelligence.

Meditation Announcements

Dates/Times & Subjects

Mas invites you to join him in meditation every of these mornings during his Caribbean cruise.

Oct. 15, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 16, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 17, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 18, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 19, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 20, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 21, 9:30am CT, 30min
Oct. 22, 9:30am CT, 30min

Peru Silent Meditations:
Sep 12, 10pm CT, 60min
Sep 13, 10pm CT, 30min
Sep 14, 10pm CT, 40min
Sep 15, 10pm CT, 50min
Sep 16, 10pm CT, 45min

Sep 6, 1:15pm CT, 60min
Subject: Bullying

August 25, 1:40pm CT, 60min
Subject: Third Eye

August 10, 11:45am CT
Subject: Excitement

August 3, 10:15am CT, 50min
Subject: Control Issues 

August 1, 10:00pm CT, 40min
Subject: Focus

July 28, 5pm CT, 60 min
Subject: No Subject

July 26, 12:50pm CT, 40 min
Subject: Devotion & Distortion

July 25, 12:50pm CT, 60 min
Subject: Safe Spaces in Devotion

July 22, 1:50pm CT, 35 min
Subject: Devotion

April 6, 11:30pm CT, 45 min
Subject: Energetic High

April 4, 11:30pm CT, 30min
Subject: Intuition

March 31, 11:45pm CT, 30min
Subject: Jesus

March 30, 11:45pm CT, 90min
Subject: Energy

March 29, 11:30pm CT, 70min
Subject: Why Sleep

March 10, 11pm CT, 90min
Subject: Restful Sleep

March 7, 11:15pm CT, 60min
Subject: Notice What You Notice

March 6, 11pm CT
Subject: Detachment

March 4, 11:45pm CT, 45min
Subject: Will Power

March 2, 11:30pm CT, 48min
Subject: Perseverance

Feb 21, 10:30pm CT, 30min
Subject: Self Love

Feb 19, 11:20pm CT, 28min
Subject: Physical vs. Spiritual Bond 

Feb 16, 11:30pm CT, 45min
Subject: Spiritual Sex

Feb 11, 11:30pm CT, 30min
Subject: Taboo & Romance

Feb 10, 10:45pm CT, 45min
Subject: Spiritual Connection

Feb 3, 10:15pm CT, 45min
Subject: Soul Mates/Twin Flames

Feb 1, 10:15pm CT, 90 minutes
Subject: Romantic Love

Jan 27, 10:30pm CT, 90 min
Subject: Love at First Sight

Jan 19, 10:15pm CT
Subject: Power of the Group 

Jan 18, 11:15pm CT, 100min
Subject: Stress
MediHealing: Thriving Through Stress

Jan 17, 11:30pm MT, 50min
Subject: A Heart Meditation

Jan. 16, 11:00pm CT, 40min
Subject: Relationships (at the 'human' level')

Jan. 11, 10:40pm CT, 75min
Subject: Don't Worry, Be Happy
MediHealing: Exponential Intelligence & Happiness

Jan. 9, 10:50pm CT, 45min
Subject: Being Happy
MediHealing: Notice the beauty and be happy

Jan. 7, 10:30pm CT, 90min
Subject: The Emotion of Fear
MediHealing: Know your fear

Jan. 6, 1:00pm CT, 60min
Subject: GPS coordinates of your life
MediHealing: Starting Your Journey

Jan. 3, 11:00pm MT, 52 min
Subject: Desires, the emotion that helps you face challenges in life.

Canceled - Dec. 18, 11:00pm CT
Mas had to cancel the meditation tonight...the pet husky ate the pet parrot when the meditation just started...his kids were very upset =(

Dec. 17, 10:00pm CT
Subject: The Frequency of Health

Dec. 16, 10:30pm CT
Subject: Success & Motivation
Dec. 15, 10:30pm CT, 2 hours 13 min
Subject: Goal Settings that Work
MediHealing: Creating a platform so you can sustain your goals (will be available on Podcast for free download soon) 

Dec. 14, 10:30pm CT, 2 hours
Subject: The Joy & Sorrow of the Season
MediHealing: Special Occasions

Dec. 8, 11pm CT, 40min
Subject: Passion for Life

Dec. 7, 10:30pm CT, 2 hours
Subject: Mas will be working on you on whatever is on your mind

Dec. 2, 10:30pm CT, 2 hours
Subject: EI on Finances
MediHealing: Success Frequency

Nov. 30, 11:30pm CT, 2 hours
Subject: EI on Abundance
MediHealing: Financial Abundance

Nov. 18, 12:15am CT, 2 hours
Subject: EI on Family Dynamics
MediHealing: Family Harmony

Nov. 16, 10:15pm CT, 90min
Subject: The Act of Giving
MediHealing: Giving from Within

Nov. 15, 11:11pm CT, 90min
Subject: New Knowledge Download
MediHealing: 12 Levels of Meaningful Relationship

Nov.12, 1am CT, 1 hour
Subject: Pure Source Love

Nov. 11, 12:15am CT, 20min
Subject: NDE

Nov. 9, 11:30pm CT, 1.5 hr
Subject: Intelligent Creation


Program Details

  • 30min to 2 hours of silent meditation
  • Once or a few times a week during the evenings
  • Dates/times will be announced 2-24 hours prior to the session
  • Participating in the EI Silent Meditation via phone
  • You will be meditating with Mas on a specific EI subject each time
  • Mas will announce the EI subject at the beginning of the session
  • Mas will go into a deep meditation and remain completely silent during the session
  • Mas will close the session once his meditation is completed
  • The meditations may range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • After each session, Mas will record an EI MediHealing on the subject that he just mediated on with you and the global participants
  • Recordings of these EI MediHealings will be published on the EI Podcast
  • Once published on the EI Podcast, these MediHealings are Free for you to download and keep forever
  • Free subscription to the EI Podcast, click here


The dates/times of these meditations are not pre-determined

Whenever Mas received the inspiration to meditate on EI, we will post the date/time of the meditation on right side panel of this page (Meditation Announcements)

Due to the spontaneous nature of this meditation, the time of each session will be announced anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours prior to the meditation.  Hence, webcast and replays are not available for this program.

No worries if you can’t attend the meditation live. By registering for this program you will always be included in the sessions, in person or in spirit.


EI Global Meditation is now included in our 21-Day MediHealing Package. By registering for the 21-Day, you will receive the access to EI Silent Meditation as part of the package.



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Access Instructions

  • If you have registered for this program a-la-cart, Meditation access info is included in the registration confirmation email. 
  • If you have registered for this program as part of the 21-Day package Sublime, the access info is in the access page. 
  • Due to the spontaneous nature of this meditation, webcast and replays are not available for this program. But no worries if you aren't able to participate live, Mas includes all registrants in his meditations, in-person or in spirit.