Mas Sajady Live | Mas in Lebanon

We are very excited to announce that Mas Sajady has been invited to the Lebanon in May for his inaugural visit.  

The visit will include an evening event, Industrial-Strength Group Healing (IGH) sessions and a 3 am Meditation.


11th May - Evening Event 'Frequency Scan: Remove Blocks & Activate Abundance' - 8 pm - 10 pm.  The event will take place in Beirut's business district, a short walk from the Mediterranean waterfront (full event address details will be provided upon booking).

This event will be Mas’ exciting début in Lebanon and will be powerfully uplifting on many levels - spiritual, motivational, educational and emotional. 

Mas has been likened to many internationally renowned teachers but to date, no one has quite been able to describe him and the unbelievable transformations he facilitates.

One thing is for certain, however - no one has ever left a Mas event the same person as they arrived.   

Following two near-death experiences, Mas was gifted with the ability to see, access, and “correct” core causes of a person’s life challenges. Without having to speak to or even see you, Mas is able to identify the real reasons why your life is the way it is; and, if you so desire, he can help you heal yourself and transform all areas of your life - physical, financial, spiritual, relationships, and more…  

There is no ‘chance meeting'. If something is stirring within you then join Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about Yourself.

The event includes a presentation, demonstration, and guided Medihealing (meditation and healing in one) to help supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total abundance.  Each Medihealing is customized to the unique group in attendance and Mas created this format to allow for faster personal transformation. 

Although the results are tangible and seemingly unbelievable, Mas doesn’t heal you.  Instead he helps you awaken your own abilities to heal yourself and transform your own life.

Price: $20 per person (LB 35,000 on the door).  Click here to register.


12th May - Industrial-Strength Group Healing Appointments (IGHs) - 10.30 am - 5.30 pm.

IGHs are small groups of individuals working with Mas and are Mas’ favorite way of working as they harness the power of the group energy and intent, whilst providing an opportunity to speak with Mas one on one during the session. Mas is also able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire session, thereby rendering it more powerful. The exact length of time for the IGH will depend on the number of individuals in the group and the group needs.

Bookings for the IGHs will be taken after the evening event of 11th May, and the IGHs will take place at a beautiful venue in the Verdun region of Beirut. Full address details will be provided upon booking.


13th May -  3 am Meditation, at the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa. Remote participation only.  More details coming soon...