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June I.C/HC Pure Source Frequency Recalibration | Online

I.C/HC Pure Source Frequency Recalibration

Wednesday | JUNE 28 | 10:00pm CT

This call is to recharge and re-calibrate I.Connects, Heart Companions. You may also charge your crystals, jewelry, and other precious items with this session. 

A Note from Mas - "The I.Connect and Heart Companion pendant from Metaforms are more sophisticated than other objects as they vibrate with a constant flow of higher dimensional frequencies that avoid the imprinting of lower vibrational thought forms. They have dozens of internal antenna systems that allow them to hold and rebroadcast the higher frequencies that I can introduce into them better than any crystal or tool that I've come across. Although clearing isn't necessary, it is valuable to incorporate new healing frequencies that align with your evolving needs. In addition, I am constantly growing and refining the energies I am working with and I wish to share my newest discoveries with you. Thus, for the fastest most comfortable transformation possible, I recommend that you refocus your needs and goals monthly with the powerful energy downloads that I am capable of assisting through you."