Mas Sajady Live | Love, Devotion & Betrayal - Los Angeles | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program

Love, Devotion and Betrayal

Los Angeles, CA
3-6pm PT & 7-9pm PT

If you think you know what Love is, you don't. This event is not for the faint of heart. It endeavors to reveal to you the truth about Devotion and Betrayal on your journey to experience True Love with that special person, to meet your destiny and to know Pure Source. It aims to bring you an enlightened understanding of our heart and spirit through an intimate examination of human desires and conditions.

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3-6pm: The Talk
A Love Affair, A Cautionary Tale, Reflections and Revelations with Mas Sajady and Special Guest Will Allen (Director of Holy Hell) 

Mas Sajady reveals the lessons that he had to 'unlearn' about Love and Life after his second near death experience. Mas would like to share his reflections and revelations about Devotion and Betrayal, as a valuable guide to those who are also on the journey. 

Will Allen, the director of the documentary Holy Hell (which premiered at Sundance Festival 2016 and was Nominated for Two Critic's Choice Awards) will be joining Mas on a portion of the talk, sharing with the audience a cautionary tale of profound Devotion and Betrayal from a Love affair that spanned across 22 years of his life. 

The talk will be presented as a dialogue that's both entertaining and beneficial to everyone. However, those who have reached a higher level of maturity, will see things that the ordinary man wouldn't perceive. The lessons will be revealed to you with a liberal dose of rawness, irreverence, honesty and compassion that will help you find a way through this labyrinth called Love, to an experience filled with passion and freedom. 


7-9pm: The Work
An Integration, Meditation and Healing with Mas Sajady

While the words are there to entertain, the concepts of the talk reside in the space beyond the intellect and the rational mind. The ah-ha moments presented in the first part of the event, 'The Talk', will help expand your view of reality. The second part, 'The Work', will safely guide you to other realms and back, helping you integrate the higher awareness at your superconscious level. 

Mas Sajady will 'work on you' throughout the entire event over both sessions to help change your frequency and change your life. The event will take you above the conventional perspective on "Love, Devotion and Betrayal" to establish a solid foundation of a meaningful relationship with yourself and Pure Source.

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