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Hitting Number ONE on several New and Noteworthy Lists on iTunes, our podcast Exponential Intelligence is a condensed knowledge based created just for you after working on tens of thousands people around the world. For more info and subscribe/listen to the podcast, Click Here

The 21 Day (Our core program)

Connect to Pure Source

An on going program that includes 21 days of live meditation with Mas twice a day in the morning and evening for 30 minutes per session. More Info

Frequency Spa

Timeless Beauty and Wisdom

Monthly spa sessions with Mas created to slow down the aging process in the body, mind and spirit and bring forth the true beauty from within.  More Info

Frequency Clinic

Health, Physical & Mental Ailments

The Frequency Clinic is held twice a month, for 30 minutes each, to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments. Each time Mas selects different areas to work on; may include back and joint pain, depression, diabetes, cancer. More Info

Group Healing

Included in  The 21 Day, Sublime Package

A twice a month 30 minute frequency session with Mas. Browse Audio Library

Global Healing (60-min, Free & Live) 

Using the Power of the Group Mastermind to Propel Forward

Each month Mas invites the world to participate in this free 60 minute call with the pureness of their hearts and a sincere desire to heal and evolve. This is not an ordinary session, anyone or any issue Mas works on during this call will benefit from the Pure Source frequency that is further amplified by the powerful energy generated from the global participation.

The energy, challenges and needs of the participants are different and unique each month.  During the call, Mas addresses the most prevalent and urgent issues presented in the group.

Although the call is free and open for global-participation, there are unique benefits enjoyed only by the 21 Day Sublime Participants:

  • You will be eligible to speak to Mas on the global call.
  • You will be able to send in your questions through the comment box for Mas to work on.  
  • You will be eligible to win our session-spot lottery – Mas will pick a few names at the end of the call and these callers will jump over the long waiting list and be guaranteed a spot for an IGH session with Mas (regular fees apply).

Join the 21 Day Sublime and you could be one of those selected... (more...) 

If you are not a 21 Day Sublime Participant, you can still participate in the Global Healing. To find out when the next Global Healing is, please check our Event Calendar.

Industrial Strength Group Healings (IGHs)

An Industrial Strength Group Healing (IGH) is a 30-40 minute group session with Mas, conducted either in-person or remotely, with the chance to speak to Mas during the session either privately or within the group setting. This is Mas' preferred way of working as the transformative effect is amplified by the power of the group.  In addition, Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire 30-40 minutes, and so in essence it is like a one on one session with Mas for the whole of that time.  For more information on IGHs and to book please Click Here.

Frequency Re-Calibration

Strengthen Pure Source Connection

A monthly 15 minute session recharging your I.Connect, Heart Companion, crystal and other personal items with Pure Source Frequency. For more info on the I.Connect or Heart Companion, Click here. To find out when the next recharge session is, visit our Event Calendar.

Frequency Lullaby

Children's Development and Well-being

A collection of soothing melodies encoded with gentle yet effective Medihealings by Mas created specifically for children. More Info

3 AM Meditation Series

Connection to Pure Source

After Mas’ second near death experience, he was frequently woken up at 3AM to be guided into deep meditations.  Unlike a ‘normal’ meditation, Mas was instructed to meditate standing up. These 3AM meditations would last for hours while it felt like only 15 minutes to him.  In these deep meditations he saw Spiritual Truths, downloaded knowledge of the Universe, transformed into different states, and experienced the joy and pain of humanity.  It was during these meditations that Mas signed the divine contract for him to heal.

As his abilities have grown stronger, being awoken at 3AM becomes less frequent. But Mas likes to revisit this magical hour and guide us into these deep states to help us connect to Pure Source.

Mas will be doing various 3AM Meditations in different time zones. 


Click here to view the entire 3AM Collection


3AM meditation references in Eastern cultures: “In the Indian scriptures it is said the absolutely best time to meditate is between 3am and 4am. This is known as the Brahma Muhurta or hour of God. It is beneficial to be able to meditate early in the morning as the peace we feel will remain with us for the rest of the day…Also, at this early hour of the day…the world is still…all the thoughts and impressions and feelings are not transmitting from everyone’s conscious minds yet. There is a doorway that opens during this time of the morning, between the worlds. It is very easy to remember things.  To see things and know things, to remember who you are, to see where you are and what is taking place and to know what it is you have to do…. If it is possible to meditate facing the rising sun this will also be very beneficial as we will derive energy from the sun.”

Private Oracle Circle

Advance Professional Success

The Private Oracle Circle is an exclusive event designed for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. These rare four-hour gatherings are limited to 10 people, and consist of: 

  • An elegant reception with light fare and libations
  • An intimate Oracle Circle meditation
  • Extended one-on-one sessions with Mas within the circle
  • In-depth discussion of advanced spiritual subjects, energy transmission, and much more
  • And more... Details & registration: click here

Healing MAStery Program

Upgrade Healing Abilities

A six week program created for healers of all modalities for a powerful clearing and energetic upgrade. More Info

MAStermind Group Program

Advance Professional Success

A six month program created for executives and entrepreneurs.

Essential Upgrade Suite Program

Connect to Pure Source

Updated and upgraded versions of the favorites and classics. More Info

360° of Abundance Tour

Mas travels the globe to lecture, heal and play (he loves to snowboard).  Tour Schedule