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(Free Gift) Frequency Spa: For the Love of Money

NOTE: This is the latest version of 'For the LOVE of MONEY'. We introduced this spa treatment in April 2014 to help break money blocks and activate abundance during the stressful 'Tax-Season'. It brought a much needed energy boost to our clients' financial outlook and confidence that it's enjoyed a glorious popularity each year in April. Mas' abilities have received multiple powerful upgrades since 2014. Therefore, a selection of key Frequency Spa sessions are to be fortified annually with the latest frequency upgrade. Naturally, our selection this month is 'For the LOVE of the MONEY'.


FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY ... In our society, money is highly charged with the emotions of fear, worry, lack, guilt, insecurity, etc…. People hold deep-rooted negativities about money while wanting it at the same time. The problem is, two opposing forces can’t work in harmony to serve you. What you manifest is always in alignment with your true beliefs, consciously or unconsciously.

For example, if you desire financial abundance while your true beliefs about money is scarcity, guilt and unworthiness, you would experience an uphill battle in achieving financial success regardless how hard you may try.

On the flip side, the more positively you feel about money, the easier and faster you’ll experience spontaneous manifestations of it in your life.

So to have money is to love money! This does not mean that it’s OK to be greedy and materialistic – If you think this way, it shows how quickly and deeply you associate money with only negative judgments. Like all things, money was created as an expression of the Pure Source. And it is given to you as one of the tools that support you in the process of self-realization. Your relationship to money is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. The lack of money represents your unwillingness to be fully loved.

You will not attract money by simply wanting it (emotion of lack, low frequency) but by truly loving it (emotion of joy, high frequency). In this session, Mas will instill the frequency of love in your belief system to help you attract financial abundance.

  • Breaking the vow of poverty
  • Clearing blocks and opening the channel for the flow of money
  • Removing the guilt of charging for what you’re worth
  • Restoring your power over money, instead of the other way around
  • Instilling the Frequency of Love around money

Like all things, money is energy, and energy is limitless…only your limiting beliefs make money scarce in your life. When you embrace and cherish what’s rightfully yours, money will enter in abundance as an expression of universal love.


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