FREQUENCY SERIES |   |  Live & MP3 Intensive Medihealings® Series

The Frequency Series is a sequence of powerful Medihealings® to provide sequential reprogramming and cumulative support through important life challenges and opportunities or, in some cases, to address intense, unrelenting distortions and frequencies. 

The Frequency Series gives your spirit the elevated energetic space, time and support it needs to effectively heal and transform your life. 

Please note the Frequency Series replays are equally as effective as the live calls. You may listen to the replays as much as needed; allow yourself to be inwardly guided as you go through the series. Please be sure to give yourself space for rest and self-care. Additionally, you may bring in a loved one simply by thinking of them at the beginning of each session. 


Begins July 2, 2018



The Abuse Series is a six-week, six-part intensive series. The program will help you to eradicate underlying frequencies of abuse. 

Mas will initiate the series with a one-hour Foundation Call to review the process and prepare your spirit for the forthcoming healing and restitution. 

While all abusive frequencies will be addressed, Parts 2 & 3 of the abuse series will target physical, verbal, sexual and psychological abuse. Mas will help to guide you to recognize, acknowledge and eradicate the spiritual distortions that allow for these types of targeted abuse. This two-week period will give you the space and time needed to release and clear the most deeply ingrained frequencies. You may participate in any and all that resonate with you. Allow yourself to be guided as to what you need.

Parts 4 & 5 will be applicable to all forms of abuse. During these two weeks, Mas will guide you through comprehensive, restorative medihealings that will lay the spiritual groundwork for healing and recovery, allowing the new changes and deletions to be confirmed and solidified. As you step into a renewed state of balance and completion, you will have the strength and stability to bring in the life you were meant to have – a life of peace, security, trust and total abundance. 

The series will conclude with a one-hour Abuse Series Detox Support call to assist you as you continue on your journey of healing.