Transformation Intensive Medi-Healing
The Big Island | Saturday | October 24 | 2pm - 4pm HT

Transformation Intensive Medi-Healing

Sat, October 24, 2-4pm HT - Two-hours of back to back intensive Medi-Healings addressing the most relevant issues of the group. 

Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates the medi-healing in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience. Transformation Intensive - No lectures, no interviews, no guest speakers, just two full hours of intense transformative work, pure and simple! 

‘Turbo-charged’ by the power of the group, Mas instills Pure Source frequencies that empower you to connect, receive, and transform. Once connected to Pure Source, instantaneous transformations will take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality, etc…

Registration: Attend In-Person: $60 ($80 at door) | SOLD OUT

Location: Loving Service Foundation, 73-4340 Huehue St., Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

You, Pure Source & Paradise

Annual Kauai Retreat | Oct 26 - 31, 2015

Because you are the one who is ultimately responsible for creating all your life experiences, the retreat is designed to work on YOU exclusively, not your family, career, relationships or finances, etc., nothing and nobody else other than YOU!     

Why Kauai: 

Kauai is the oldest of major Hawaiian islands, yet it is known for its timeless beauty and vitality. Unlike its neighboring islands, the frequency of Kauai has remained pure and uncontaminated by outdated traditions/rituals. 

Mas tapped in and was shown why – Kauai harbors a unique and powerful energy that eradicates frequencies of distortions/negativities/etc., making things of such natures impossible to survive on the island. Meanwhile, it nurtures frequencies of purity and beauty, making things of such natures to thrive and flourish.  

The Benefits: 

The same powerful force that creates the exquisite beauty for Kauai can also effectively impact the frequencies of your mind/body/spirit.   

Just as soon as you step on the island, the process of cleansing/rejuvenating would naturally initiate and continue to work on you from the inside out throughout your entire stay.  

While being pampered by the nature, you will also be working closely with Mas for hours each day. Please note that Mas’ abilities will be significantly amplified at this retreat by two powerful forces - the energy of the island AND the power of water.  

A Note on Mas & Water: Mas recently discovered that his abilities seemed to be amplified through proximity with water. Some of the noticed benefits include: 

~ Magnified abilities by being on or near water
~ More immediate integration felt by clients
~ Little to no detox reported  

Maybe Mas’ abilities are amplified by the healing powers, timeless wisdom and life force of water….or perhaps the energy of water grows even more potent in the presence of Mas. We may not understand why these ‘water sessions’ are so powerful, but we are definitely capable of collaborating with this powerful source and bringing the benefits to you.   

Kauai Retreat Agenda

Please visit this page often for latest updates

Monday, Oct 26, 5-7:30pm | A Private Event

Dolphin Consciousness | In-Person & Partially Online

This will be an intimate spiritual event of no more than 20 guests at the Dolphin Touch Retreat Center on Kauai.

Mas will lead a special Dolphin Consciousness Meditation, which will expand beyond the physical human filters to bring in the purest frequency of the dolphins for you. You will experience the essence and wisdom of these special animals and deepen your understanding of their consciousness, while fortifying your special connection with them both at the heart and spirit level. 

The Evening Includes: the Dolphin Consciousness Meditation, hands-on healing, Q&A and much more, as well as access to the replay of the meditation. Hawaiian pupus (appetizers) and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. 

Can't Attend in Person? The Dolphin Consciousness Meditation will be broadcast online for live remote access (purchase of the meditation includes the replay). 

Need Extra Info? Please attend our free Dolphin Tele-Forum on Sunday, Oct 4th, 6pm HT/ 9pm PT/ 11 PM CT/ 12AM EST (click for details)

Monday Registration:

Private Event In-Person
20 spots | 5pm - 7:30pm HT | $199 | SOLD OUT

Remote Access & Replay
Dolphin Consciousness Meditation (30min)
The make-up session for this meditation was broadcasted Thursday October 29 at 6pm HT. Please see here for details. If you were a part of the 10/26 meditation, please see your email for your complimentary access code for the 10/29 meditation.

Event Location: Dolphin Touch Retreat Center 4544 Kukui St. Kapaa, Hawaii, 96746

Wednesday, Oct 28, 6-8pm | Seminar

Can This Man Change Your Life in 10min or Less? 

A journey of two near deaths gifted Mas extraordinary healing abilities & profound spiritual knowledge...all for A Mission to Serve - YOU! 

Healing Abilities: At the risk of being accused of ‘Playing God’, Mas bypasses conventional protocols with his ‘admin privileges’ and edits your blueprint at the core frequency level for effortless transformations in all areas of life - physical, spiritual, financial, relationships, etc... with rapid, tangible and documented results.

Spiritual Knowledge: During his profound 3am meditations after the second NDE, Mas was downloaded with volumes of highly advanced spiritual Truth. With direct guidance from Pure Source, Mas acquired the depth of the knowledge and accepted the responsibility - teaching and awakening the world with the power of Truth.

There is No ‘Chance Meeting’. If something is stirring within you then come meet Mas and discover the truth about...YOU!

Seminar Registration: Admission is FREE now ($10 after 10/26) | Click to Register 

Location: Courtyard Kaua'i at Coconut Beach, 650 Aleka Loop, Kapaa, HI 96746

Wed or Thur, Oct 28 or 29, 9:00am | Total Unplug | The Secret Falls | Dolphin Consciousness Meditation  

Total Unplug, Reset, Recharge with the Energy of Kauai & The Power of Water

Totally unplugging from modern technologies, revive and awaken your spirit on an invigorating five-hour guided tour to the stunning Secret Falls.  

The tour begins with kayaking through the peaceful Wailua River, known as one of Hawaii’s most sacred places, as you take in the scenic vistas of Mt. Waialeale and Mt. Nou Nou, otherwise known as the Sleeping Giant. 

The journey continues with a gentle hike through a forested mountain lined with lush flowers and brooks, culminating in the inspiring and mystical 110 foot Secret Falls (also called the Sacred Falls). Swim in the fall’s tropical pool while Mas connects you to the wisdom and the healing nature of the falls.  

To effectively cleanse and rejuvenate the mind/body/spirit, we ask you to completely unplug from modern technologies - no use of cell phones/iPads/MP3 players/laptops/etc will be permitted during the tour.    

Registration Includes: 

Kayaking: The kayaking rental and assistance (if needed) 
Hiking: The hike is gentle enough for most people of normal health conditions
Lunch: Turkey and vegetarian options available  
Silent Meditation in the Beauty of the Nature: A group meditation in a beautifully lush surrounding.  
Power-Charge with the Energy of the Island: Mas will work on the group during the silent meditation, super-charging and rejuvenating your mind/body/spirit with the powerful energies of the island. 
Hands-On Healing with the Power of Water: Mas will work on each participant in or by the Secret Falls (as the weather/safety conditions permit).  

What to Bring: Sun protection, Bottle water, Bathing suit, Towel and change of clothes, Footwear for a trail that can be muddy at times (aqua socks or tennis shoes)

$299 | SOLD OUT
Thursday: $299 | SOLD OUT

Location & Instructions: Will be emailed to you a few days prior to the event. 

Thursday, Oct 29, 6-8pm |Dolphin Consciousness Meditation | 6pm HT

Dolphin Consciousness Meditation (30min)| $20 | Click for Replay

This is the make-up meditation that was held 10/26.  If you were a part of the 10/26 meditation, please see your email for your complimentary access code for the 10/29 meditation.

Friday Oct 30, 10am - 2pm | Deep Cleanse | St. Regis, Princeville

A Deep Cleanse for Your Mind/Body/Spirit  

Mas will open the space for you to have an intimate conversation with Pure Source to understand, identify, accept, and finally let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore – conditioning, values, beliefs, ideas, fears, etc… 

Mas will guide you through many deep and insightful Medi-Healings such as: 
Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, etc… 
Who are you to yourself, Who are you to the world, Your attachments, Fears, Ego, Guilt, Pride, Shame, Regrets, etc… 

Friday Registration: $99 | In-person only | Click to Register

Location: The St. Regis Princeville Resort, 5520 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville, HI 96722

Saturday Oct 31, 10am - 2pm | Total Rejuvenation | St. Regis, Princeville

A Total Rejuvenation for Your Mind/Body/Spirit

Mas will open the space for you to have an intimate conversation with Pure Source to remember, embrace and appreciate your true essence, awakening the power within to create 360° of Abundance.  

Mas will guide you through many deep and insightful Medi-Healings such as: 
Spirit-Rememberance, Soul-Contract Revision, Who/How/Why you love, Gifts & talents, Dreams, Passion, Youthing, Instant Transformation/Manifestation, etc…   

Saturday Registration: $99 | In-person only | Click to Register

Location: The St. Regis Princeville Resort, 5520 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville, HI 96722

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Courtyard Marriott: (808) 822-3455 | Visit Website

St. Regis, Princevilla:  (808)826-9644 | Visit Website