Through years of transforming lives, recreating realities and healing the physical and spiritual wounds of thousands around the world, one question/request Mas has been asked the most –

“Can you teach what you do?”

......The answer is ‘YES’!

What Is HealingMAStery

It is a series of frequency infused sessions.  Mas will instill and activate healing frequencies within you to raise your vibration and transform your abilities and your practice, help you achieve success in healing others and prosperity in your own life.

It is also an energetic upgrade for healers of all modalities. Mas will work on you to elevate your healing abilities to a whole new level.

What It Is Not

It is NOT yet another modality; nor is it a ‘how-to’ program or training course. There will NOT be any homework, class notes, tests, etc...

All you have to do is relax into a receptive and meditative state and allow Mas to facilitate your transformation.

How Is It Different?

The Healing MAStery is very different than all other healers' training programs out there. Mas will not lecture on any textbook subjects such as chakras, aura, colors, crystal, techniques, modalities, etc… in fact, Mas will not tell you what to do as a healer at all!

Instead, he will work on you so you can step into your own brilliance with ease and reach your highest healing potential with grace.

Because it is not about the DOING, healing is about BEING - being in one with Pure Source frequency.  Only from being with Pure Source will your healing ability become expansive and limitless.

Program Qualifications

Joining the HealingMAStery requires the completion of 3 or more 21-Day Medihealing programs. The 21-Day Medihealing program is one of the most important practices, especially for those who wish to be on the journey of the HealingMAStery series.

The HealingMAStery program is designed for healing professionals who practice traditional and alternative medicines, all modalities and all faiths - such as nurses, acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, medical doctors, therapists, counselors, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, medical intuitives, energy healers, light workers, etc…

If you are not currently in the healing profession but have a genuine desire to serve, you are welcome to participate in the program, however, completion of 3 or more 21-Day Medihealing programs is still a requirement. 

Note: The Healing MAStery Program is not a training program. There will not be a certificate of completion nor can you claim to be a Mas Method Practitioner.

HealingMAStery | Full Program Details

The program offers of six modules of frequency infusion, instillation, activation and alignment to and of Pure Source. Mas will facilitate the process while sharing his practical and esoteric teachings. To provide extra healing and support with integration and detox, each Module is accompanied by a Support Call for all HM participants. The entire program consists of 6 Modules and 6 Support Calls.

Module One: The Demolition (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

Eradicate any limiting beliefs, shatter blocks, baggage, negative energies and patterns from this life time, previous life times, yours and not yours, etc… This module will carry you beyond the outdated healing paradigm to a place of clarity about what it means to heal, your gifts and purpose as a healer.  Raise your vibration to experience and heal with the power of Pure Source. To achieve true mastery, you must start from Ground Zero.

Module Two: The Purification (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

Removal of the debris from the Demolition process. Any impure energies or dark entities will also be identified and cleared - you will be a clean conduit for the healing energy of only Pure Source. A heightened and sharpened intuition is one of the wonderful side effects of the Purification.

This module works as an intense Detox. Please be aware that some unpleasant but necessary symptoms of detox are a possibility… (emotional, physical, financial, etc…)

Module Three: The Foundation (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

Create a dynamic foundation for your healing abilities to take root. A dynamic foundation is more than just a solid foundation – as in buildings, a solid foundation will hold the structure, until a major earthquake strikes.  A dynamic foundation supports your unique frequency signature.  It is a true grounding force for your healing ability to advance freely and safely. Especially during this time of major shifts of the Universe.

Module Four: The Download - True Healing Knowledge (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

You are now clear, open and ready to receive the download - Mas will instill in you the frequency of True Healing Knowledge in its purest form while expanding your healing potential and learning capacity. Successful integration of the True Healing Knowledge is an indication and gift of your strong connection to Pure Source…it will keep expanding and functioning as an ‘energetic upgrade’ to deepen your understanding to achieve mastery in any healing modalities of your choice.

Module Five: The Nourishing Environment (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

Align all essential elements - the right people, the right place, the right circumstances, etc… to create a nourishing environment for the True Healing Knowledge instilled in Module Four to flourish. This nourishing environment will serve to materialize abundance in all areas of your life, health, wealth and relationships, for healing and beyond.

Module Six: The Success (1hr) + Support Call (20min) 

Energize your healing practice – Mas will instill in you the Wealth Frequency and open you to attract anything you might need (more clients, a better office, a reliable partner, etc.) to reach your ideal success. Beneficial opportunities and situations will synchronize to help you manifest (in worldly terms) divine compensation for your services.

Registration | HealingMAStery Full Program

HealingMAStery Full Program, Fall 2016

  • Total duration is ~12 weeks
  • Six Modules, 60 minutes each
  • Six accompanying Support Calls, 20 minutes each
  • Live sessions + replays available for Modules & Support Calls
  • Each participant receives laser-focused personal attention and healing & upgrade from Mas during each Module
  • Limited to 17 participants in each class
  • Access via Webcast, Web Call & Phone

 Investment: $1,200 USD

HealingMAStery Full Program Fall 2016 Schedule 
August 29th - November 21st



HM Program Schedule

Module One: The Demolition
Lecture: August 29 (10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 1 - September 2, 1pm CT

Module Two: The Purification
Lecture: September 8 (10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 2 - September 19, 1pm CT

Module Three: The Foundation
Lecture: September 26 (10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 3 - October 3, 1pm CT

Module Four: The Download - True Healing Knowledge
October 10 (10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 4 - October 14, 1pm CT

Module Five: The Nourishing Environment
Lecture: October 24
(10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 5 - October 31, 1pm CT

Module Six: The Success
Lecture: November 14
(10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 10pm CT) 
Support Call 6 - November 21, 1pm CT

HM Class Times & Registration

Four Classes | 17 Participants Each Class

HM Class 1: 10am - 11am CT

SOLD-OUT | Class 1

HM Class 2: 11:30am - 12:30pm CT

SOLD-OUT | Class 2

HM Class 3: 1pm - 2pm CT

SOLD-OUT | Class 3

HM Class 4: 10pm - 11pm CT

SOLD-OUT | Class 4

On Lecture dates: Four class times with 17 participants each

On Support Call dates: One call time for 68 participants from all four classes



HealingMAStery Priority Registration List

Joining the Priority List allows you to receive early registration privileges to the next available Healing MAStery course before the general public. To get on the Priority List for the next available HM Course, click here to register. When the next course is available, you will be given a 2-hour window to register before the registration opens to the general public.

HealingMAStery Advanced Program (Prerequisite: HealingMAStery Full Program) | Click Here