Medihealing Spotlight: The 21 Day Medihealing
Medihealing is meditation and healing in one founded and led by Mas. Join thousands of people worldwide, 21 minutes twice a day for 21 days.

HealingMAStery Program | Fall 2016
Next program starts August 29.

Mas Live: Eastern Caribbean Cruise| October 15-22 
Cruise into Spirit get away. A holistic seminar series at sea embracing the power of water.

Mas Seminar: A Divine Atrocity
An Exposé of Spiritual Misconducts.

Detox Relief
Mas harnesses the power of the group to assist with detox symptoms commonly associated with the Medihealing process. 

Industrial Group Healings
A powerful way to connect with Mas, limited to eight people per session.

Each month during the Global Healing session, Mas will select 5 or 6 people and guarantee a spot for their IGH (regular session fees apply). The Global Healing is free for all to participate, but only the 21-Day Sublime participants are eligible to enter the draw.  

Congratulations to our August Global Healing Picks: Josette B., Sally M., Peter R., David T., Susan S., & Myles S. Join next month's 21-Day Sublime and you could be one of those selected... (more...) 

Mas Sajady Newsletter
A weekly newsletter highlighting Mas News, Insights, Events, Programs, Special Offerings and Inspiration to support your total abundance.

Group Healing
Bi-monthly large group teleforums. Medihealing masterminds that tap into the collective concerns to accelerate transformations.

Frequency Clinic
Medihealings focused on physical health and mental ailments.

Frequency Spa
Medihealings to instill within you the frequencies of beauty and youthfulness.