Tips to Help You Easily Download Replays

#1: Click on the blue Title and/or Date-Time for the Medihealing you want to download and/or save.



#2 (Option A): A browser should open for you. Now click on the blue Download link. This will likely cause your computer or device to automatically prompt download. Follow your computer/device's steps for saving the .mp3 file.

***WAIT! I don't have room on my device to save all the .mp3 files I want! ***
Don't worry :) ... keep scrolling for another option.



#2 (Option B): If you don't have room to save the .mp3 files on your computer or device, what you will want to do is copy the URL (text in the red box below) of each meditation you want future access to, and paste it into a text document that you can have access to at any time (Google doc, Word Doc, Text/Edit, Email, etc). You can copy and paste as many url's into the same document and it will save as a small file for you.


If you have further questions, please contact Thank you and enjoy your replays!