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Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience. Once connected to Pure Source, instantaneous transformations will take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality, etc…

Events 2016

Jan, 2016: Salt Lake City UT, Transformation Intensives - Finances & Relationships
Event Info | Replays available 

Feb, 2016: Las Vegas Private Oracle Circle & Dinner (Sold Out)
Event Info

Feb, 2016: Orange County, Intro Event - Pure Source Medihealing with Mas

Feb, 2016: Malibu Private Oracle Circles (Sold Out)
Event Info 

Mar, 2016: Sedona AZ, Pure Source Medihealing, Physical Illusions & Spiritual Truths, The Power of the Vortex
Event Info | Livestream Video Replay Available through June 11, 2016

Mar, 2016: New York City | New Life Expo
Event Info 

Mar, 2016: Vancouver BC, Transformation Intensive MediHealing
Event Info | Replay Available

Apr, 2016: Denver CO, Pure Source Medihealing, A Divine Atrocity, HealingMAStery Advanced Program Debut
Event Info | Replays Available

Apr & May, 2016: UK & Ireland tour
Event Info | Replay Available for 3AM Stone of Destiny, Hill of Tara Ireland
More on the 3AM World Meditation series, Click Here

June, 2016: Springfield MO
Event Info 

June, 2016: Peru
Event Info | 13 Peruvian Nights - Replays Available

July, 2016: Asheville NC, HealingMAStery Advanced | Transformation Intensive
Event Info |Replays Available

Aug, 2016: Retreat - Sequoia National Park CA | In-Person only
Event Info

Sept & Oct 2016: Des Moines IA | Mas Debut: The First Silent Medihealing + The Power of Water - Two sessions by the Raccoon River
Event Info 

Oct, 2016: Newport Beach Oracle Circles (Sold Out)
Event Info

Oct, 2016: LIVE EI Activation | Limitless Potentiality | Temple of Light in Irvine
Event Info 

Oct, 2016: Medihealing & Talk | Temple of Light in Irvine
Event Info 

Oct 2016: Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Meditate with Mas in a tropical paradise
Event Info 

Oct 2016: Mas at the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown, NY
Event Info 

Nov 2016: Mas in the UK
Event Info | Replays Available

Dec 2016: "Roughin' It" Retreat - Kauai & Practical Spirituality - Power Tools for Life
Event Info | Replay available for Practical Spirituality

Dec 2016: Mas at IANDS, Marin County & Berkeley CA
Marin County - Event Info | Berkeley - Event Info

Dec 2016: Mas Sajady Cruise - Greek Islands
Event Info


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Events 2015 

Jan, 2015: Des Moines IA, Intro Event
No Replay Available

Jan, 2015: Minneapolis IL, Health Expo | Talk & Booth
No Replay Available

Feb, 2015: San Francisco CA, The Freq of Wealth | Palo Alto, 2 IANDS events (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Mar, 2015: Ft. Lauderdale FL, NewLifeExpo | Talk & Booth
No Replay Available

Mar, 2015: Hollywood FL, Honey & Money with Jill Dahne
Event Info | No Replay Available

Mar, 2015: NYC, NewLifeExpo | Talk & Booth
No Replay Available

Mar, 2015: Weston CT, 2 Oracle Circles (Sold Out)
Event Info
No Replay Available

Apr, 2015: Sedona AZ, PS FreqHealing, HealingMastery Intensive, Oracle Circle (Sold Out)
Event Info | No Replay Available

May, 2015: London UK, MBSExpo, Stonehenge, 3 UK Events (Sold Out)
Stonehenge & Avebury Event Info | No Replay Available
London Event Info | No Replay Available

Jun, 2015: Seattle Intro Event
Remote Replay (3hrs): Click here

Jun, 2015: Alaska Cruise, Sessions & Oracle Circle (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Jul, 2015: San Diego CA, The Meaning of Life
Event Info | Remote Replay (3hrs 30min): Click here

Jul, 2015: Manhattan Beach CA, 2 Oracle Circles (Sold Out) 
Event Info | 
No Replay Available

Jul, 2015: San Francisco CA, Lessons Unlearned | Intuition Activation (Sold Out)
Event Info
Lessons Unlearned Replay (2 parts: 6hrs): Click here 
Intuition Activation Replay (2 parts: 4.5hrs): Click here 

Jul, 2015: Bay Area CA, IANDS events (north, east, south chapters)
No Replay Available

Aug, 2015: Sedona AZ, Into Filming & Intro LiveStream
No Replay Available

Aug, 2015: Sedona AZ, 2 Oracle Circles (Sold Out)
Event Info | No Replay Available

Aug, 2015: St. Croix/Taylors Falls MN, The Power of Water | Private Dinner Cruise
Event Info | No Replay Available

Sep, 2015: Boulder & Denver CO, PS FreqHealing | SuccessMAStery
Event Info 
Playing God Remote Replay: Click Here
SuccessMAStery Remote Replay: Click Here

Sep, 2015: Des Moines IA, PS FreqHealing | Intuition Activation | River Bridge MediHealing
Event Info  
Intuition Activation Remote Replay: Click Here

Oct, 2015: Hawaii Annual Retreat
Transformation Intensive, Big Island | Secret Falls Total Unplug, Deep Cleanse & Rejuvenation Retreat, Kauai

Event Info | No Replay Available

Dec, 2015: NYC & CT 2015 Grande Finale
Healing MAStery |New Moon Illumination | Transformation Intensive | Oracle Circles

Event Info 
Healing MAStery Intensive Remote Replay: Click Here
New Moon Illumination Remote Replay: Click Here
Transformation Intensive - Finances & Relationships Replay: Click Here


Events 2014

Feb, 2014: Oahu HI, Primordial Passion
No Replay Available

Mar, 2014: Boulder CO, HealingMAStery Debut (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Apr, 2014: Miami FL, Success Activated
Remote Replay: Click here 

Apr, 2014: San Francisco CA, WholeLifeExpo | Workshops & Booth
No Replay Available

May, 2014: Sedona AZ, HealingMAStery Intensive (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Jun, 2014: NYC, 7 Deadly Sins & HealingMAStery Intensive (Sold Out) | No Replay Available
7 Deadly Sins Remote Replay (5hrs): Click here

Full NYC Event Remote Replay (Oracle Circle, 7 Deadly Sins, Healing MAStery): Click here

Jul, 2014: Chicago IL, Sessions
No Replay Available

Aug, 2014: Minneapolis MN, General Workshop
Remote Replay (Oracle Circle, Frequency Clinics & Spiritual Contracts, Sacred Geometry): Click here

Sep, 2014: Vancouver & Comox Canada, Camping in Comox
Vancouver Remote Replay: Click here

Oct, 2014: Kona HI, General Workshops
No Replay Available

Oct, 2014: Kauai HI, Spiritual Contracts
Remote Replay (4hrs): Click here

Oct, 2014: NYC NewLifeExpo | Booth, Keynote & 2 Seminars (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Nov, 2014: San Diego CA, 2 Intro & 11:11 Activation (Sold Out)
Remote Replay: Click here

Nov, 2014: Laguna Beach CA, Total Integration (Sold Out)
Remote Replay (4 parts): Click here

Nov, 2014: Laguna Beach CA, 2 Private Oracle Circles (Sold Out)
No Replay Available

Nov, 2014: Malibu CA, Private Event at Ostin’s | No Replay Available

Events 2013

Mar, 2013: Long Beach CA, Health Expo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Apr, 2013: Vancouver & Comox, CAN, Expo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Jun, 2013: Chicago IL, Health Expo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Jul, 2013: Monterey CA, Healers Retreat at Asilomar| No Replay Available

Sep, 2013: North Hollywood, One-Day Event | No Replay Available

Sep, 2013: Boulder CO, General Workshops | No Replay Available

Nov, 2013: Beijing & Shanghai China | Sessions | No Replay Available

Events 2012

Apr, 2012: San Francisco CA, NewLivingExpo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Oct, 2012: NYC, NewLifeExpo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Nov, 2012: CO, EvolveExpo | Talk & Booth | No Replay Available

Nov, 2012: Beijing China | Talk & Sessions | No Replay Available

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