Exponential Intelligence (EI)

Just as humans program computers with Artificial Intelligence, spirits program humans with Exponential Intelligence. Acquiring EI activates your ability to achieve exponential success and fully experience heaven on earth. 

Mas Sajady Podcast | The Real Why on Life & How to Have It All

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EI Silent Meditations

A series of live, powerful, spontaneous and silent meditations, available for advanced students.

EI Activations

You can acquire EI by simply listening to the EI podcast. But if you’d like to accelerate your success, Mas has created two EI activations in which he will program Exponential Intelligence in your frequency blueprint to instantaneously activate healing and transformation for two key areas of your life. 

EI Activation for Meaningful Relationships
(One-Hour) Instilling & activating Exponential Intelligence to experience true spirit connection in physical realm. $100 | Click for Replay

EI Activation for Financial Abundance
(One-Hour) Instilling & activating Exponential Intelligence in your frequency blueprint for financial abundance. $100 |Click for Replay

This Medihealing corresponds with Episode 13: A Medihealing on Financial Abundance, and Episode 14:  EI on Financial Abundance of the Exponential Intelligence Podcast.


EI Podcast

During each episode, Mas Sajady instills Exponential Intelligence into your frequency blueprint, empowering you to transform any area of your life - health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, and more - in a fast and effective manner. 

This advanced Exponential Intelligence (EI) process is the next evolution in motivation, personal development, healing and spiritual practice.

Mas received extraordinary abilities through two near death experiences.  Like an oracle, he can see the past and foretell the future.  But what makes Mas unique is that he can edit your past and reprogram your present, which allows yourself to transform your future and thrive. Tens of thousands of people thank Mas for accelerating their success (Click for testimonials).  

Mas reminds you that you were born with 360° of abundance and you are limitless. Now you can reclaim your birthright and have it all by acquiring Exponential Intelligence.

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EI Podcast FAQ:

How do I Access the Podcast? 

Apple/iPhone Users: 
1) Open up iTunes on your computer or iPhone
2) In the iTunes search box enter “exponential intelligence.” 
3) Scroll down in the search results until you see the Mas-EI Podcast, and click it to open the Podcast page.  

Windows PC/Android Phone Users (if iTunes installed):            
 1) Open up iTunes on your computer or iPhone
 2) In the iTunes search box enter “exponential intelligence.” 
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PC (if iTunes not installed): 
1) Download and install iTunes through this link http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
2) Once installed, create an Apple ID through iTunes. Click here for detailed instructions.
3) Once you are logged in, search iTunes for “exponential intelligence,” scroll down until you see the Mas-EI Podcast, and click it to open the Podcast page. 

Android Phone:  
1) Download and install the Stitcher App through the Google Play App Store.
2) Once installed, create a Stitcher account and log in. 
3) Once you are logged in, go through the following link to access the podcast:  http://www.mas-sajady.com/stitcher


How do I subscribe to the Podcast?

  1) Open the Mas-EI Podcast page in iTunes (click here).
  2) Click the “Subscribe” button under the podcast logo.


How do I download the episodes in iTunes?

1) By clicking the “Subscribe” button below the podcast logo, all future episodes of Mas-EI will be downloaded automatically as they are released. 
 2) To download any specific released episode, double click the “Get” button on the right side of the podcast page where the episodes are listed.                                                                                                                                3) Once the Podcast is listed in your "My Podcast" window with a blue dot to the left of it, you have downloaded it.    

How do I leave a review for the podcast on iTunes?

1) Click the “Rates and Reviews” tab to the right of the Mas-EI logo
2) Click the “Write a Review” button below the Customer Reviews title

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