True Lies of Wealth

I titled this post True Lies of Wealth because there are so many misperceptions about wealth that have existed for centuries that they are believed to be true.  Look for the full conversation on my podcast Exponential Intelligence coming soon. This post is a brief to be used as inspiration to release yourself from the shackles of lies that have kept your life and spirit in poverty. 

Let me ask you a few questions to help you gain clarity to the lies that might have been your truth... 

  • If money is the root of all evil, why do almost all religions and spiritual institutions use it to support their mission? If they are using tools of the devil then one would assume they are supporting the dark side correct?  
  • Why do mothers, especially religious ones want their daughters married off to someone successful and wealthy?  
  • Why do the masses spend most of their lives trying to have money?  
  • If egomania, arrogance is a sign of wealth, why are there so many egotistical jerks who don't have money? 
  • If becoming wealthy from your spiritual practice denotes that you are corrupt, working with the dark side and have no real healing abilities, then why are there so many healing providers who never become wealthy from their spiritual practice are sick, possessed and have ineffective abilities? 
  • Why are the rich considered greedy when over 90% of donations, charities and taxes are contributed by the wealthy.  
  • Why do so many struggling healers warn people that money leads you down the path to hell and that's why they stay away from it, all the while offering services that help you remove your money blocks? Moreover, if their methods didn't work for themselves, would it work for you? 
  • Why do politicians pit us against the rich when they are the ones who create theloopholes for the wealthy.  

I could go on and on about non-sensible beliefs about wealth that have kept you from living abundantly in this life and after. There's no true lack of wealth, only true lies of wealth. I'll get into the details including a Medihealing to help you remove the myths in the upcoming podcasts. 

 ~ Mas

Watching Out

(1/26/17) Hi all. It's been a fast 5 years.  Our growth as a company from the standpoint of any industry has been phenomenal. My personal journey into ascendance has been hypersonic. Of late I have noticed a disturbing pattern with those in the advanced stages of connecting to Pure Source. For definition, this is where you are more than 90 percent past detox of stages 3 or 4. More on the details of this later. The feedback I am getting from the advanced group is that they are being attacked or threatened by certain individuals. Some of you are perhaps aware of the accusations they have accused me of.  My Exponential Intelligence Podcast #82: Ascendance - What to Expect is an introduction to this topic. I will go deeper into the subject matter, including addressing the accusations I am facing in the podcasts coming up. Keep an eye out for them to help stay protected.   


Life doesn't give a damn

(1/10/17)  I was thinking about the flow of life as I was walking on a mountain ridge in Breckenridge, Colorado this past week. The temperature was a stinging -6 Fahrenheit at the base, which was approximately 2000 ft lower from where we were walking. Up here anything would freeze almost instantly, including exposed flesh. Being the highest ski resort peak in North America there is nothing to stop the howling wind that would knock you over with its gusts. I have to give credit to those who climb the Himalayas. I was thinking that the flow of life, or more scientifically put the flow of space-time, would keep on going. It wouldn't stop for a second, let alone hesitate if I gasped my last breath from the oxygen deprived air. The blowing snow would effortlessly cover my frozen body in no time without hesitation.

In extreme life threatening situations there is a sense of matter of factness in your thought process. Emotions become non-existent. It's because those situations draw you into the present forcefully. More on this effect on a later post. As space-time consumes you, the worthlessness of your desires, needs, expectations, become apparent.  Your ego adorned with charms of the physical realm... money, power, knowledge... decimated. Space-time, or what you call life, doesn't give a damn about you. It continues on without regard to you and yours.

I bring this up because in an extreme situation it's obvious to see the obvious. But what I want to highlight is that the same thing happens in everyday "normal" life. The flow of space-time (life) just doesn't give a damn about your physical adornments of wealth, security, etc... it will only acknowledge the real you.


New Year

(12/28/16) I never want to tell people what to do because it's your life and you are in control... supposedly, but have yourself an ecstatic New Year. We've had lots of feedback on the subject of Christmas. People reunited with their families finding the familiar scene was very unfamiliar. The old patterns weren't their anymore. Congratulations. The New Year is right around the corner and it is a great time to celebrate the new you. The best way to come into the new you is by celebrating just the way you are right now.  You don't have to force your self to love you. All you have to do is be aware of yourself and just be with you. That's it. Soon enough the New You will be ringing in the New Year.