(Free) Suicide Support Medihealing | For Those in Need

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Sometimes this life and our circumstances can feel so overwhelming. Has darkness wrapped itself around you? Do you feel helpless or even a desire to bring this lifetime to an end?  

You are not alone. Please find some resources here to help you explore this sadness and despair. 

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(Free) PTSD Medihealing for Veterans | Share with your Loved Ones

After returning from war, the life of every veteran and all who love these brave warriors is forever changed. How could combat not affect a human being? It's time to give back to the one percent who sacrificed so much for all of us. Payment is long overdue. We must all do more and take responsibility for helping the men and women who served our country in every era.

Get Instilled in the Frequency of - Suicide Prevention - Spiritual Clarity - Forgiveness - Self-Acceptance - Self-Love - Mental Health Frequency - True Understanding of the Situation - A Sense of Well-being

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Frequency Lullaby | Musical Medihealing for Our Precious Little Ones

Mas is the father of six beautiful children (two sets of twins!).  This collection is near and dear to his heart.

Product Overview: Frequency Lullaby is a collection of soothing melodies encoded with gentle yet effective medihealings created specifically for children.  Each month, Mas focuses on a subject and works on the issues presented while in his deeply connected and meditative state. This medihealing session is recorded in its entirety and professionally infused with a delightful melody hand-picked by Mas. The finished product is a frequency-encoded healing lullaby, created with the power and tenderness of love.   

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Graceful Crossing | A Medihealing for Our Beloved Ones in Transition

Product Overview: This special medihealing is created for people who are at the very last stage of this earthly existence and waiting to return Home to Pure Source.  

From what Mas had been informed in his deep meditations, which was later confirmed by his healing experience – the actual experience of death is very important. 

Our state of mind and the level of consciousness at the time of death can influence the quality of our next incarnation. As people step into the final stage of life, in spite of the great variety of earthly experiences they have accumulated, if they make a sincere effort to attain purity in consciousness, they can elevate their frequencies to experience a graceful crossing and a blissful reincarnation.  

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Frequency Spa | Medihealings for Health & Beauty

Brand New | Summer Solstice

On the evening of the Summer Solstice this June, Mas invites you to join him as he meditates in the deep jungle of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, generating frequencies of the beauty and wisdom all around him and waving them into the canvas of your awareness.  

Although the Summer Solstice will come and go, Mas will instill its vibrant frequency in you so there will always be light shining from within as you traverse all seasons of life... Click for Details

The Monthly 21-Day Medihealing Intensive

Our core program, also the most popular product - 21 Days of ongoing (twice) daily support, meditation & healing with Mas - Get instilled with the Pure and awaken your internal "GPS" to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards a fulfilling life you truly enjoy. 

There are no better gifts than the gift of enlightenment...Treat yourself and your loved ones with this life-changing present!

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3AM World Meditation Series | Connection to Pure Source 

About the 3 AM Meditation Series

After Mas’ second near death experience, he was frequently woken up at 3AM to be guided into deep meditations.  Unlike a ‘normal’ meditation, Mas was instructed to meditate standing up. These 3AM meditations would last for hours while it felt like only 15 minutes to him.  In these deep meditations he saw Spiritual Truths, downloaded knowledge of the Universe, transformed into different states, and experienced the joy and pain of humanity.  It was during these meditations that Mas signed the divine contract for him to heal.

As his abilities have grown stronger, being awoken at 3AM becomes less frequent. But Mas likes to revisit this magical hour and guide us into these deep states to help us connect to Pure Source.

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Frequency Logo Necklace | 16" Sterling Silver

Frequency Logo | Pendant + 18" Chain | Sterling Silver

Mas's Logo is his name spelled into a frequency wave...This design also carries the Pure Source frequency Mas personally instills in each piece. (Pendant and necklace are not sold separately)

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True Meaning of Jesus Necklace | 18" Sterling Silver

True Meaning of Jesus | Pendant + 18" Chain | 18" Sterling Silver

Mas designed this sterling silver Jesus pendant that symbolizes the true meaning of Jesus teachings. He taught love, compassion and showed us the way to go beyond our physical nature by connecting to Pure Source. Perfect for a women or men. (Pendant and necklace are not sold separately)

Mas charges each piece with Pure Source Frequency.

The small size is out of stock.

Large Pendant + Necklace: $85 + Free Shipping* |Click to Order

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Note: The necklace is not a symbol for any specific religion or in no way has any religious connotations.