Mas Sajady Program Review for Mas Sajady Live Events

Ascendance to Unconditional Love, IONS LA | 21-Day Medihealing

In the below special video clip captured at one of his many live events, Mas Sajady reviews what it takes to ascend to unconditional love with yourself and those around you. Watch this video to see Mas do transformational hands-on healing for many clients while conducting his powerful 21 Day Medihealing Program for both the remote and live audience.

You might be asking, “What is the 21 Day Medihealing?” Well medihealing is a powerful combination of meditation and healing that Mas Sajady created to accelerate spiritual development at a much faster rate than normal. The 21 Day Medihealing is a powerful series of 21 Days of this potent meditation hybrid that may fast track your spiritual development in remarkable ways. Mas often gives a warning to those who follow gurus and traditional religious paths that they may result in a longer path to enlightenment because the spiritual advancement you think you are achieving is more or less insubstantial or even fake. Those who have spent time working with Mas Sajady review his work to be real, authentic and a fast-track to achieving spiritual growth as well as abundance in all areas of life.
Mas Sajady Warning on Living Inauthentic Lives

This 21 Day Medihealing video excerpt offers a unique window into the philosophy and energy that makes Mas Sajady one of the world’s fastest growing spiritual icons. He begins by observing how so much of the distortion we are dealing with in our lives is a result of our family lineage, as well as the societal influences that make women take on masculine energy and and make men aggressive and weak. Mas Sajady then offers a warning to the audience that adopting these inauthentic ways of being can disconnect us from Pure Source and damage our lives, and that all we need is to understand that Exponential Intelligence created each one of us as perfect just the way we are and we can reconnect to our true essence through tools such as the 21 Day Medihealing.

Mas Sajady explains order to feel that grandness we get to shed the darkness that’s been holding us back our whole lives, resulting in a reality where the truth may seem out of our reach. This process of letting go of what’s holding us back is what Mas Sajady calls detox, and it’s something that almost everyone goes through once they begin one of the many Mas Sajady programs available online. In Detox we can experience a variety of shifts from losing relationships to actually becoming physically ill, and while it may not be fun at the time, it’s a necessary step for most of us to change our frequency and our life.
“Do You Feel Like a Hoax?” Mas Sajady Asks

As Mas takes us through this 21 Day Medihealing process, he taps us into Exponential Intelligence so we can see and feel the true grandness that we always have been. The limitless perfection you are is not a hoax or sham; it’s the very essence of our identity and nothing to be afraid of. Watch this medihealing get a taste of what it feels like to ascend to higher realms and feel the truth of your divine nature. When we leave our fears behind and embrace total presence through powerful Mas Sajady Programs such as the 21 Day Medihealing, this shift in perspective allows abundance beyond our wildest dreams to flow into our life experience.