Mas Sajady Program Review for 21-Day Medihealing

Mas Sajady Warning about your True Identity?

Mas Sajady Program Warning: 21-Day Medihealing Excerpt Questions the Degree to Which We Understand our True Identity

Please enjoy this short excerpt from one of Mas Sajady's recent 21-Day Medihealing Live sessions. Mas Sajady offers a gentle warning about the truth of our perceived identity. Do we really know our true selves? He discusses the importance of allowing our natural state within us to blossom to its fullest potential. The more an individual is purified by the flowing Grace of Pure Source, the more they are able to unveil and access their True and authentic identity. This True Identity is the most beautiful and most powerful gift you or anyone can offer the world.

The 21-Day Medihealing program, one of Mas Sajady's most popular programs, starts fresh each month. During each monthly program, participants are able to experience Medihealing frequencies (meditation and healing in one) live, twice a day (am and pm) for 21 days straight. All Medihealings are recorded with the healing frequencies embedded and are available for participants to listen to again or for download.

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To listen to Mas Sajady's program review the warnings about whether or not we fully understand our true identities, please watch the video below.