Romance Package

A special package of five romantic Medihealings that instill frequencies of Divine Ecstasy, Love, Lust, Seduction and Meaningful Relationships. These recordings are excellent for clearing and transformation, regardless of whether you're single or already in a relationship.

  • Divine Ecstasy
  • LUST in LOVE 
  • Frequency Power-Infusion for Venus Retrograde
  • The Frequency of Seduction
  • Exponential Intelligence Activation for Meaningful Relationships

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Divine Ecstasy

Sexual ecstasy is the rapture of Pure Source, meditating on its own divinity through physical senses.  

Yet, the sacred connection between spirituality and sexuality has long been misconstrued, denied and distorted to be associated with guilt, shame and sin across cultures and religions for centuries. As a result, many people suppress physical pleasures to be spiritual, forgetting that their spirits have come here to experience divinity through being physical, and that sexuality is Divine at essence. When honored and celebrated as sacred, sexual energy is one of the most potent forces in propelling us toward spiritual awakening. 

During deep intimacy of a sacred union, one is seen and known to the bottom of their being and they are accepted and loved completely as they are. This is exactly how spirits are held precious at all times with the Divine. When this energy of oneness is ignited by sexual intimacy at its highest vibration, the resulting fusion lifts the spirits into realms of unspeakable bliss that the peak of physical arousal is intensified to merge with the eternity in divine ecstasy.    

On this Spa call, Mas will work on both the physical and spirit level to open you up to experiencing ecstasy with the Divine.  

Physical Level - Removing blocks of shame/guilt, deleting sexual distortions from abuse and fear-based control mechanisms (cultural/religious), optimizing physical conditions for sexual pleasures, invigorating lower energy centers (chakras), etc...   

Spirit Level - Deleting oppressive spiritual contracts, replacing frequencies of sin and judgment with joy and unconditional love, instilling the frequency of sensuality, channeling the blissful vibration from the spirit realm to flow through physical senses, etc...  

Sexual energy and spiritual energy are of the same source, vibrating the frequency of oneness. Scientific researches have found that the same brain circuits that are heightened in physical intimacy are also activated in spiritual experience, producing high doses of dopamine that rush the senses to an exalted state of bliss. This explains why the body would often be overcome by the intensity of erotic euphoria in deep meditations.  

This frequency spa may be enjoyed with a partner or alone, to experience a sacred union with self, one another, and the Divine.

Medihealing Replay | Divine Ecstasy (60 min): $49 value


~ Have you ever confused lust with love, or vice-versa?
~ Have you ever sacrificed love for lust, or vice-versa?
~ Do you wish to love fearlessly, or to feel worthy of being loved?
~ Do you wish to embrace sensuality without reservation or judgments?
~ Have you ever closed your heart and denied your desires?

We were created with LOVE to satisfy spirits’ LUST for sensual experiences in the physical realm.  But we seem to have lost touch with our divine nature somewhere along the journey. Often we try to heal our physical and emotional wounds by working on the chakras. Since chakras are a physical energy system, these misaligned/closed chakras are actually the symptoms, not the root-causes, of our challenges.

Mas will go beyond this physical energy system and work on your frequency blueprint to restore the light and power to the chakras –

For the Heart Chakra – Satisfying the Lust for Love

  • Removing emotional scars from the heart-wounding experiences
  • Instilling the frequency of acceptance to dissolve the heaviness on the heart
  • Bringing in the spiritual understanding for heartbreaking life events
  • Deleting the fear frequencies for opening your heart to love or accepting love
  • Instilling the frequency of self-nurture and respect to heal and strengthen the heart
  • Recharging the power engine of the heart with True Love frequencies and operating from this source
  • Infusing the Heart Chakra with the joy and light of Pure Source to satisfy the lust for love

For the Sacral Chakra – Relishing the Love for Lust

  • Deleting the guilt/shame/judgment from the societal and familial programming
  • Removing the blocks to enjoy pleasure and intimacy caused by traumas/abuses
  • Clearing the channel to truly understand and fearlessly express the desires of the heart
  • Instilling the frequency of confidence to exude sensuality and attract meaningful connections
  • Releasing the fear of ‘losing control’ to fully taste the sensual delights in each moment
  • Replacing the frequency of judging or abusing sexuality with a deep reverence for its sacred beauty
  • Unleashing the passion from the core of the Sacral Chakra to relish the love for lust

The Frequency Spa Perks:

Since it’s a Frequency Spa call, the session will also help rejuvenate any physical wear and tear from a broken heart, revitalize the physical ‘parts’ that might have been shut down to experiencing pleasure for whatever reason. Naturally, all other chakras will also benefit from the frequency attunement of this session.

Love, Lust, Laugh, Live & Let go!

Medihealing Replay | LUST in LOVE (60 min): $49 value 

Frequency Power-Infusion for…

Venus Retrograde

The Planet Venus rules physical beauty, romantic relationships, and monetary matters – three intimate areas that shape our sense of worth and security at a fundamental level.

Currently, Venus is in retrograde (July 25 – September 6, 2015) – Whenever a planet is in retrograde, the powerful motion affects the cosmic frequencies of this planet, causing distortions in the areas that it rules in physical realities. Therefore, Venus retrograde is not a favorable time for initiating activities in the areas of Beauty, Romance, and Finances, etc…

There are many conventional tips for surviving the Venus retrograde. But, life goes on during cosmic whims and you are ultimately responsible for your life – either surviving in fear or thriving in spite of planetary influences.

On this Spa call, Mas will instill empowering frequencies in each of the main areas that Venus rules, replacing the outdated survival guide with an ever strengthened connection to Pure Source.

Armed with this Spa all as your secret weapon, you may take on each day with confidence instead of proceeding with caution during the Venus Retrograde. Please remember to also play it during the ‘shadow period’ of the Venus retrograde (June 21-October 9, 2015).

The Frequency Spa Perks:
Since Venus rules beauty, this spa call is perfect for turbo-charging the frequency of beauty!! Mas will work on instilling anti-aging frequencies throughout the call, strengthening frequencies of beauty, vitality and youthfulness at the core levels of your body and mind.

Medihealing Replay | Frequency Infusion for Venus Retrograde (45 min): $39 value


Often mistakenly colored by negative perceptions, seduction is actually a powerful and practical life skill - A popular commercial is a form of seduction; a satisfactory interview is an example of seduction; a successful marketing campaign is the triumph of seduction; even Jesus had ‘seduced’ people to his path, etc…

Seduction does not only exist in the sexual realm – Before the 1500’s, seduction was defined as “Something that interests and attracts people”…so that ‘something’ is your true charisma from the inside out.

Seduction carries the frequency to materialize possibilities and the energy to inspire creativity. In this session, Mas will work on instilling the frequency of all essential elements of seduction –

  • Desire – Knowing what you want
  • Confidence – Having the gut to go after your desire
  • Connection – Vibrating on the same wavelength of your desire
  • Magnetism – Winning over & keeping the object of your desire

Applied with class and intelligence, the Frequency of Seduction will work wonders in all areas of your life to attract health, wealth, and wonderful relationships, etc…

Try looping the replay of this call on a very low volume at night, you’ll radiate a subtle yet alluring aura which will eventually become a fabric your default frequency.

Medihealing Replay | The Frequency of Seduction (30 min)$29 value

Exponential Intelligence Activation for Meaningful Relationships

What is Exponential Intelligence (EI) - Just as humans program computers with Artificial Intelligence, spirits program humans with Exponential Intelligence. Acquiring EI activates your ability to achieve exponential success and fully experience heaven on earth. 

Exponential Intelligence Activation

You can acquire EI by simply listening to the EI podcast. But if you’d like to accelerate your success in Relationships, Mas has created an EI activation in which he will program Exponential Intelligence in your frequency blueprint to instantaneously activate healing and transformation. 

EI Activation for Meaningful Relationships

(One-Hour) Instilling & activating Exponential Intelligence to experience true spirit connection in physical realm. $100 value

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  • Divine Ecstasy 
  • LUST in LOVE 
  • Frequency Power-Infusion for Venus Retrograde
  • The Frequency of Seduction
  • Exponential Intelligence Activation for Meaningful Relationships

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