Preliminary Agenda

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Thursday | April 9 | 6pm VIP | 7pm - 9:30pm Event

Pure Source Medi-Healing - A Brand New Format!

Creative Life Center | 333 Schnebly Hill Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Background: Mas often emphasizes that he does not heal you, his gift is to change your frequency for you to connect with Pure Source on such an extraordinary level – that you’d heal yourself, instantly!

Mas has experienced that the Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates the medi-healing in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience. Once connected to the Pure Source, instantaneous transformations will take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality, etc…

Event: So The Pure Source Medi-Healing is just that – an evening of healing and meditation, no lectures, no interviews, no guest speakers, just hours of healing work, pure and simple! 

‘Turbo-charged’ by the power of the group, Mas will work on as many individuals as possible throughout the evening, answer any questions you might have, all the while instilling the Pure Source frequencies that empower you to connect, allow, receive, and heal.   

Although Mas will not be able to physically reach every single person in the room, you will receive a healing each time he works on someone with issues similar to yours. Many have experienced life-changing shifts by being in his presence. It is NOT necessary to be touched by Mas for healing to take place. 


We offer different types of tickets to ensure the order and flow of the event. Every single participate, in-person or online, at live event or on replay, will be instilled with the Pure Source frequencies - Mas helps you heal with his presence, regardless of the proximity, physical contacts or ticket types.



Stage Pass

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Private Reception
6pm - 7pm






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Anywhere (other than the front row)

Anywhere (other than the front row)







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($70 cash, at door)


($30 cash, at door)




Location: Creative Life Center | 333 Schnebly Hill Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Friday | April 10 | Two Events

9am - 1pm | Shaman's Cave

Hiking, Guided Mediation & Industrial-Strength Group Healing in the Shaman's Cave

After exploring its amazing beauty and energy on his last visit, Mas has been wishing to return and sharing the experience with a cherished group. 

After exploring its amazing beauty and energy on his last visit, Mas has been wishing to return and sharing the experience with a cherished group. 

Shaman's Cave: As legend has it, early explorers of AZ described this area as “a perfect hideout…a box canyon in no-man’s-land”. From this site, you can take catch a glimpse of Sedona through a near-perfect 6 foot circular window cut out of rock. The ruins contain a large room, approximately 20 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet high, and open on one side. It has a magical quality that has earned it’s popular name of Shaman’s Cave, and has many spiritual seekers venturing upon this moderately difficult and unmarked trail. 

Tour Agenda: 

Meeting at the end of Forest Service Road 525, which is opposite 89B. There is a parking is easy to find: next exit to the right after mile marker 365.
Traveling together to the site (9 miles)
Visiting Honanki Ruins & hiking up to the Shaman's Cave (3/8 mile)
Industrial-Strength Group Healing in the Shaman's Cave
Guided Group Meditation in the Shaman's Cave
Free time
Returning to Angel Valley


Tour & Hiking: Free (Full capacity has been reached)
Guided Group Meditation: Free (Full capacity has been reached)
Industrial-Strength Group Healing: $100 

Transportation/Tour Service: Please contact our trusted guide and an expert of the land - 
Robert Anderson: 928-266-2097 |

The road condition to the site is dangerously rough for both the driver and the vehicle. We suggest hiring a transportation/tour service and sharing the ride with other participants.


6pm - 10pm | Private Oracle Circle 

The Private Oracle Circle is an exclusive event designed for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. The evening consists of – Reception, Intimate Oracle Circle meditation, Hands-on healing, One-on-one session (within the Circle), Energy transmission, etc…(details...)

Registration: $500 | Limited to 10 

Saturday | April 11 | 10:30am - 5:30pm

HealingMAStery, Intensive

An energetic upgrade for healers of all modelities that will elevate your healing abilities to a whole new level.


AM Session |10:30am - 1pm
Lunch | 1pm - 2:30pm
PM Session | 2:30pm - 5:30pm


Attending In-Person: $199
Attending Remotely: $199 

This event was sold out at our last Sedona tour, early registration is highly recommended.

Location: Unity Church of Sedona, 65 Deer Trail Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336

Sunday | April 12 | 10:30am - 3pm

Mas & Friends | Teresa Cameron & Gary Springfield

Mas will team up with Teresa and Gary, two of the extremely few talents whom Mas would acknowledge as coming from and working with Pure Source.

Golden Light Meditation (Gary Springfield)

The Most Important Tool - It's Easy, Relaxing and Energizing - The more you do it the better you Feel.

Golden Light meditation is easy…it is easy as sitting in the glorious sunlight and feeling the warmth and the peace of golden light gently caressing you.

Gary’s soothing voice takes you through a guided meditation experience where you begin to visualize and feel Golden light, flowing like a gentle waterfall, down in and through your body.

It is a totally relaxing and yet invigorating experience because the mind quickly lets go of extraneous and stressful thoughts and allows the body to quickly return to a state of inner harmony and peace.

People often say that the experience is joyful and rejuvenating like a beautiful walk in the forest, sitting by a clear mountain stream, or the refreshing feeling of the ocean breeze on a summer day.

Gary found in his extensive meditation practice that most meditation techniques help you connect with the Divine Light of God, which helps you change your spiritual and mental consciousness.

But Gary found that even though the mind and spiritual awareness can change fairly easily it is vitally important to bring this new awareness into the physical body and create emotional and physical clarity as well.

This is why Golden Light meditation is so unique; Gary teaches you how to ground the Golden Light of the Soul down in and through the body so that every cell is infused with healing light.

Old emotions are released and overtime the physical body begins to take on a youthful vitality as totally new cells and tissues are created. The new cells begin to vibrate at the frequency of Golden Liquid light, which is an energy of perfection and unlimited consciousness.

These new codes of perfection and higher awareness automatically vibrate out from you during the day and bring love, prosperity and joy back into your life.

Opening & Walking You Through the Veil to the Next Spiritual Level (Teresa Cameron)

From Teresa: I was "shown" during a session, with a lady, that I was able to open a pathway to the next spiritual level for her. She was very fearful to move through on her own. I then "heard", "you are able to walk her through". Once she walked through the veil she immediately started an energetic download. Both of us could feel the power of the upgrade. 

I have since had other clients that have been unable, for one reason or another (usually fear of the unknown), to pass through the veil to the next level. I have been able to open the way and walked them through. The night before I met with you I was "told", "you can open the way for large groups of people. You will guide them through to their next spiritual level. Once the veil is parted, the way it will be much easier for others to follow."  

During the meditation, I will open the veil and guide the group through together.   

The Triangle Meditation | Teresa, Gary, Mas

The triangle is the most stable structure in existence and represents the three attributes of God which are power, wisdom and love. When power, wisdom and love are balanced in perfection then enlightenment, peace and  super conscious powers are manifested within the individual. The "Triangle Meditation is so powerful that it must be preformed in a sacred space where Mother Earth can keep this force grounded. Sedona is the perfect vibration of earth, air, wind and fire, and so Mas has decided to perform this meditation for only the second time in his healing ministry. 
The group will form a triangle with Mas standing at the front of the triangle, Gary standing at the right side base of the triangle grounding the masculine energy and Teresa standing at the left base point grounding the divine feminine and angelic energy. 
Together we will invoke divine and sacred energies from on high, angelic and arch-angelic beings, and ascended masters of the wisdom to join us as we open a sacred portal into the cosmos and ground perfection and peace in and through each and everyone and then into Earth for the healing and renewal of all life. 

Gary Springfield: A Gifted Teacher, Intuitive and Visionary, Gary has over 35 years of research into the higher realms of consciousness and lives from the place of love that he teaches. His aura readings, lectures and workshops empower you with the tools and techniques that will dynamically change your life and the lives of your loved ones. 

Gary's website:
Teresa Cameron: A medium, a healer, a universal channel and a psychic are some of the titles that Teresa has been given, but she prefers not to be limited by labels. 

Teresa opens to Pure Source and lets the beautiful healing energy flow. Angels, guides, spirits and loved ones often make an appearance during sessions. Each session is as unique as each individual. 
Teresa's Spiritual Gift allows her to help people fine-tune their frequencies to transform their lives. Her passion is to help people (re)discover the power within themselves.  

"When you raise your vibration you change your reality." –Teresa Cameron

Teresa's website:


Attending In-Person: $199
Attending Remotely: $199 

Location: Creative Life Center | 333 Schnebly Hill Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Monday | April 13 | 10am - 3pm

In Person Sessions: Industrial-Strength Group Healing

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