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Bonus Teleforum: Your Path to an Extraordinary Life

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Cultivating inner strength allows us to thrive in the face of change and turn obstacles into opportunities. With inner strength, we can face any challenge with grace and ease. Inner Strength helps us navigate confidently through the labyrinth of life and find the path to our highest pursuit.  
In this group healing, Mas will guide us to fortify our inner strength and endurance in the face of our experiences to reveal our most brilliant and shiny spirit. 


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“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any body part.” ~ Aimee Mullins, Oprah Magazine, May 2004

Real healing starts from within, so does true beauty. Join us for this powerful Frequency Spa session.  Mas will instill in you the frequency of confidence, self-esteem and a sense of deserving, from where true beauty flourishes and your personal magnetism resides.

During this Spa session, Mas works on…

  • Removing blocks of self-doubt and negative self-image
  • Quieting incessant mind-chatters & self-destructive thoughts
  • Clearing the need for the approval of others
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs, illogical fears and anxieties
  • Neutralizing negative or positive emotions not serving your highest good
  • Instilling the frequency of the courage to speak up and stand up for yourself
  • Instilling the frequency of compassion and kindness, to yourself
  • Instilling the frequency of self-worth & self-acceptance
  • Instilling the frequency of the healthy ego (not arrogance)
  • Instilling the frequency of grace and poise
  • Instilling the frequency of unconditional love, for yourself
  • Instilling the frequency of the knowing that you are beautiful and you are loved


Waking up each day to put on a false front, a mask of a persona that doesn't belong to you is harrowing. Inside, the real-you longs to have the space and freedom to be seen and heard. Mostly the real-you wants to be accepted exactly as you are. Is this possible? Can you expose your true personality, feelings and beliefs and still be received by others? Undoubtedly, yes.

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will help you to:

  • loosen the fear that shrouds your true self
  • gain awareness to when you are caught up in the hypnosis of your everyday routine and inadvertently hiding your authentic self
  • recognize the miraculous, beautiful spirit that you are
  • build confidence and courage to be the real-you
  • discard the need to hide under false pretenses
  • exhale as you release the pressure and heaviness that has accompanied the effort needed to be anything other than exactly who you are
  • lovingly embrace and honor your true self as you respectfully introduce the real-you to others
  • feel an empowering sense of liberation to be you each and everyday

It's not only possible to be you in every human moment but it is your delightful responsibility. Your spirit will become more authentically aligned with your human existence. As a result, you will discover a powerful sense of peace and clarity that will reveal the wondrous life before you.



When we love someone, we find beauty in imperfections, joy in subtle nuances and compassion for all that they are. But do we offer these gifts to ourselves? So often we do not see and know our true selves and fail to extend the same all-encompassing love to ourselves that we freely give to others. We crave love, belonging and acceptance, but how can we manifest and integrate these experiences if we don’t fundamentally consider ourselves lovable? Join Mas as he opens us up to:

  • Become familiar with the intimate details of our own nature
  • Release unproductive self-criticism and judgement
  • Accept our humanity and imperfections from a place of awareness and compassion
  • Recognize the origins of our sense of unworthiness and release the burden of this gross untruth
  • Liberate ourselves from the need for others’ desire and approval
  • Take responsibility for past distortions and release them with self-forgiveness
  • See with clear eyes and a full heart the bright, glorious person we are meant to be
  • Sincerely receive the love of others, our self and Pure Source without neediness and with complete faith in our divine existence
  • Embrace a sense of loving joy for all that we are
  • Become in touch with our true state of inner completeness

In this transformative group healing, we will open to the knowledge that the love we seek is ultimately found within as we come to love the magnificence being we truly are and the possibilities that await us in every moment.