This Self-Love Medihealing® is infused with Pure Source frequencies which are laser focused to align your Spirit with the frequencies of Self-Love.


When we love someone, we find beauty in imperfections, joy in subtle nuances and compassion for all that they are. But do we offer these gifts to ourselves? So often we do not see and know our true selves and fail to extend the same all-encompassing love to ourselves that we freely give to others. We crave love, belonging and acceptance, but how can we manifest and integrate these experiences if we don’t fundamentally consider ourselves lovable? Join Mas as he opens us up to:

  • Become familiar with the intimate details of our own nature
  • Release unproductive self-criticism and judgement
  • Accept our humanity and imperfections from a place of awareness and compassion
  • Recognize the origins of our sense of unworthiness and release the burden of this gross untruth
  • Liberate ourselves from the need for others’ desire and approval
  • Take responsibility for past distortions and release them with self-forgiveness
  • See with clear eyes and a full heart the bright, glorious person we are meant to be
  • Sincerely receive the love of others, our self and Pure Source without neediness and with complete faith in our divine existence
  • Embrace a sense of loving joy for all that we are
  • Become in touch with our true state of inner completeness

In this transformative group healing, we will open to the knowledge that the love we seek is ultimately found within as we come to love the magnificence being we truly are and the possibilities that await us in every moment.


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