Spring Equinox Clearing Package

Continuing with the Exponential Intelligence Podcast Episode #37 - Invigorating Your Spirit, this is a special Spring Equinox Clearing package of six (6) MP3s for the frequencies of Cleaning, Taking out the Trash, and Leaving the Past Behind!  These Medihealings are excellent for clearing the clutter and baggage in your life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, so you can transform and be open for your Spring of abundance.

  • Energetic Saging 
  • Spiritual Spring Cleaning 
  • It's Time to Take Out the Trash Parts I & II
  • Blast AWAY From the Past
  • Clearing & Launching

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Energetic Saging

An energetically superior saging process that delivers the power to cleanse and purity without the harmful side-effects of the traditional saging ritual.

Have you ever burned sage with the intention to cleanse living spaces, office or event environments? Did you know that this traditional saging ritual is more likely to energetically contaminate a space rather than cleansing it? 

Having had worked on tens of thousands of cases, Mas has come to know the unsettling truth about saging. Not only does the ritualistic sage burning fail to serve the intention to cleanse, on the contrary, it acts as an open invitation that announces the vulnerability of a space. The burning and the smoke send out a signal to invite and attract entities of impure source to enter into and take residence at the space you intend to cleanse. As a result, the occupancy of these impure entities will cause physical or emotional disturbances over time. The signal to attract energetic invasion is even stronger when the saging is conducted from a space of fear. The frequency of what you fear will expand and permeate the space after the saging ritual. 

On this Energetic Saging session, the frequency of saging in its original form of purity and potency will be emitted to clear your spaces without any burning, the smell, the smoke, and most importantly the energetic contamination. Mas will scan and remove all impurities from your energetic space, then bring in the Pure Essence to restore light, balance and purity. The recording of this session is evergreen that it can be used to cleanse any new environment, or spaces that have previously been contaminated by saging or other rituals. 

Medi-Spa Replay | Energetic Saging MP3 (30 min): $29 value

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

The first day of Spring is just around the corner. It is a time of year when we traditionally open our homes and begin to clean out the cob webs and clean up the dust bunnies hiding under our beds. We clean out our closets and get rid of things we no longer want or need. It makes sense to do the same, so to speak, with our spiritual spaces as well.

What are you holding onto that no longer serves your higher purpose? Join Mas for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning of anything and everything which is keeping you from your 360 degrees of abundance. Out with the old and in with the new refreshed you! 

Group Healing Replay | Spiritual Spring Cleaning MP3 (30 min): $30 value

It is Time to "Take Out the Trash" Part I

You know what it looks like in your kitchen when the garbage needs to go out... the trash is piling up on the counter next to the trash can cluttering up the work flow in the kitchen. There may be a distinct smell starting to surround your kitchen and you begin to hate to even go in there at all. The flow is disrupted and everything in the house seems to be affected by your need to take the trash out.

This is what happens to you when it is time to energetically "Take Out the Trash". 

Form agreements that do not serve you
Attract things that are not good for you
Affect people in a way you do not intend to

Wonder... what changed?  
Thought... I worked on that? and
Want to know what is going on...

Every day we pick up energetic trash... trash that begins to pile up.. which means it is time to take the trash out! This Group Healing is Mas leading us to Pure Source to take out our energetic trash. Mas suggests you use this healing as often as you wish on a regular basis to keep the trash from piling up.

Group Healing Replay | Take Out the Trash Part I MP3 (30 min): $30 value

It is Time to "Take Out the Trash" Part II

Nothing says spring cleaning like a Pure Source Spring Cleaning! We've collected all our energetic trash and now we're ready for our friendly neighborhood garbage man—that's Mas—to take ALL of it out, once and for all!

Join Mas in PART II of this Group Healing and say goodbye for good to old contracts, beliefs, storylines, and any residue left behind from all that self-work you've been doing. Have people see you for what you truly are and be free to create your life from an unburdened Spirit. Step into your Spiritual Spring now and truly begin anew!

Group Healing Replay | Take Out the Trash Part II MP3 (30 min): $30 value


Blast Away from the Past

As the calendar year comes to an end, is your typical reaction to ceremoniously reminisce or walk down memory lane as the year comes to a close? As we look back on the past, it’s easy to get lost in thought, rehashing what we did or what others did to us. We examine relationships and analyze the decisions we’ve made and where they’ve brought us. But reliving our experiences can keep us weighed down with memories and emotions that will not help us to connect to our highest self or find our brightest path.

On this Spa call, Mas will work on your frequency level as you dig up all of the junk you have collected and ‘buckle you up’ for a blast away from the past. You will come to feel how freeing and empowering it is be to finally walk away from the memories, discard the emotions, and start the new year with the knowledge instead of the baggage.

Mas will also work on blasting away old frequencies that no longer serve you – Regret, Fear, Worry, etc… Old programs in social, economical, political, religious, etc., to create a synergistically harmonious environment for you to prosper in the coming year.

Medi-Spa Replay | Blast Away from the Past MP3 (45 min): $39 value

Clearing & Launching

Session One: The Master Cleanse
Clean Slate for a Brand New Start

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein 

~ Wondering why most New Year’s resolutions fail?
~ What about all of those other goals you have ambitiously set?
~ Why, try as you might, are you often back in the same old familiar place where you started after only weeks or often a few days….?

Don’t step into the new year carrying your old baggage! During this energetic Master Cleanse, Mas will help you to clean your slate! –

  • Clean up the clutter in your heart & mind
  • Remove your mental & emotional blocks
  • Eliminate harmful frequency patterns
  • Break negative family & ancestral frequency ties
  • Unload old baggage, depressing memories & debilitating thoughts
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs weighing you down for years, even life times
  • Install a ‘spam filter’ to prevent new ‘garbage’ from accumulating

Please relax after the session for the integration of the Clearing and take some time to prepare (see tips below) for the Launching of a brand new start…at the Perfect Timing –

Session Two: The Ignition
Powerful Alignment for a Brand New Start

The timing of ‘The Ignition’ is strategically synchronized to the exact moment of New Year’s arrival on the other side of the globe – At the exact time of this session, an explosion of Pure Love Energy is created by the joyous celebration of a new beginning on an ancient calendar. The frequency of this Pure Love Energy is at where limitless possibilities become effortless manifestations…And Mas will help you get on this tidal wave –

  • This session is a pure energy transmission – So it is mostly silent. ..Just relax and Mas will facilitate the process by tapping into the frequency of this powerful energy and bringing it into the reality of your blueprint. Change your frequency, change your life!

The perfect timing of this session creates a dream scenario for the frequency alignment as the Power of Group will be amplified to the max! You will feel empowered and confident to take on the New Year with a Brand New Start.

Helpful Tips:

Before ‘the Master Cleanse’: Think of or write down your major challenges, blocks or limiting beliefs. Don’t have a clue? No worries…your spirit always knows what it needs the most when connected to the Pure Source.

Between Sessions: Loop the replay of the Master Cleanse in the background during the day or night (set it to a barely audible volume). This frequency en-coded recording will permeate your living space and your auric field to help adjust your frequency.

Before ‘the Ignition’: Take a look at the list from the Master Cleanse, if you do not feel any more emotional charges going through it…you are ready for ‘the Ignition’ and your results will be fantastic!

After Both Sessions: Make some New Year’s Resolutions and see how fabulously you’ll step into this New Year, New Life and New You!

Note: Although these two sessions are introduced for the New Year…they’re a perfect set to use any time when you feel the need for a deep cleansing and renewed energy.

Medi-Spa Replay | Clearing & Launching (2 x 30 min): $49 value

Spring Equinox Clearing Package | Registration

  • Energetic Saging
  • Spiritual Spring Cleaning
  • It's Time to Take Out the Trash Parts 1 & 2
  • Blast AWAY From the Past
  • Clearing & Launching

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