It feels like all the clouds and burdens of my past have been lifted from my shoulders. My investments have revived and I will soon be selling them for a healthy profit. The 21 Day is definitely the most effective I have been blessed to receive."     James Robinson, 53 | Attorney, New York City, NY
  Words cannot express my thanks to you the last 21 Day Medihealing program; It’s been awesome. My fibromyalgia feels better, I'm waking up less achy, and my IBS is better also. I feel less afraid of people and situations and more confident in myself, and feel a deeper connection with my spirit. I'm truly astounded."     Emma McMorrow | Birmingham, England
  I had an amazing breakthrough and really got that on an even deeper level we are all perfect, infinite spirits, operating in human bodies. I also got how repeated lifetimes can distort us. I woke up! I've got a new level of energy to keep going like never before."     Katelyn Kent, 47 | Denver, Colorado
  I would like to let you know I have indeed noticed a very big difference during the 21 Day Medihealing - I felt a big change. As always, it was wonderful and I enjoyed it a lot. Many thanks and kind regards!"     Thomas Armisen | Netherlands
  For the first time IN MY LIFE, I felt deeply in my heart and KNEW that I am deserving of love, of everything good!! In over 25 years of spiritual practice, I never had that experience. After only 8 days of the 21 Day Medihealing program, I did."     Dawn Briggs | St. Louis, Missouri
  I don't have words to describe what I feel, what I sense, what I think, what is in my mind, and how brilliant the feeling within me is. This is so lovely it literally makes me want to cry with happiness. I'm a totally different person filled with this beautiful pure feeling! Thank you so much, I wish this for all people!      Greg Burns | London, UK
  On the days I listen to The 21 Day Medihealings®, my anxiety and stress are replaced with calm and a sense of well-being. Now I don't miss a Medihealing! Mas helped me shift from just surviving each day to thriving each day."     Heather Bird, 27 | Acupuncturist, Sacramento, CA
  I've done many 21 Day Medihealings® and now I am letting my Spirit lead me – happily. The list of "notice what you notice" gets filled almost continuously – life just flows better with my Spirit leading me."     David Alvey | Brooklyn, NY
  I feel there's been some really deep shifts regarding my perspective from the June 21 Day Medihealing. I feel like I'm seeing everything through a new set of eyes, with more compassion I can see the injustices in humanity and society as a whole. I'm also seeing this tremendous spirit and strength in humanity in the face of adversity."     Ernst Myers | London, England
  I've been feeling so free since playing on a loop for one day the Pain Body session from the 21 Day Medihealing! Yesterday, I felt guided to take a walk. Being outside, I was able to sense also that my energy has increased--possibly above the heavy, oppressive energies that are prevalent in this geographic area."     Dawn Buffalo Heart | Omaha, Nevada
  One day I listened to the morning 21 Day Medihealing and fell asleep. When I woke up, my sciatica pain was half of what it's been for the last 40 hours! I felt like Mas helped me get rid of it and is continuing to do so. I'm now able to do stretches and pigeon pose because it feels so much better after listening to Mas' recording."     Cecelia Henry | San Diego, CA
  Over the past two years of working with    Mas Sajady   , I have cleared out every reference from the past and can no longer find them. That’s never happened before. Today, my mind is blank and in reminds me of what it was like when I was young, heading out into the world on my own and my mind and being unburdened by experiences, habits and events that pile up on and in us over the years. I can even feel that doing my exercises in the morning with my body feeling like it is 20 years old. I am free.     Marianne Carduner | Victoria, Canada
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