I have flipped from wearing or using luxury items to hide who I am, to wearing or using these items to now fully reflect who I am!"     Amit, 51 | Banker, UK
  I feel less fearful & anxious in life and more confident in myself. Doing the 21 Day consistently has taken a veil off my eyes so I can finally see clearly what I’ve always known to be true. My marriage and finances have drastically improved, thank you.”     Esther, 47 | Broker, New York
  The 21 Day gets more powerful each time. The changes I’ve experienced and freedom I am stepping into would have taken me lifetimes to get this far on my own. This program is truly a gift for humanity.”     Marco, 42 | Pilot, Sicily
  Huge health benefits! I am so happy as my dizzy spells have gone and I am much more alert. I look great and have so much more energy and my breathing is back to normal. I feel more connected and guided. Thank you Mas for the amazing miracle work."     Sofia C., 46 | Bakery Director, London, UK
  During the 21 Day Medihealing I could see that I was stepping into strength. I could see a perfectly balanced physical form. The most amazing part was seeing the blue light around where I was going to. The grace and beauty was really more then words can explain."     Debra Deangelo | Trenton, New Jersey
  I just started practicing 21 Day Medihealing in January 2017. It's extremely unusual for me to have the discipline to complete 3 straight months of any spiritual practice, but I'm already signed up for 21 Day in April! The fruits I've received from the Medihealings, far exceed anything I've ever done before."     Michelle Thomsen | Seattle, Washington
  I want to thank you for changing my relationship with money. It occurred to me during a 21 Day Medihealing on finances that I no longer had to give it away - and suddenly, a veil lifted and my rule set changed. You truly do offer 360 degrees of abundance!"     Laura Perez | White Plains, New York
  During the 21 Day Medihealing was the first time I truly felt I was there in the present moment. I felt this was somehow a massive release. I feel like my spirit has found the key to the universe. One l have been looking for my whole life and possibly many other lifetimes."     Pam Vost | Auckland, Australia
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