Aired April 16 | 10am - 1pm
A Divine Atrocity

An Exposé of Spiritual Misconducts

This eye-opening talk is dedicated to awakening people to the atrocity that exists in the supposedly pure world of spirituality. Being carried out in the name of the Divine, spiritual misconducts are prevalent in even the most modern and educated societies...yet are rarely recognized or spoken about. 

It's about time to expose spiritual atrocity disguised as divinity. What you don't know can hurt you but the truth can set you free - Your awareness and discernment can instantly eradicate any spiritual atrocity in your personal life, and as a result, positively influence the world around you at large.  

The Perpetrator: Disguised in the trustworthy roles of spiritual mentor/teacher/guru/healer, etc., these corrupted spiritual authorities of impure sources are often charismatic and benevolent on the surface, but mercilessly manipulative and abusive in reality. Some of them have esoteric abilities and some eloquent teachings. They promise enlightenment in exchange for devotion, financial gains and psychological control. And ultimately, they feed on the spirits of their devotees to strengthen their demonic domination in the spirit realm.  

The Victim: Earnest spiritual seekers who are naïve, lost and trusting; individuals who are in a state of vulnerability or desperation; and without exception, people of all socioeconomic, cultures and education levels. These victims would willingly give up their possessions, logics, bodies and spirits to these corrupted 'spiritual leaders' under their artful manipulation. Sounds familiar? They may be someone you know or maybe even yourself.  

Medi-Healing Topics: 
Inner knowing
Energetic cleansing
Spiritual protection
And more...  

Discussion Topics: 
The truth about Gurus and Ashrams
The missing pages in religious texts
Spiritual teachings vs. teachers  
Signs, patterns and strategies of the perpetrators
And more...  

Many real life cautionary tales will be presented at the event to broaden awareness. If you have a story to share please email it to us -


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