I was hammered by darkness. Now I'm so alive and free, I want everyone to know this is possible. I was in the dark and was being controlled without even knowing it. Now I’m in the light!    ~ Kaya Usher, 53 | Writer, Ontario, Canada
  I met Mas Sajady in 2014. I had worked with many healers over 30 years, but I sensed there was something different about him. I am highly intuitive, have several advanced degrees in psychology and have been involved in the study of consciousness.    The freedom I feel from being freed of all those distortions is so incredible and totally amazing. It is totally indescribable. I have been completely humbled by this experience.    I can now see life and this world for what it truly is. I offer my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to Mas.    ~ Anonymous
  I want to offer my heartfelt "Thank you" to Mas for offering the Abuse Recovery Intensive and the addition of the Abuse Recovery Fundamentals. They have created an incredibly re-Evolutionary Series! Presented from the viewpoint of Exponential Intelligence, the Fundamentals is a fantastic, clearly and logically laid out mechanics of abuse. As a student of Mas for years, the condensed information he is presenting here is the most revealing of how all distortions are actually a form of abuse. This blew me away.    If people can have the courage to step away from their cultural definition of abuse and really listen to the definition of abuse as it is understood by EI - as being "abuse is whatever takes you off your path " then this Series can be one of the greatest tools for freedom ever offered.    ~ Anne W.
  Over the past two years of working with Mas Sajady, I have cleared out every reference from the past and can no longer find them... it reminds me of what it was like when I was young, heading out into the world on my own and my mind and being unburdened by experiences, habits and events.    ~ Marianne Carduner | Detroit, MI
  The best part ever ... is I saw my husband become more compassionate towards me, less fight. Lot less abuse from others, my husband respects my choice to not see my in laws and believes me now. But so far the shift is so much inside ... my mentality, the confidence I have. Its massive. Because of Mas work, I have the confidence to ask for help, know that it is not greedy to love myself and spend on myself, to put myself first. The courage to say no, to my in laws and others. And finally I know what they mean by loving myself more, ha ha. I feel joy, love which I never felt before. I am able to call my father as my father now, because I accept what he was and chose to be, and I know I am not what he made me and he was not a real father, but just my biological father. Earlier it was very difficult and referred to him as my mother’s husband. Our financial situation has improved, and I look physically more beautiful and radiant. I see some preconditioned patterns, and I work on changing that. Mas has helped me in every little detail, that would transform me as a person. I have a fierceness in me, now that help me handle my pain body.    ~ Anonymous
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