Healing the Root Cause

with Mas Sajady

January 9th - February 24th

For abuse to fully end, it MUST be addressed at the deepest level.

Common therapies (counseling, hypnotherapy, EMDR, cognitive, energy work, etc.) do not address the deepest level; Mas Sajady does.

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Abuse Recovery Testimonials

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The Abuse Recovery Series

In the Abuse Recovery Series Mas will work will all participants to address and eliminate the core-level abuse programming. Mas’ extraordinary abilities, combined with the collective momentum of the group or Mastermind, creates a powerful dynamic allowing each individual to make significantly more recovery progress together than they would be capable of on their own.

Types of abuse addressed:

  • verbal

  • psychological

  • sexual

  • physical

  • or any combination of these

Some signs that you may have abuse programming:

  • mental or emotional issues (depression, anxiety, bi-polar, ptsd, eating disorders, excessive anger, etc.)

  • isolation and/or loneliness

  • staying in unhealthy or toxic relationships

  • narcissistic / co-dependent relationships

  • financial lack or instability

  • excessive financial stress despite seeming abundance

  • addiction of any kind

  • tendency towards self-harm

  • inability to feel satisfied or fulfilled

  • feeling less than others and/or unworthy

  • suicidal tendencies

  • problems trusting others or yourself

Six week structure for the Abuse Recovery Intensive:

  • Part 1: Grounding Session

  • Part 2: Recognition & Acknowledgement

  • Part 3: Demolition & Removal

  • Part 4: Healing & Recovery Session

Part 5: Confirmation & Solidification

  • Part 6: Abuse Detox - Perseverance & Relief Session

• 5 Fundamental Sessions ( Instant Download)
• 12 Intensive Sessions ( Live & Online )

Early-Bird Price through Feb. 24

About Mas Sajady’s Work

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Two near death experiences gifted Mas Sajady with extraordinary abilities to ‘see’ the deepest, core-level programming that is affecting your life, and help you change it.

At this core-level of Source Code, Mas connects you to the infinite power and wisdom of Exponential Intelligence® through the process of Medihealing® ( meditation & healing in one ).

Mas is able to work on a group of any size, and finds that the group generates increased power as the size grows, which accelerates change for each individual.

*Mas' abilities have been studied and verified by Dr. Norman Shealy, acclaimed neurosurgeon and pain medicine pioneer, as well as several clinical research institutes.


What Client’s Are Saying

Abuse Recovery Series includes:

• 5 Fundamental Sessions ( instant download )
• 12 Intensive Sessions ( Live online with Mas Sajady )

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