Live & Online with Mas Sajady
January 9th - February 9th

The abuse you’ve encountered creates a filter through which you experience life … often aligned with pain, distrust, and insecurities. For abuse to fully end, it MUST be addressed at the deepest level. Common therapies (counseling, hypnotherapy, EMDR, cognitive, energy work, etc.) do not address the deepest level; Mas Sajady does.

Early-Bird Price through Feb. 24


“The freedom I feel from being freed of all those distortions is so incredible and totally amazing. It is totally indescribable. I have been completely humbled by this experience. I can now see life and this world for what it truly is. I offer my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to Mas.”

“I was hammered by darkness. Now I'm so alive and free, I want everyone to know this is possible. I was in the dark and was being controlled without even knowing it. Now I’m in the light!” ~ Kaya Usher, 53 | Writer, Ontario, Canada

“Over the past two years of working with Mas Sajady, I have cleared out every reference from the past and can no longer find them... it reminds me of what it was like when I was young, heading out into the world on my own and my mind and being unburdened by experiences, habits and events." ~ Marianne Carduner | Detroit, MI


Two near death experiences gifted Mas Sajady the ability to work at the deepest, core-frequency level to help reprogram your abuse patterns.

Mas is able to work on a group of any size, and finds that the collective Mastermind generates increased power as the group size grows, dynamically accelerating change for each individual.