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Ascendance to Unconditional Love - Part 1 & 2

PART 1 | Aired Feb. 13, 2017 from IONS Los Angeles

PART 2 | Aired Feb. 28, 2017


During the live event broadcast for PART 1, the audio system at the venue unexpectedly under-performed, delivering almost an hour of poor-quality audio to our online audience. Although the true effects and benefits of Mas work can't be affected by the sound quality, we would still like to conduct a makeup session for the hour lost in transmission.

In PART 1, Mas talked on the fear-based experiences and distorted realities created with our limited definition of love. In PART 2 the session will conclude with a Medihealing, bringing our spirits back to the ascendance of Unconditional Love.

Ascendance to Unconditional Love

During the HealingMAStery Advanced program, Mas was asked to reveal the secret behind the power of healing. Mas replied 'Unconditional Love' - Unconditional Love is a state of being, when operating from this space, instant healing and limitless abundance are not miraculous possibilities but basic conditions of everyday life. It is a state of being that when fully attained, the power for humanity to realize divinity is ours to have, that we will be able to do what Mas can and 'then some'.

Mas came to this truth after experiencing Unconditional Love during his second near death experience. As he was vacuumed into a sinkhole and gave off his last breathe, his spirit was lifted from the body and brought to an indescribably beautiful realm of a high divine order enveloping his entire being in Unconditional Love. Mas still vividly recalls the blissful euphoria that saturated his senses with an overwhelming love beyond mental comprehension. His spirit was about to explode trying to contain the beauty and the magnitude of such Love – for the first time he knew with absolute certainty that he was loved, but he didn't need to be successful, rich or famous; he didn't need fancy houses, fast cars or prestigious titles; he was completely accepted for who he was and unconditionally loved for just being him. Also, he didn't need anybody to be complete and whole, everyone that he had once held precious was now in essence of no importance to his worth, not even his beloved children and spouse. He was firmly grounded in the truth that he was of this love and he was and forever would be completely and unconditionally loved by Pure Source. This was not only true for him but all spiritual beings of physical realm and beyond.

This Unconditional Love/Pure Source is the state of our truth that has the power to create and heal with limitless possibilities, as experienced when working with Mas. But whenever we fail to love or allow ourselves to be loved unconditionally, our fears and insecurities take over and create a multitude of distortions, as currently experienced in most physical realities. While bringing forth records of seemingly miraculous transformations around the world, Mas has made it clear that it's not his healing abilities that perform miracles but his embodiment of Unconditional Love. Mas often reminds us that if he could do it so could each and everyone of us. As Jesus said, "What I have done all men can do, and even greater things than these shall ye do". (John 14:12) 

During this presentation and Medi-Healing, Mas will assist us in connecting and realigning to Pure Source to immerse us in the blissful state of being completely accepted and unconditionally loved. The power of love may inspire us to start loving ourselves and one another more fearlessly, knowing that we are always safe, we are already enough, and everything is possible because we are limitless.


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