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Awakening to New Realities Part 1 & 2 | with host, Alan Steinfeld

( Aired: March 14 & 20, 2018 )

During Part 1 of the "Awakening to Realities" event, Mas entered into a space that was tender and raw, bringing the Mastermind to a state of honorable silence and awe. The moments intensified and brought him to an unexpected upgrade shortly before the 21-Day. Mas ascended beyond time and density into a space of euphoria and spiritual truth. This experience has forever changed Mas, and everyone listening.

This call is about the Next Level of Awakening. For the past few years Mas Sajady has been building the energy fields of those participating in his events.  In his efforts to clear the past and create a new foundation for participants -  his mission is to help us breakthrough in to something beyond our limited mind and beliefs.  "To make known the unknown” is our human destiny and to unfold the new possibilities and achieve a greater frequency for Being.  Mas knows we are moving  into exciting new times by letting  go of what no longer works, which is everything. This call is about awakening to our full capacity of joy, creativity and wonder – this is the new reality of our lives.

What does the next level of Reality look like and how do we know we are awaking to the next dimension of our being?

• How can we master our own destiny?
• How do we break out of the ordinary life into the extraordinary?
• How do we go beyond our fear of the unknown, in order to embrace what we have yet to discover?
• How do we free ourselves from the monkey mind?
• How do we become masters of the universe and avatars of our own creation?

The power of the upgrade led us to end the original event earlier than scheduled. Clients wrote in expressing their excitement, curiosity, concern, and astonishment. Countless requests were also received, asking for Mas to hold a follow-up conversation to share the intricate details and revelations from the evening.

Because of this overwhelming response, Mas Sajady and Alan Steinfield hosted Part 2 to pick up where they left off. They continued the journey into higher consciousness for a collective Awakening to New Realities.



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Alan Steinfeld is the host and producer of the popular YouTube channel NewRealities. For 20 years he has been in pursuit of the essential truth of reality. He has interviewed all the great teachers of our time including Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and thousands of others.  Over the past 5 years he has interviewed Mas many times and co-hosted a number of his events. He is happy to join him in this night in creating new realities for everyone.

"After I asked Mas to tap into a higher alien mindset, his whole energy field started to change. I saw the tears welling up in his eyes. And then there was this beautiful sense of compassion and pure love. It was not a channeling, but a download of a higher frequency. A real shift of reality could be felt by everyone in the room. It was an upgrade of powerful Divine frequencies and I think it is an energy that may go on to influence his work from here on out. It was another level to the unfoldment of initiation and transformation."  ~ Alan Steinfeld
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Participant's Experiences

I began to listen in the UK- around 1.30am - I fell asleep throughout and awoke at the point where the Presence intensified - like time stood still ... just Being ness ... In the silence I could feel what was going on ... During my sleep throughout the talking bit I dreamt that Mas and a bunch other people had little diamonds encrusted into their faces ... I had them on my skin too ... when the event was over - I had to check my skin - hoping to see diamonds!!! - as it felt very real ... I listened to the recording again today - cried thru most of it - in a good way ... the Presence touched my core - life and things look different xxx Thank You for this Blessing xxx  ~ Jenny


I was there live (not physically) and during the meditation I felt as though the vibrations he described as sound barrier were more muted for me than for him and then I felt like I was in a space of no gravity and no time, a space of grace and immense peacefulness that I have never experienced well...never before, not like this, at least since the last time I recall before heaviness started coming over spirit many lifetimes ago. I could feel a coolness and such gentleness, such awe. I stayed in this space about 30 minutes after the mh was over. While Mas was describing how he became a heart and knew how it functioned intimately and other body systems, I easily went into those same spaces and experienced it for myself especially the nervous system. The way our nervous system branches out into our bodies is the same as the different galaxies branch out throughout the known universe by scientists. I could travel through both at the same time. There is no separation. Afterwards, I spent the entire night listening to the download portion of the Healing Mastery from last fall when I took it. I didn’t know why until hearing he had an upgrade. So did I. The grace in this upgrade was nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was wonderful to share this space with Mas. I could see him “above me” but it wasn’t a competition type above me scenario. It was all of us in the same space but at different levels. I will remember this too.

This morning so far, there is a stillness in me, a space inside that doesn’t flicker so much anymore. I feel safe inside myself (does anyone catch my drift). Such beauty.  ~Jackie


First of all, such incredible gratitude to you, Mas. I was listening on-line and was intensely aware of the shifts into different spaces. I began to experience myself as not ‘myself ‘ but moving into an awareness of flowing as energy as part of everything around me merged into One - It was just a few minutes but felt like hours. Again, very grateful to you, Mas.  ~Anne


It was a profound experience, I dozed off for the live session, so I knew it was something powerful, but saw my intuitive powers enhanced. Listened to the replay and I can’t describe, it was one of the most beautiful experiences, the joy n love I felt moved me to tears. Interestingly I felt a bit more euphoric in the following 21 day medihealing. Can’t ever thank you enough Mas  ~Hameeda


Just got done listening to the replay. HOLY MOTHER @%$..I LOVE YOU MAS!! I couldn't move for an hour! Alan Steinfeld thank you for taking us all into new realities. I want more events like this please! Wow i'm still buzzing!  ~Jose


Thank you for being such a brave way shower, Mas ❣❣❣ I am happy that I got to listen to the interview and Medihealing live on the phone - unfortunately not in person. Mas‘ emotions reminded me of the pain Jesus must have felt when sweating tears of blood not in light of his own personal and physical suffering, but in light of what would/might/will happen to humankind if the dark side will win. Now I understand more than ever the need for light workers/worriers/emissaries to turn the tide and to ensure that lall that is good and beautiful will win... Although I admit being a bit afraid of what sacrifices might be required of myself, I am ready and willing to offer and lend my light and love to this joint process.  ~Gabriele


Thank you Mas for taking us with you on that beautiful journey! I am sure that everyone who listened got a massive energy upgrade. During the meditation I could see many beautiful light structures coming into my body. Whenever I think about it I am instantly in a space of peace and beauty. And what touches me really deeply is that you Mas showed up so vulnerable. Blessings from Germany  ~Dorothea


That was a singular moment ! From the first silence I could feel the expanse! Onward  ~Mike


I listened to the replay of the medihealing earlier and it was incredibly powerful!!  ~Tanya


Thank you, Mas, for taking us with you on this glorious journey of higher expansion. It was so beautiful and tender. I rode your coattails and am forever changed by it. I loved you describing it as it was happening. I lived being the heart and being the blood cell. I felt connected to everything. I felt the power and what it means to be a complete human being. It is a huge responsibility and requires laser sharp discipline and balance. One stray thought could wreak havoc. It felt like that space beyond the universe became something new. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with us.  ~Paula


It was very intense!!! For some reason I felt huge upgrade myself to new level of Awareness! I finally feel my skin! Feeling blessed!!! Thank you Mas  ~Alla


I attended the in person VIP healing event immediately prior to the broadcasted interview and had to take a train back to CT, thus listening online to the webcast on the train ride home. I was jotting down some notes as the interview was getting started and was then so transfixed through the interview that I am now motivated to share with you some revelations I had from the entire night.

Please Forward my deepest gratitude to Mas for sharing his Love and personal experience with the world, and for helping us free ourselves.


Self sabotage is not honoring one's divinity through not being awakening to and accepting of one's true current state of self loathing and feeling of unworthiness that stem from coexisting subconscious realizations that we are both totally infected with distortions (might not be our fault but it's our responsibility) combined with a truth that we haven't internalized that we are actually individual, yet connected, potentialities of Divine expressions of a whole.

It's violence against oneself (and thus to humanity) to not awaken and honor one's own divinity (so be honest with others coming from your awakening spirit because if not, then you are also not honoring their divinity in relationship to you and they can't learn (through contrast to you) to awaken themselves...which is akin to violence against others/our world, because what is in one is in whole and visa versa.

Human beings are more advanced expressions of Spirit than other supposedly higher life forms like aliens /angels consciousnesses (that appear more advanced than us because they've mastered higher levels within their own lower density realities),but we are the most advanced and chose to / are capable of creating the most difficult and advanced reality of density.

It takes trillions of souls to condense energy into every fractal in present moment in our current universe. We don't realize who we are what we are capable of... what amazing abilities we can posses, but also our responsibility to evolve ourselves and humanity before it's too late.

Nothing is more important than evolving one's own consciousness (without oppressing another being) because that's what raises the whole...what is in one is in the whole.

Jesus realized that " they know not what they do " and that in the experiment we are doing over lifetimes, we are stuck in karmic loops of distortion leading to destruction from bringing distortions through death back into lifetimes...infecting ourselves and each other...

There's an accumulation of destruction that could be our ultimate end and Mas finds it unbearable to witness this potentiality play watching a beautiful baby be abused... this is what we are doing to each other and selves at a spirit level.

We have a chance to become Super Humans beyond this set point and evolve out of our eventual demise through awaking and realizing the truth of who we are before it's too late. We can rise to a level in which we can become all that is or at least a part of it if even for a moment. We can advance from "witnessing" to "becoming".

We decided to experience polarity and contrast so that we could sense the highest possible expression of Spirit, which eventually comes from two Awakened Super Humans coming together in Spiritual Sexual/sensual encounters that combine all the power and beauty of complimentary energies including the push and pull of masculine and feminine to become One...the closest manifestation to the One Spirit all that is.

I sure hope I got most of this right so please feel free to let me know!

With Love, Karen


Hi Mas, Alan and Angel Team,

Words can not describe how beautiful this event was!!  I know so many people wrote in and I would like to share as well.

There was something extraordinary about this evening, I felt a beautiful energy amidst my current distortions in process of breaking away.

When Mas shared at one point after Alan had asked about Aliens and there perspective and Mas started sharing the was that moment I got it....what we are all here for......I have dramatically shifted from that night and although I do not understand everything, I am so thankful for Mas and the work he is doing with us and to Alan, thank you for asking great questions!!!

Being, appreciating in the moment and if we fall out of it, we get still and come back........

I am Awakening to the privilege it is to live as spirit in human form!

With so much appreciation,



I was 64 when I first was introduced to Mas, I had been searching for my avenue to awakening my whole life, and tried every modality and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Awakening has been my passion my whole life.  In the nine months since my first 21 day, Mas has changed the frequency of fear I walked in my whole life. To say I am a completely different person is such an understatement; the joy of walking in Pure Source is indescribable. I am so excited that in 30 days I get to experience Healing MAStery, and so very thankful that Mas has chosen the sometimes difficult path of leading so many humans to find their door to awakening.

Janene and Buddy; Tecumseh, OK


Hi Mas team,

I was on the call last night that was so amazing.  I would have written earlier today, but I was off today and was in an amazing space because of it all day!  As Mas said last night, I will never be the same.  I felt the pressure of humanity earlier in the day, similar to what the alien was speaking of.  Which gave me such an understanding of why Mas is always talking about the beauty of being a human.  I felt like I was part of a great witnessing last night, answering questions and giving information I have been waiting lifetimes to hear.  Thank you so much for giving us such an experience:)

With loving gratitude, Diane


Dear Mas & Team,

I sincerely hope that Mas could adjust himself to what happened last night. It felt as if Mas was suddenly in expanded Unity Consciousness and took us all with him. I feel such a gentle serenity within myself, although I slept only about a few hours.

It would be wonderful to be in a community with likeminded people to raise the consciousness of the whole world even more and as fast as we can before some ignorant idiot(s) blow(s) this wonderful planet up again ...

We can do it together in combined power, no matter what ....

Thank you all including Alan who seemed to ask the right questions.



OMG!  What happened during last night's medihealing???? I feel totally exapnded - WOW!!! That was some ride!  I felt that "peace that passeth all understanding".
L.S., Chapel Hill, NC


Being able to listen to the new realities show last night was quite an experience and I am so glad I could listen in.  As soon as it was over I wanted ask questions, to email in but I let myself be in the state I was in from the medihealing because this was too... special, unique, too something to not sit with the experience.  I didn’t even put on another “background” medihealing to sleep on as I usually too, lest that limit or take me out of my experience.  I woke up at 5:30am and put on the 21day from last night to listen to it again.  Now I am compelled to write.  I don’t know if I will be able to write down all that was and is going through my mind and being around last night.  

First my experience of the medihealing: I could feel around me this state coming in as well as I could feel the denseness that I still am that is keeping me from fully experiencing and being that state.  I felt it a bit more as something beyond me, outside of me because of the denseness that kept me from being it fully. I just was with the experience as best as I could, having a sense of both.

Listening to it again this morning gives me the sense of life as a miracle in every movement that we make, in every word that is uttered, in every breath that we take,  in the unfoldment, this orchestration of every event in existence. I understand this to be the state of miracles, that is so often alluded to in religion, at least in Catholicism and in the Indian traditions of enlightenment, where I am most aware of it being spoken, barely alluded to in comparison to what I am so lightly having a sense of in this moment.  How to capture this, become this?

I would like to hear Mas talk about what he talked about and what he experienced more in the framework of an EI lecture or maybe an oracles circle.  This ‘topic’, state of being, seems more important to me than all topics we could possibly come up with and desire as once we are there all else will be comprehended.  

The set up of the new realities host asking questions in the framework of his understanding and Mas talking and explaining from his level, gave me an outside view of our, my interactions with Mas, with the encountering of distortions with lightness and clarity of being. It was also quite an experience to witness via the Internet Mas being in such a high state.