Mas Sajady EI Podcast #26: 100k Celebration

In this special episode we celebrate achieving 100,000 downloads of the Exponential Intelligence® podcast. We are so thankful and honored that you, our listeners, have chosen to spend the last few months elevating your vibration with us. 

We celebrate this milestone by discussing my favorite moments of the podcast so far and how my abilities have expanded since starting the show. We also thank our listeners for the awesome testimonials we’ve received, such as:

“Each time I listen to Mas’ podcast (Exponential Intelligence) I experience more disconnection from my pain body and go into higher realms,” reveals 26 year old dietician Vaibhavi Patel from San Francisco, California.

"Exponential Intelligence takes expanding consciousness to a whole new level. This is cutting edge!" praises iTunes listener CPL18 in their online review. 

"EI is absolutely amazing, so different and elevating - it brings me to another level of seeing, feeling, understanding, and Being." remarks 61 year old medical professional Ella Khodova from New York City, New York. 

In this 100K Celebration episode, we are giving away three free gifts to our listeners. Those are: 

1. 100 free tickets to the first 100 listeners to sign up for our live event, Pure Source Medihealing® with Mas Sajady, taking place on February 24, 2016 at 7pm PT in Orange County, California (a $50 value).  Mas will guide you into a deep meditative state and work on your core frequencies, empowering you to create abundance in all areas of your life. 

2. 100 free tickets to the first 100 listeners who sign up for our live event, Pure Source Medihealing with Mas Sajady, taking place on March 11, 2016 at 7pm MT in Sedona, Arizona (a $50 value). This is another opportunity to experience Mas's transformative energy edit your vibration to help you create the life of your dreams. 

3. Free access to the first three days of our February 2016 meditation and healing program called the "21 Day Medihealing" (a $20 value). The 21 Day Medihealing is the next step in meditation from the Medihealings you have experienced at the end of each episode of the Exponential Intelligence podcast. These meditations are 20 minutes each, twice as long as the podcast Medihealings, and with six total recordings you get 120 minutes of potent energetic meditation you can download and listen to whenever you want. Mas recommends listening to them on a loop for maximum benefits. 

To activate these gifts, listen to this 100k Celebration episode for our special 100k Celebration code.  

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"My abilities allow me to tap into the needs of our listeners."

Show Notes:

  • My favorite parts of this podcast journey so far

  • How my abilities keep expanding as our popularity grows

  • How the podcast has changed since the first episode

  • The feedback we have received since starting the show

  • How I saw a shift coming in January of 2016

  • The gifts that I am giving to my listeners in appreciation for hitting 100,000 downloads

"A lot of our testimonials come from transformations that happen during the 21 Day Medihealing."

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"The key to anything I do is really helping you connect to your higher self."