Auric Fields

Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, with energy and matter being interchangeable. Psychology, eastern therapy and complementary medicine all have terms for life as energy. The aura is an energy field surrounding the body and interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. Encapsulating our individual auric fields are other, higher level auric fields that influence our lives.

The aura connects to you through chakras and through chakras you are connected to the higher, spirit-plane layers of an aura. 

The first aura is the lowest level and operates in the physical realm.

In my meditations there are seven infinite layers of auras of the spirit world.  By infinite I mean that there are seven layers within seven layers and so on.  We are part of a larger sets of seven layers. In essence this seems to go on infinitely, namely to God.  This is how universes are intertwined within themselves. 

Most of us deal with the immediate layer around us and don’t go beyond that. 

The goal or life purpose that most of you inquire about is to achieve heaven on earth. To go beyond the veil, as religions calls it, into true reality.  At this higher level, the physical world accomplishments or experiences have less meaning but are a part of your journey and awakening process.  

Here’s a physical example of what I mean by auric fields and the power they have onyou and the physical world:  Lets take a drug, it is not the physical qualities of the the drug that “cure” you. It’s actually the auric field of the drug that's been created.  You can literally tap into that auric field of the drug and get the same benefits without ever ingesting it, hence the placebo effect. Everything in our physical world has an auric field.

Here is a brief overview:  

I have included this for the individuals that like to read and need something for their physical minds to munch on, though you do not need to know these details. I agree with the explanation but there are also deeper level thought processes and design aspects for each layer that we do not have the mental ability to understand.   

The following is a direct translation of a mediation I experienced:

Auric fields that contain the earths and other universes energy are changing. As this cycle nears its end and a new one begins there will be tumultuous times for many. While this change occurs it is a major upheaval for many individuals. It is similar to a magnet getting close to filaments of iron.  It disrupts the irons pattern (auric field) and impresses upon individuals its own patterns, thus causing unexplainable behavioral patterns.  

This causes many individuals, even those who aren’t sensitive to energy, to act or feel differently.  Liken it to the so-called effects or influence of a full moon.  Since it is a time of change there will be a lot of emotions welling up, instigating questions about relationships.  Relationships with yourself, others, safety, money, sex and religion.  As the larger auric field washes over us everything in our being will be questioned at a deeper level of knowing, thus evoking changes. Many simply will not have the ability to ride the storm much like a boat in rough seas with no anchor, rudder and motor.

Many people fall into the thought trap that positive thinking will manifest positive results.  They think that if they stay positive good things will happen to them.  Have you found this to be the case in your own life? As far as manifesting something by focusing on it, there are very few individuals that can control the auric field in this way. I am not against positive thinking but most individuals give it a face value approach and don’t feel it at the levels that are necessary to bring about change. 

By being made aware of these universal auric changes, once they begin you will have the ability to distinguish where your emotions and subconscious feelings come from. You will have the ability to control or manifest your destiny in alignment with your higher spirit and in alignment with the changing universal auric fields.

As always know that you are where you should be in life.  There are no mistakes.