The Act of Giving: is it Really What it's Cut Out to Be?

I thank everyone for making my abilities vastly multiply, allowing me to be more effective in helping people. The more I work on individuals like you the more my abilities become stronger and more effective. 

When I first realized I had healing abilities it used to take me roughly 1 1/2 hours to work on an individual. Now I can give you better results in much less time. 

I have heard from many people that just the quick 5 minute sessions I offer have been a tremendous help for them. The beauty of all this is that many people that have intuitive gifts open up even more from where they were after I've worked on them.  This give and take and give relationship is how the vibration of the world rises.

Kind acts, helping people and thinking pleasant thoughts are all very important; however these are after effects of a higher consciousness.

Many individuals do these things to make themselves feel good, thinking it will raise their frequencies. But when you look inside, these individuals may be unhappy, unsatisfied or lacking abundance in more than one area of their life.

The higher level of consciousness must come first.

Some individuals join bigger and bigger causes, pouring their whole life into what seemingly looks like helping others, but in fact they are trying to maintain that high they get from the effort of helping others.

Just like any other addiction the need for getting the next fix is well, addicting. 

Case in point is our holiday season; ever since I can remember the quantity of food, toys and clothing needed has increased year after year. You may be thinking it’s the economy and it’s been hard the last year. Has the economy been tough over the last 20 years?  Within those years were some of the best economic times ever.  

Take a look at the war on cancer In the 70's: 1 in 12 individuals got cancer after they enacted the war on cancer and billions of dollars have been donated and now the number stands at 1 in 3 to likely get cancer.  

Of course we point to the foods we eat and the air we breathe as more tainted than before but what about the war on education, drugs, the intensity of destruction? The efforts do not seem to affect the outcomes.

As the addiction for good deeds gets stronger, the opportunities for doing good deeds needs to expand as well.  

Have I been scrouged?  

I'm not saying not to donate or stop giving to causes and doing good deeds, far from it. I simply want to encourage you to look to the other side of the coin for answers. It’s not the act but how and from where the act is generated that matters, and that goes for any behavior or thought pattern. 

Most of us hope to raise our frequencies by these acts.  This is an external event that can only continue with increased effort as the time value increases.

However, if you increased your frequency through helping others increase their frequency, the act of doing good deeds comes naturally from within and without effort. A self-sustaining source for eternity.  Think of it as green deeds. 

Still not sure what I mean?

Let me give you an example: Say someone wants to influence his/her spouse to be physically intimate with him/her.  He/she buys them gifts and acts very nice and then they make love.  As time goes on, the gifts have to become more lavish and the propensity of satisfaction from both partners diminishes. Hence that song by the Righteous Brothers, "You've lost that Lovin Feelin", that was never there. They break up and find someone else (another cause) and start over.

I’m sure some of you can relate.

Lets look at it from another prospective:  What if they truly love each other and because the act of sex is so good he/she buys the other gifts.  As time goes by the sex keeps getting better and the bond grows. Fewer gifts may be needed but they are never given reluctantly when given.  They endure a deeper, satisfying relationship that has come from within and is self-generating.  

The next time you give or do a good deed, feel where it’s generated from and that will be an indicator of where you are on your quest to grow your internal power and heighten your frequency.