How to Rise Above The Negative

European nations have had debt default issues increase;  unusual earthquakes are taking place in locations not prone to shakes; people are feeling more stress and disillusionment. 

This is not good nor bad, it just is. 

Remember from our standpoint we cannot deem anything as good or bad because we do not know the final outcome of our actions.

In periods of economic recession and depression there are more millionaires made than any other time.  There is always a flip side to everything in this realm.  Where you choose to be is the question. 

The timing of the universes has allowed many individuals to expand their higher awareness.  There are many more individuals out there that will have their gifts come to fruition as our world awareness expands and transforms our logistical systems.  This is a time for great awakening and with it may come some discomfort as we rise to higher levels of being.  

How do we keep from getting sucked into what we call the negative?

Another way of putting it is: How do we tap into higher self where abundance is always present no matter what our outer environment is throwing at us?

The best way is to stay in the present and notice what is happening to you and study it.   This is the same as “submitting your will to God” in religious terms.  

The funny thing is that I hear individuals say that they have “submitted there will”  but then expect something to happen to or for them.  That is not really letting go.  

How can you tell if you are not in your higher state?

There are many names for this state.  In religion it is called the devil but lets call it the pain body. 

Any distressing emotional state where you don’t feel complete or are in discomfort. If you are feeling pain mentally or physically, the pain body is in control and there is dysfunctional logic in use.

There are subtle ways that the pain body works as well to keep us enslaved to it, such as:  When we are talking about the past or future; When we talk about outcomes or results; When we are setting goals.  

If we don't get rid of or control this pain body it will get rid of us. 

Once you take charge of the pain body and start to remove its control then you can open up a space for your higher self to come in and function.  This also creates a space for new things to come in.