Wealth and Spirituality

Just talking about wealth may send shudders down peoples backs, especially if you are into spirituality. 

I am talking about financial wealth although the basic principals work in all areas of your life.

When I say financial wealth I mean providing for you and yours at a level which is comfortable and you are "happy" with. This could mean a simple lifestyle to the huge mansions and fancy cars. Whatever is right for you. There is no right or wrong here.  

There seems to be a disconnect between physical possessions and getting closer to your higher self, The One, or God.  From here on I will be using the word God.  Many “spiritual” based individuals feel that physical possessions (i.e. money) will keep them from their true purpose or that possessions are the tool of the devil.  

In any religious scriptures there are passages about wealth, greed and how it will lead you to hell.

Let’s take a closer look at these and how they may have held you back from spiritual abundance and enlightenment.

Can you complete these phrases?  

Money is the root of all _______________

Wealthy people are ____________________

Money doesn’t grow on _______________

There are a multitude of phrases like this that we all have grown up with.  We learn these from our parents, church and media. 

What is the wealthiest corporation in the world? 

If you thought Walmart, you are incorrect. 

The wealthiest corporation in the world is the Roman Catholic Church.

If money is the sure path to hell why then does the Roman Catholic Church have such a high concentration of wealth?  Is this one of those “do as I say not what I do” situations? If the church is not following what they think the bible says should you?  (Note: I’m not knocking religion. I’m just inquisitive to find out the truth.)  Let’s actually take a look at what Jesus says about wealth. In parable 15 “The Rich Fool”.

any people think that it is about greed, hoarding, laziness,  and that wealth is bad. However, from my meditations, it is more about tapping into a frequency where everything is provided for you. It is talking about the laws of abundance, positive thought, and circulation.  So the wealthy man had tapped into higher frequencies which enabled him to have consistent and effortless material supply.  It then goes into what happens when materials get hoarded and not allowed to move freely through one’s life.  

From here the man falters away from his path.  This is not to say that celebration or physical pleasures is bad.  He is warning us that when we reap benefits of our spiritual quest, we will grow in all areas of our life.  But if we lose sight and fall prey to the physical reality, we stop relying onspiritual laws and rely on the elements of material security. We start to believe that our security comes from the money or, in this parable, the vast amounts of grain verses God. 

The parable further goes on to talk about how everything is provided for the grass and animals effortlessly.  This is the part that is very important.  Many people tap into specific frequencies that provide satisfaction in certain areas of their life such as wealth, but they are lacking in other areas. Thus the saying money can’t buy happiness and so on.  At first glance money looks to be the culprit to their issues. Money like anything else is just a tool in this world.  It is neither good or bad, it is what you make it.  If we take a closer look at what Jesus said in the parable we find our answer.  If you connect with your spirit/God and focus just on that connection (the way I show people how to meditate). Do not worry or focus on having things such as money, great relationships, health or even food. Concentrate on being connected then you start the flow of true abundance where what you need comes to you.  This is not saying that it just falls in your lap. However, the journey becomes pleasurable and exciting.  There is also a sense that whatever “hardship” encountered can be handled. 

As you can deduce from this meditation, the parable is talking about a state of being and not any physical qualities. 

This is the main essence of what I do when I work on people. I help you connect to your higher self.  In these higher realms your issues burn off, exposing your true essence much like the sun burning off layers it’s touched as you get closer to it. 

Let’s move on to other fallacies of wealth or the lack thereof to ponder:

The top 1% of taxpayers pay about 40% of all income taxes, the top 10% pay 71%, and the top 50% pay 97% of all taxes. The bottom 50% pays less than 3% of all income taxes paid.

So if you think the wealthy are not paying their fair share, then reread the stats.  Most politicians use this as a ploy to get your vote.  The sad thing is it separates classes.  

Wealthy people are greedy.

This is a good one however looking at stats again we find that is not true at all.  Of course I’m not saying that there are not greedy rich people but I know a lot of greedy people that are not rich so I guess its not the money that makes us greedy.

Target gives on average more than $3 million away every week in charitable donations, more than $150 million per year. 

Bill Gates donates approximately 58% of his annual income. 

I can give you more stats as well as how much more being poor costs us as a result of crime and health issues.  That is another question to ponder.

Why if you are wealthy are you in better health? 

Quality of food and better health care is just a minor factor. It is because of the higher frequencies that wealth is associated with. God never intended for you to be poor. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  God wants you to enjoy all that God created otherwise why would God create the finer things in life?  To tempt you into going to hell? What kind of god would do that?  

Most importantly read the last 3 sentences of the parable where he talks about God wanting to give you the kingdom.  Is God telling you to sacrifice and live below your means to achieve heaven after you're dead? No, God wants you to have the best things (God's kingdom) in life now. 

There are many insights and religious scriptures telling you to enjoy all that God has created for you. Being poor is not only a burden to yourself but to society as well. The only way to help poor people is to not be one of them.

Let’s talk control and responsibility to connect to our higher self so the abundance flows into our lives as well as Earth as a whole. 

Note:  I am not saying that being poor is bad nor have I said that it’s good. I have nothing against poor people. In fact, I have experienced it myself quite vividly. It is just a state, I make no judgements.