21 Powerful Mas Sajady Quotes That Changed My Life

by Mathew Shaffer

I grew up living a life filled with constraints and attachments, confined by boundaries that I didn't even realize were limiting my world.  Now I'm enjoying a life that's abundant, beautiful and thriving, and it's because I met renowned Oracle and Success Energizer Mas Sajady. 

The first time I heard Mas speak, I felt a transformation begin within me - a light switch in my spirit flipped, and I knew that I would never be the same. Mas Sajady's simple truths and calming energy resonate deeply with me, and inspire me to take on my life in every moment.   

I enjoy capturing Mas's profound wisdom, and travel thousands of miles to study Mas in action and take part in hundreds of his medi-healings.  I collect powerful quotes from these experiences for inspiration, taping them to my white board in my office and using them as mantras in my meditations. These experiences have brought me an overwhelming amount of joy, and have resulted success on a variety of levels including health, finances and spirituality. 

This collection of Mas Sajady quotes is presented to you as a tribute to Mas and his amazing and tireless work transforming the lives of countless people around the world. May they touch your heart and change your vibration the same way that they moved me. 


"It's up to you how fast you evolve." - Mas Sajady

"Change your frequency, change your life." - Mas Sajady

"When you surrender, you have complete power." - Mas Sajady

"You're exactly where you're supposed to be. Right here, right now." - Mas Sajady

"If you're going to doubt anything, doubt your limits." - Mas Sajady

"Confusion is often fantastic. It can mean that you've awakened and have deleted your default programs." - Mas Sajady

"Unlearn how you love and love comes to you." - Mas Sajady

"Patience breaks apart false expectations for your life." - Mas Sajady

"We are all complete." - Mas Sajady

"Your default state is purity, love, joy and abundance." - Mas Sajady

"The future isn't set in stone, it's fluid." - Mas Sajady

"Every experience is to awaken you." - Mas Sajady

"It's all beautiful, because you are where you're supposed to be." - Mas Sajady

"Open up to spirit space so you can begin creating a new life experience." - Mas Sajady

"Success has a frequency." - Mas Sajady

"The key to unlocking the Universe is understanding yourself." - Mas Sajady

"Be a brilliant fire on your own, then find your twin flame." - Mas Sajady

"The experiences of our life aren't here to destroy us, they're to open us up." - Mas Sajady

"Right now is a fantastic time to be alive. We are going to connect back to ourselves." - Mas Sajady

"Remember that there's always a solution. You're never stuck in a space. And the more present you become, the more solutions open up to you." - Mas Sajady

"All the answers reside within you." - Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady is an inspiring spiritual icon, and as you can see his wisdom is both profound and accessible to anyone. If you loved this collection of Mas Sajady quotes, please share with those you care about. 

If I left any quotes out that have been a game changer for you, feel free to share them in the comments section below.