My Top 9 Takeaways from Exponential Intelligence

by Mathew Shaffer

     Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence Podcast has been published for a month on iTunes, and what a transformational time it has been for me. Every episode tackles a different fascinating topic and includes a powerful Medi-Healing meditation, and with each my eyes have opened more to the nature of Exponential Intelligence and how truly powerful and complete I am. I have a deepening understanding of my place in the Universe, and I feel my connection to Pure Source expand on a daily basis. My favorite part of experiencing each episode is listening for the pearls of wisdom I can apply directly to my life, which I call “takeaways” because I immediately grab them and start using them for my own growth! 

     I want to share with you my top takeaway for each of the first nine episodes of Exponential Intelligence, and how they can be applied to help us build the life of our dreams. I hope they have a powerful impact on your journey.

Episode 1: What is Exponential Intelligence? Exploring the Basics

Takeaway: Once you get connected to Exponential Intelligence you’re self sustaining. You don’t need anything outside of you.

     This is such a powerful concept because it serves as a reminder that we are all fundamentally complete and abundant; all we need to do is reconnect to the timeless energy that creates everything, and we will no longer feel we “need” anything external to become whole. 

Episode 2: EI and Pure Source

Takeaway: We have a lot in common with our cell phones - we both run default applications. 

    This analogy really struck home for me.  Just like our phones leave the factory with default programs installed so they can work for us, we enter this world with similar default settings in order to be able to function at a basic level. But just like our devices, we didn’t choose our programs, and luckily enough we have the power to edit or remove those we don’t want and install new ones to create authentic lives of complete abundance.

Episode 3: The Power of EI - How EI Transforms Lives

Takeaway: The bad things that have happened to you are likely not your fault, but it’s your responsibility to move past them and transform your life.

     Mas explains that most of the negative events in our lives are a bi-product of our “spiritual DNA,” which are the patterns of vibration, thought and behavior that we unknowingly carry from our family lineage. It is a very powerful force that can impact every aspect of our lives (especially when we are not aware of it).  Once we review our past through this lens it allows us to forgive ourselves for the hard times in our rearview mirror, and move forward empowered to transform our frequency and our lives. 

Episode 4: EI Time and Space

Takeaway: Time is both relative and dynamic. This includes the present, the future, and even the past. 

     This is an empowering concept to me as well. Mas describes time as a water molecule, and explains that as we push our hand through water the particles shift relative to the movement of our hand both in all directions. I love thinking about time this way - a fluid force all around us that we have the power to change. As we shift and evolve, we not only create our present and our future, but also our vibration towards the past and how it impacts our lives going forward. 

Episode 5: EI in Action: Global Healing

Takeaway: We heal ourselves. All Mas does is help us to change the underlying frequency that’s distorting us. 

     It’s easy to think that Mas is the one doing all of the work for us, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We have the power within us to heal ourselves of any troubles we face in any area of our lives. Mas just helps clear our energy so we can realize the  ability we had all along to transform ourselves. 

Episode 6: A New Take on Near Death Experiences

Takeaway: There are no mistakes.

     When Mas went through his first near death experience and left his body, he re-lived his entire life and realized that all the past experiences he had defined as negative were actually beautiful and necessary to his path. That’s a huge point to help us appreciate all the experiences we’ve had in our lives - the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. 

Episode 7: Medi-Healing - A Powerful Form of Gratitude

Takeaway: Gratitude can bind us. It’s more empowering to be thankful. 

     I had never really thought about this before.  I took Mas’ definition of gratitude and applied it to my past, and realized that many of the times I had found myself in an unwanted situation it was because I had done something against my better judgment out of a sense of obligation towards a well-meaning friend or loved one. We should take care to be thankful for those who benefit our lives instead of grateful, as it doesn’t imply any sort of debt or contract with that other person. 

Episode 8: Family Dynamics

Takeaway: Evaluating your family’s interaction like a scientist can help you understand yourself much better, and become free of any control patterns they have instilled in you. 

     This might be the most empowering takeaway of all, as our families play such an important role in our lives and energy. Once we emotionally detach from the control dynamics that our families have engaged in our entire lives and simply observe them analytically, we gain tremendous insight into who we are, and how our family impacts our life. This makes us invulnerable to any detrimental effect they may have on us, so we can integrate them back into our space in a safe, healthy way. 

Episode 9: The Act of Giving

Takeaway: If you give with expectation of a return or with judgment, you're depleting yourself.

     I was powerfully impacted by this when I applied it to my own life. I have been guilty of giving gifts with an eager anticipation of the joy it would bring others - it served as validation of my own ego and sense of self-worth. This definitely did take its toll on me, particularly when the gifts were not well received. We should never put our self-worth in the hands of another object or person, and should always "green give" from a place of abundance and non-judgment. 


The Exponential Intelligence Podcast gives us many powerful tools to change our lives. If these takeaways resonate with you, please use them in your life and share them with those you care about. Please let me know what your most powerful takeaways from our first nine episodes were in the Comments section below.