NEWS - August 2016 - Mas Completes Devotion Podcast Series

(August 17, 2016) Our recent Exponential Intelligence podcast series on devotion highlights what healthy and toxic relationships look like. Mas feels that this topic is very important because a staggering number of Americans, and people worldwide, are involved in cults. A cult is defined as an ideological organization, held together by charismatic relationships and demanding high levels of commitment, that can quickly become manipulative and exploit its members. A staggering number of Americans and people worldwide are involved in cults; researchers estimate that nearly 2.5 million Americans have joined cultic groups in the last 40 years. 

The series begins with Episode 60, Dangerous Devotion, which focuses on discovering unhealthy relationships and starting the process of detaching from them and taking your power back. Mas and Crystal discuss the true meaning of worship and the dangers of worshipping and giving your power away. Mas outlines the many ways that unhealthy devotion can enter your life, including cults, gurus, and even media and celebrities. The conversation also includes discussion of his Divine Atrocity event in Denver, which was an expose on spiritual misconduct and how to release yourself from these forces. The event included testimonials from friends of Mas who have escaped from controlling religions and rediscovered their strength: 

"I was hammered by darkness, but now I am so alive and so free - I want everyone to know that this is possible! I was in the dark, I was controlled...I didn't even know. And now I'm in the light."

- Kaya Usher

The second program in our series is Episode 61: A Medihealing on Breaking the Shackles of Devotion, and it is designed to remove the unhealthy devotions that hold us back. This podcast is an customized Medihealing, which is meditation and healing combined in one to accelerate personal growth. Mas explores how unhealthy devotions can be passed through our family lineage and previous lifetimes. He shows you how to reprogram yourself to remove the shackles of devotion that are controlling you and blocking you from embracing your true, complete self. 

The final entry in this series is Episode 62: Healthy Devotions. In it Mas gives the secret of what healthy devotion looks like, how to achieve it and how it benefits your life on every level. Mas and Crystal also outline the signs of toxic devotion so you can identify and remove them from your life once and for all. The podcast ends with a powerful Medihealing that empowers you to take control of your life and embrace healthy devotion as a way of being going forward.