Mas Sajady EI Podcast #103: A Medihealing® in Honor of Justine Damond

This episode of my podcast is exceptionally close to my heart. Fellow spiritual thought leader and brilliant soul Justine Damond was killed by law enforcement near her home in Minneapolis as part of a tragic misunderstanding.  I was devastated by the loss of someone creating such a powerful difference for so many, and am compelled to bring you a Medihealing that will allow you to tap into the higher realms she was striving to bring everyone into and help you to feel the light that radiated so brightly within her. 

Justine was so impressive to me because she was a genius at combining science and spirituality in a way that resonated deeply with the masses. This is not an easy feat (as I know from personal experience), so to hear that she left the physical realm so soon truly broke my heart. However we can all take solace in the fact that the energy she shared with the world created a ripple of transformation that will live on for eons to come. 

In this Medihealing I will guide you into a deep meditative state and then connect you with the higher realms that Justine was so familiar with, so you can be reminded of the eternal brilliance that you always have been. You will feel her light, and her shining essence will inspire you to create even more magic in the lives of those around you. It's a fitting gesture to such a divine spirit. We will miss you, Justine. 


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"Justine could blend spirituality and quantum physics into a message that was really relatable and helpful to a ton of people."

Show Notes:

  • Who was Justine Damond

  • Was Justine awakened

  • Does Justine know where she is and where to go

  • What was Justine's message

"Remember the brilliance that you are."

  • How to connect to Pure Source even stronger

  • How do you clean out the distortions and distractions

  • What was the goal Justine was reaching for

"We give all our blessings to Justine's family as they go through this process."

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