Mas Sajady EI Podcast #95: A Medihealing® on Breaking Free

In this special episode of Exponential Intelligence® I share with you a potent new Medihealing designed to detach you from all of the control forces in our environment that are seeking to keep you from rising to your true potential. 

Did you know that the world is going through profound "detox" right now? What I mean by that is that all of the toxic paradigms and control patterns that have existed in our society for millennia are starting to break apart as the consciousness of the people expands. This creates turmoil on many different fronts, and can lead to those old control sources resorting to violence and fear to instill new patterns to bring the masses back under control.

This Medihealing will break apart all externally-created patterns that are suppressing and distorting you. It brings you into a powerful understanding of your "zero point" - your exact location in the present moment of space and time. Once you are grounded deeply in that space, no events in our outside world will be able to shake you from your sense of self understanding and spiritual empowerment.  


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