Mas Sajady EI Podcast #97: A Medihealing® on Mindfulness and Health

This special episode is the beginning of our summer health podcast series. It is a powerful Medihealing designed to integrate your mind, body and spirit so deeply that you don't just feel healthier, you actually manifest health in all areas of your life and come into 360 degrees of abundance.

I explain the connection between our higher self and physical body, and how to achieve true health we have to understand and bring the two together. I also reveal how the "Holy Ghost" mentioned in so many holy texts is actually a direct reference to the fact that our physical body is a high density projection of our spirit.

I also give you some valuable insights around the value of dealing with the underlying frequencies of illness instead merely treating the symptoms with drugs that can distort you. 

In this Medihealing I guide you into a deep meditative state and work at frequency level to create powerful benefits not only for those that are sick, but to make those of us that are healthy feel even better. You will visualize and connect with the vibrant "default age" that your spirit sees in you. As you integrate your spirit into your body, you will begin to connect with that healthy, prime version of yourself at a deep, meaningful level. 


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Show Notes:

  • What sort of maintenance do we need to do on ourselves

  • How does what we put into our bodies dictate how we feel

  • What is the Holy Ghost

  • How do we release our old patterns

  • Who is the EI Podcast for

  • How do you stay vibrant and healthy as you age

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