Mas Sajady EI Podcast #86: Anti-Goal Setting

In our society we have been programmed to believe that only through creating conscious goals are we able to get what we want in life. What if the truth was that our goals often hold us back? In this episode I expose the truth about the dangers of goal setting and what is actually crucial to manifesting our desires. I am excited to share with you the secret behind "The Secret." 

I begin this episode by going deep into the various types of conscious goal setting we engage in, and why they range from ineffective to actively harmful to our growth. I give you a detailed explanation of how masterminds can powerfully control you, and the importance of being in those that are fundamentally pure. I reveal that pure intention, rather than physical goals, is the true key to materializing what we want in our lives. We go through the four stages of consciousness we experience as we ascend, and how they reflect what people request during their sessions with me and what they want in their spiritual journey. 

I show you how universally spiritual true goal setting is, and that by being present and awakening our divine nature everything we want will come to us naturally. By the end of this episode you will understand that when we are anchored in our awakened spirits and surrender our physical desires and conscious goals, Pure Source responds by giving us more than we ever could have imagined.  


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"The intent behind your goals is more important than the goals themselves."

Show Notes:

  • What is anti-goal setting

  • How mastermind groups can control you

  • Where your goals almost always come from

  • What's wrong with traditional goal setting

  • How Exponential Intelligence goal setting is different

"Exponential Intelligence is about materialization, not setting goals."

  • Why achieving physical goals is usually unsatisfying

  • The difference between goal setting and materialization

  • Impure unconscious goals vs pure conscious goals

  • The purpose of setting goals

  • How purity of intention is critical to reaching goals

"Don’t just be - be aware."

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