Mas Sajady EI Podcast 150: Ascendance - Into the Feminine


In this episode of our ongoing Ascendance Series, I was so happy to share my excitement with rising client, Karen, to discuss how I consider her to be a Significant Woman. We touch upon her growth into abilities beyond the norm, as well as some nuanced traits of women today versus the true feminine qualities embodied by the Significant Woman.

Karen begins by describing her 23-year journey into esotericism as a seeker that brought her through alternative medical practitioners to shamans and gurus. However, as a cautionary tale, I help reinforce that efficacy of a practitioner’s work is based on the purity of their intent rather than the bedazzling abilities, modalities or even marketing that can fool others in search of help into a following. I was humbled then to hear Karen found my work to be of a neutral space unencumbered by biases or energetic grabs to allow the participant to absorb what they need best.

As a woman in life and the work force, Karen also pinpoints not only social expectations but distortions women have adopted in recent times. For instance, she cites women are often taught to be so loving, kind and nice—too nice where she enabled a passerby to dump their energetic garbage into and inhabit her temporarily. Insensitive power, as exemplified by men, on the other hand have also attracted women to take on masculine mannerisms to reach an end goal in their careers thereby displacing their natural feminine identity.

What the Significant Woman represents is what Karen calls to “surrender from strength” and to engage men and women from a place of receptivity—to truly feel what is within one’s potential and nurture them into not only individual brilliance but also a collaborative force. Karen illustrates further how feminine and masculine energies interact complementary to each other and ascend together, which I then glean on the possibilities of how grand society can actually become.

To have a strong society, I’ve mentioned that it would require truly strong women—Significant Women—to provide the space for men to elevate and co-create. I am proud to have worked with Karen, and unequivocally suggest you reach out to her for additional support. You can find her at to check out podcasts and frequency work to help you ascend.

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“Put yourself on your own altar. Don’t hand me your power. I refuse to take it.”

Show Notes:

  • How did Karen come to discover Mas

  • What are energetic grabs and how can they affect you

  • What is the eternal now in relation to distortions

  • How has the perception of scarcity directed people towards control to attain external security

  • How do men and women treat Karen as a Significant Woman

  • Does ascension require you to master only the light or both dark and light

  • What is the zero point

“The chosen one is you. You choose yourself.”

  • What is the process of holding onto insecurities versus letting go of insecurities

  • Is nurturing soft, weak or passive

  • How can being receptive engender abundance

  • How is it that women who resonate with their own brilliance attract men to feel good around them yet not need them

  • What are the mechanics when a true feminine works together with a true feminine

  • What is it like to have spirit sex

  • How are Karen’s abilities different from her past form of intuition

“Manifestation can only be sustained from the present moment. You can only create in a space of neutrality.”

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