Mas Sajady EI Podcast #106: Ask And It Will Be Answered Part 2

This special episode is the the second and final episode of a series where I connect deeply with you, our audience, and answer your questions about the truth of higher realms and other aspects of life and spirituality. We will explore many different elements of what you can expect to encounter as you expand vibrationally and elevate on this path, and end with a potent Medihealing meditation to help you integrate these concepts and energy fully in your life. 

I begin this episode by delving deeply into the concept of "detox" and how separating yourself from your darkness and the darkness of others can sometimes get messy. We then explore more how to determine if the entities we sometimes encounter on the spiritual journey are of Pure Source or not, and I share a personal story of how an entity impacted the life of one of my family members and how I helped her release from it. I also explain in spiritual terms the timeless truth of why no one has to lose in order for us to win.

We end with a new Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, designed to remove any entities that may be occupying you. I begin by guiding you into a deep meditative state then taking you through a two-step process to identify and set you free from any dark forces so you can fully awaken and step into full spiritual and physical abundance in your life. 


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"Think of me as a flashlight; as you work with me you start to see what's actually around you."

Show Notes:

  • Can entities on the other side control you
  • Does becoming awakened draw dark entities towards you
  • Are all imaginary friends truly imaginary
  • What do you do when you notice entities are controlling you
  • Can you recognize what entity is controlling you
"If you have to constrict anyone in any way to become abundance, it isn't of Pure Source." 
  • How can Industrial Strength Group Healing remove dark entities
  • Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from entities
  • What is a helper-type entity
  • How do spirits attach onto helper-types
"If you're not controlling yourself, someone else will." 

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